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88 Controversial Relationship Questions and Debate Topics for Couples

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These controversial relationship questions are important to ask if you want to understand your partner’s opinion on some big issues.

We all think we know our partner but there’s still a lot we might not be aware of until a certain topic is brought up. Some of the tough relationship questions below include loyalty, your relationship, and past relationships should be discussed at some point.

We’ve put together a list of relationship debate topics for couples that you can discuss with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner. They should help you to find out where you both stand on important topics.

Having these discussions is vital as once you both know where you stand, you can work on fixing any issues and strengthening the relationship between the two of you.

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Controversial Relationship Questions List

controversial relationship questions were you serious in your last relationship

1. Were you serious and fully committed in your last relationship? 

2. Do you think couples need to have similar interests to be compatible?

3. How would you feel if your partner had to work away for 3 weeks per month?

4. How would you feel if I had a close friendship with someone of the opposite
gender and we hung out from time to time?

5. Are personality or good looks more important when it comes to your partner?

6. Should a man be the one to propose or is it ok for women to take the lead?

7. What’s something/somebody you would sacrifice your life for? 

controversial relationship questions what would you sacrifice

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8. Should women change their last name when they get married?

9. If your best friend was cheating on their partner, would you tell him/her?

10. Do you think it’s acceptable if your partner still keeps in contact with some of their exes?

11. If you found out that I was seeing someone else, what would you do? 

12. Do men and women have different roles when it comes to parenting? Should strictness
be varied between the two?

13. Do you not truly know your partner until you move in together?

14. Do you think we spend enough time together? Would you like to spend more time if we could? 

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controversial relationship questions do we spend enough time together

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15. If I had to answer any question you asked me truthfully, what would your top 5 questions be? 

16. Is rivalry between siblings a positive thing?

17. Would you have still gotten into a relationship with me if you found out that I had cheated on my ex-partner? 

18. If you found out that someone who worked with your partner had a crush on them, how would you feel? Would you still be fine with them working there? 

19. If I told you I’d had multiple one-night stands after nights out, how would you feel? 

20. How should you comfort an infant crying because they want more toys?

21. What do you think of my best friend? If you don’t think highly of them, tell me why 

controversial relationship questions what do you think of my best friend

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22. How would you feel if we put off moving in together for the time being?  

23. If your partner earned more money than you, would be ok with this? 

24. Do you think it’s a problem when there is a large age gap in a relationship?

25. Is it possible to fall in and out of love with someone?

26. How difficult do you think it would be if someone moved to a new country to be with their partner?

27. How would you react if you found out I was messaging someone else in a flirty way? 

28. Would you mind if your partner was naturally a flirty person but meant nothing by it? 

controversial relationship questions would you mind if your partner was flirty

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29. What do you think about same-gender marriages?

30. If your partner didn’t like your parents, how would you react?

31. Would you end the relationship if my ex came up in conversation all the time? 

32. If I told you that I didn’t want kids, would you end the relationship? 

33. Would you think twice about the relationship if your current partner always made fun of you during social gatherings? 

34. How would you feel If I had zero drive or ambition to work or do anything around the house? Would you still stay in the relationship? 

35. How do you feel about having an open marriage policy? 

controversial relationship questions how do you feel about an open marriage

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36. Do you think long-distance relationships can work long-term?

37. Have you ever set up a fake social media account to follow someone you want to know more about? 

38. In the past, have you ever dated two women at once? 

39. Would you prefer to have a week without money or have a week not showing any intimacy? 

40. Do you think having a holiday fling is terrible? 

41. If I told you I had a crush on your best friend while I was dating you, what would you think? 

42. What’s your opinion on experimenting in a relationship? 

controversial relationship questions how do you feel experimenting in a relationship

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43. If I told you that I was travelling to a party hotspot alone, would you have any concerns? 

44. Would you be ok with me going on a girl’s/boy’s holiday? 

45. Did you ever consider keeping me a secret from your friends and family? 

46. How would you react if I told you I wanted a break from the relationship for the month without any reason? 

47. Have you ever slept with a stranger? 

48. Have you ever had feelings for someone of the same gender? 

49. Do you believe couples should do everything together or is some level of independence necessary in a relationship?

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50. How would you feel about me having a close friendship with someone of the opposite
gender and hanging out one on one?

51. If you had a choice between the perfect job and me, which would you choose? 

52. How would you react if your best friend told you they had a crush on me? 

53. Would it be ok if I schedule some alone time (me time) in the week? 

54. Do you have a backup if this relationship doesn’t work out? 

55. If we got married and then divorced would you be reasonable when it came to sorting the divorce settlement? 

56. If I was to cheat on you once, would you forgive me? 

57. If you had the choice to start your life again, would you still want to be in a relationship with me? 

58. If I were to turn vegan and start eating a whole plant-based diet, would you join me? 

59. Would it be ok if I looked at adult websites sometimes? 

60. Is physical intimacy a requirement for a strong relationship?

61. What’s your view on polyamory? Do you think having more than one partner is ok or not?

62. Is it a problem if there is a language barrier between your family and your partner?

63. Who should get custody of the children in the event of a divorce?

64. Would you end the relationship if your friends told you they didn’t like me?

65. If I was severely injured after an accident and could not care for myself, would you stay and look after me?

controversial relationship questions would you  look after me if I was severely injured

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66. What regrets do you have about our relationship?

67. What type of parent do you think I would be, and what kind of parents do you think we would become?

68. Does money make a relationship more complicated?

69. Is there anything you regret about the way we got together?

70. How should you approach expenditure if one person in the relationship earns
significantly more than the other?

71. Why have we not been as intimate recently?

72. If you feel like your love for your partner wanes over time, should you end the relationship or not?

73. What would you do if you found out that alone I’d watched the season finale of a Netflix series we’d been watching together?

74. If your partner fell down a rabbit hole related to a conspiracy theory, how would you react?

75. How would you react if your partner forgot your birthday?

76. When we first met, what attracted you to me? Do you still have that same feeling of attraction now?

77. Do you think there should be clear rules in a relationship or not?

78. Would you be ok with us not trying for children right now? (Without a concrete reason)

79. Do you love your friends more than you love me?

80. What would you change about the way you look?

81. Would you ever consider having a casual open relationship where both of you could see other people?

82. Should you and your partner share the passwords to each other’s phone and social media accounts?

83. Could you be in a relationship with someone who had diametrically opposed political views to yours?

84. Are you always completely honest with me in our relationship?

85. Do you ever try and search for your ex on social media?

86. How many guys/girls have you dated in the past?

87. What’s your opinion on people that fall in love with more than one person at once?

88. If you found out that I’d had an affair on our wedding day, would you still marry me?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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