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110 Interesting Bible Questions For Kids

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These bible questions for kids are perfect to ask if you want to understand how much your children know about Christianity or encourage them to develop their faith.

There’s a lot of information in the bible and it can be hard for children to learn it all. This is where these kids bible questions come in.

They’re effectively a bible quiz for kids and allow you to gamify learning about the Old and New Testaments. Bible trivia for kids is an effective way to get them engaged in learning more about Christianity.

Whether you’re a parent looking to use these bible trivia questions for kids over dinner or a teacher looking to use them in the classroom, they’ll help children to better understand the bible however you use them.

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Bible Questions For Kids List

  1. Can you name all of the Ten Commandments?

2. What’s the last book of the Bible?

Answer: Revelations

3. Can you name the four gospels of the New Testament?

Answer: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

4. How many days did God create the world in?

Answer: Six

5. What was the name of the place where Adam and Eve lived?

Answer: The Garden of Eden

6. How many days did Noah live on the ark for?

Answer: 150 days

7. What’s the name of the town where Jesus was born?

Answer: Bethlehem

8. What gifts did the Three Kings bring when Jesus was born?

Answer: Frankincense, Myrrh, Gold

9. Who did Jesus bring back from the dead?

Answer: Lazarus

10. By what method did Jesus die?

Answer: Crucifixion

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11. Who betrayed Jesus after the last supper?

Answer: Judas

12. Who visited Mary before she conceived Jesus?

Answer: Archangel Gabriel

13. At what age did Abraham finally have a son?

Answer: 100

14. Why was Jonah swallowed by a whale?


15. How many days and nights did Jonah spend inside the whale?

Answer: He failed to deliver God’s judgement on the city of Nineveh

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16. What sea did Moses part?

Answer: Red Sea

17. From what country did Moses lead the Jews out of?

Answer: Egypt

18. How many books are there in the New Testament?

Answer: 17

19. What was the name of the Roman official who sentenced Jesus to death?

Answer: Pontius Pilate

20. Which religious festival celebrates Jesus’ resurrection?

Answer: Easter

21. What does the word gospel mean?

Answer: Good news

22. How many apostles did Jesus have?

Answer: Twelve

23. What was Joseph’s (Jesus’ earthly father) occupation?

Answer: Carpenter

24. Where did Jesus grow up?

Answer: Nazareth

25. What language was the Bible written in?

Answer: Hebrew

26. What food is mentioned in the Lord’s Prayer?

Answer: Bread

27. Who received the Ten Commandments?

Answer: Moses

28. Who was given a multi-colored coat?

Answer: Joseph

29. Who fought Goliath?

Answer: David

30. How many days and nights did Jesus fast in the desert?

Answer: 40 days and 40 nights

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31. What was the name of Satan before he fell from heaven?

Answer: Lucifer

32. What was the first thing God created?

Answer: Heaven and earth

33. Who baptized Jesus?

Answer: John the Baptist

34. Who asked Pontius Pilate for Jesus’ body after his crucifixion?

Answer: Joseph of Arimathea

35. What liquid did Jesus turn into wine?

Answer: Water

36. Who murdered John the Baptist?

Answer: Herod Antipas

37. Who was the first apostle to deny Jesus?

Answer: Peter

38. What was the name of the first Christian to be stoned to death?

Answer: Stephen

39. What did Jesus feed the 5000 with?

Answer: Five loaves and two fish

40. In what river was Jesus baptized?

Answer: River Jordan

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41. Who wanted to kill Jesus while he was a baby?

Answer: Herod

42. How did Paul escape from Damascus?

Answer: A basket lowered through a window in the city walls

43. What disease did heal Jesus heal ten men from?

Answer: Leprosy

44. How many books are there in the Old Testament?

Answer: 17

45. How were sins forgiven in the Old Testament?

Answer: Animal sacrifice

46. What’s the name given to the first five books of the Old Testament?

Answer: The Pentateuch (Greek), The Torah (Hebrew)

47. What bird did Noah let out of the ark first?

Answer: Raven

48. Where was Moses hidden when he was a baby?

Answer: In a basket made of reeds in a riverbed

49. What was the first plague that was sent upon Egypt?

Answer: The water in the Nile turned to blood

50. On what mountain did Moses receive the Ten Commandments?

Answer: Mount Sinai

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51. What island was Paul shipwrecked when he was making his way back to Rome?

Answer: Malta

52. Who survived by only eating locusts and wild honey?

Answer: John The Baptist

53. What was the name of a blind man Jesus healed?

Answer: Bartimaeus

54. Which king had the longest reign over the Kingdom of Israel?

Answer: Jeroboam II

55. What was the name of Joseph’s youngest brother?

Answer: Benjamin

56. What was the tabernacle for?

Answer: To worship God in

57. What was the secret of Samson’s strength?

Answer: His hair, he lost his strength if it was cut

58. Who succeeded Moses after his death?

Answer: Joshua

59. Why did Cain kill his brother Abel?

Answer: Out of jealousy over God preferring Abel’s sacrifice over his

60. How did God first appear to Moses?

Answer: As a burning bush

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61. Which catastrophe did Joseph save Egypt from?

Answer: Famine

62. Why did Moses break the stone tablets with the ten commandments inscribed on them?

Answer: Because people were worshipping a golden idol

63. Who betrayed Samson to the Philistines?

Answer: Delilah

64. What did King Solomon build in Jerusalem?

Answer: A grand temple

65. Why did God reprimand Job?

Answer: Because he took the advice of his friends

66. Who did Abraham marry?

Answer: Sarah

67. Who’s hand did Jacob agree to work seven years for?

Answer: Rachel

68. Which woman married Moses?

Answer: Zipporah

69. Who gave birth to Moses?

Answer: Jochebed

70. What was the symbol of God’s promise to Noah?

Answer: A rainbow

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71. What was the name of Moses’ brother?

Answer: Aaron

72. Who did Jesus tell a parable about?

Answer: The prodigal son

73. What was the name of the sea where Jesus calmed a storm?

Answer: The Sea of Gallilee

74. Who was known as the ‘Wise King’?

Answer: Solomon

75. What’s the first book of the Bible?

Answer: Genesis

76. What instrument did David play?

Answer: Harp

77. Did Jesus write any of the books in the Bible?

Answer: No

78. On what day did God create man?

Answer: Sixth

79. What were the names of Noah’s three sons?

Answer: Ham, Shem, Japheth

80. What were the men trying to do at the Tower of Babel?

Answer: Reach heaven

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81. How did Joseph’s brothers betray him?

Answer: They sold him to slave traders

82. What did Joseph’s brothers tell their father about what happened to him?

Answer: They said he had been killed by a wild animal

83. How many plagues did God send on Egypt

Answer: Ten

84. Which city’s walls did God make fall so Joshua and the Israelites could conquer it?

Answer: Jericho

85. What did Samson kill 1,000 Philistines with?

Answer: A donkey’s jawbone

86. Who was the first king of Israel?

Answer: Saul

87. What was the name of the enemy that stole the Ark of the Covenant?

Answer: The Philistines

88. How many times did David spare Saul’s life?

Answer: Two

89. How many wives did Solomon have?

Answer: 700

90. Whose dream did Daniel interpret in Babylon?

Answer: King Nebuchadnezzar

91. Who let the Israelites return to their homeland?

Answer: Cyrus

92. How many brothers did Jesus have?

Answer: Four

93. Who was Jesus tempted by when he went into the wilderness?

Answer: Satan

94. Where did Jesus walk on water?

Answer: Sea of Gallilee

95. What did Jesus do for his disciples at the Last Supper?

Answer: He washed their feet

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96. What was the crown made of that Jesus wore when he was crucified?

Answer: Thorns

97. Who cut off a soldier’s ear when Jesus was being arrested?

Answer: Peter

98. What was rolled away from the entrance to Jesus’ tomb?

Answer: A large stone

99. Who was crucified upside down?

Answer: Peter

100. What was the name of the city where Jesus’s followers were first referred to as Christians?

Answer: Antioch

101. Who did Jesus drive out of the temple?

Answer: The money changers

102. What did the woman pour on Jesus’ feet at the home of Simon the Leper?

Answer: Expensive perfume

103. What was the name of the demon Jesus cast out in the region of the Gerasenes?

Answer: Legion

104. What was Matthew’s profession before he became a disciple of Jesus?

Answer: Tax collector

105. Who returned to Israel to build up the walls of Jerusalem?

Answer: Nehemiah

106. How many kings of Judah were there?

Answer: Twenty

107. Which famous Quen came to visit Solomon?

Answer: Queen of Sheba

108. What capital city did David abandon as Absalom approached it?

Answer: Jerusalem

109. How many throws of his sling did it take David to hit Goliath?

Answer: One

110. What did David work as for his father?

Answer: A Shepherd

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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