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150 Flirty and Dirty Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

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If you want to make things exciting in the bedroom, these dirty questions to ask your girlfriend are a great way to get her in the mood.

We’ve compiled a list of flirty questions to ask your girlfriend that will have naughty thoughts racing through her mind. It can be difficult to know how to start naughty conversations in the bedroom.

That’s what these juicy questions to ask your girlfriend are for. They’re designed to lead to some hot and freaky moments between you and your girlfriend.

If you’re looking to take your sexual encounters up a notch, our list of freaky questions to ask your girlfriend below will do just that.

Dirty Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend List

1. Do you think we need a safe word for me to use during intimacy?

dirty question to ask your girlfriend on whether you should use a safe word during intimacy

2. Would you consider having a threesome with one of your girlfriends and me?

3. What’s an unfulfilled fantasy to want to explore with me?

4. If I asked you to wear a naughty outfit in the bedroom, which one would you wear?

5. What part of my body really gets you in the mood?

6. If we could do a role play in the bedroom, what would you like us to do?

7. Would you like to be more adventurous in the bedroom?

8. What’s the strangest thing you’ve wanted to try during foreplay?

9. What’s the weirdest thing about me that turns you on?

10. Do you ever leave the house without wearing underwear?

11. If we could do it in a public place, where would you like to do it?

12. Where’s your favorite spot on your body to be kissed?

13. What’s something you would love to try in the bedroom but your too scared to ask me?

14. What color underwear are you wearing right now?

15. Would you like me to take control more in the bedroom?

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16. Would you ever do it with someone of the same gender?

17. Have you ever fantasized about sleeping with one of my friends?

18. Would you like to watch an adult movie with me?

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend about adult movies

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19. Have you been genuinely scared at the size of a guy’s private parts?

20. Have you ever walked in on your friends in the act?

21. What was the last intimate thought you had about me?

22. Do you enjoy being loud and rough during sex or quiet and gentle?

23. Would you like to make me your naughty slave for the day? If so, what would you get me doing?

24. Have you ever done anything dirty on a video call?

25. What sexual position are you most likely to orgasm in?

26. What are the most orgasms you’ve had during one sensual encounter?

27. Have you ever woken up and regretted sleeping with someone?

28. Have you ever had a crush on someone you really shouldn’t have?

29. Do you think intimacy is better when you love the other person?

30. What would you do if I accidentally walked into the bathroom while you were having a shower?

31. What do you think of men who have more than one sexual partner?

32. How would you rate our first experience in bed together?

33. Would you ever send me naughty pictures?

34. Have you ever posed for a naked photoshoot?

35. Does size matter to women?

36. Have you had any naughty dreams involving me?

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend about naught dreams

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37. Do you prefer me to be hairy or shaved?

38. Have you ever slept with someone after you’ve only known them for a few hours?

39. Do you like things to be quick or make it last all night?

40. Would you like us to be more spontaneous, or would you like us to plan it week by week?

41. Do you want to dominate me in the bedroom?

42. Out of 10, how good am I at giving oral?

43. How do you rate yourself out of 10 at giving oral?

44. What movie scene always gets you in the mood for sex?

45. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done in the bedroom?

46. Have you ever squirted during intimacy?

47. What’s been the strangest sexual experience you’ve had?

48. Would you masturbate in front of me?

49. How do I compare to your ex?

50. Do you have any naughty horror stories?

51. Would you come skinny dipping in the sea with me?

52. Have you ever woken up next to someone in shock that you slept with them?

53. What toys do you own?

54. Would you like to use toys in the bedroom with me?

Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend about sex toys

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55. What type of outfit would you like to dress me up in?

56. Would you ever film us doing it?

57. Have you ever sent nude pictures to the wrong person?

58. Do you have an age limit when it comes to sleeping with someone?

59. What other room in the house would you like to do it in?

60. Do you prefer me to wear boxers or briefs?

61. Have you ever slept with anyone on a first date?

62. How old were you when you had the birds, and the bees talk?

63. Would you still sleep with me while on your period?

64. If I bought you lingerie, would you model it for me?

65. What would you like to roleplay in the bedroom?

66. What’s your favorite position?

67. Would you ever do it in a public toilet?

68. What’s one thing I could do to turn you on immediately?

69. Do you like it when I talk dirty to you?

70. Have you ever done it with more than one person in the past?

71. Would you be willing to try anal with me?

72. Do you have any strange fetishes?

dirty question to ask your girlfriend on whether they have any strange fetishes

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73. Describe to me your perfect foreplay?

74. Would you like to play music in the bedroom while we do it?

75. Which celebrity would you most like to sleep with?

76. Do you prefer giving or receiving oral?

77. What form of contraception do you prefer to use?

78. What’s your opinion on me wearing flavored condoms?

79. Would you like to introduce food into the bedroom?

80. What aftershave always reminds you of me?

81. Would you prefer I showered before or after intimacy?

82. What would you change about how you lost your virginity?

83. What are some of the kinkiest things we could do in the bedroom?

84. What part of your body becomes extremely sensitive during intimacy?

85. Would you let me masturbate in front of you?

86. What do you think about doing it via Virtual Reality?

87. What’s the most bizarre place you’ve done it?

88. How many people in your phone book have you slept with?

89. Would you like me to massage you?

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90. Which one of your friends is the dirtiest in the bedroom?

91. What’s the greatest number of times you’ve done it in a night?

92. What’s a big turn-off in the bedroom for you?

93. Have I changed the way you look at intimacy?

94. Do you have a stored memory or fantasy that you think of while pleasuring yourself?

95. Do you have any unfulfilled naughty desires?

96. Have you ever faked an orgasm with me?

97. Would you prefer me to walk around with no top on or no bottoms?

98. What’s your idea of the perfect kiss?

99. Have you ever fallen asleep when you’ve been doing it?

100. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the bedroom?

101. Have you ever been put off by someone in the bedroom due to their smell?

102. What would you call my private area if you had to name it?

103. Would you change anything about your body?

104. How often a day do you think about doing it?

105. Have you ever heard the neighbor doing it?

106. Do you like to be whipped or spanked in the bedroom?

107. What signs do I need to look out for when you’re ready to have sex?

108. How many times a week do you masturbate?

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109. If you could choose to tattoo my body anywhere, where would it be?

110. Have you ever had a causal relationship with someone?

111. Would you like to do it more?

112. What’s the most powerful experience we’ve had in the bedroom?

113. Do you like it when I talk romantically to you in bed?

114. Has anyone ever walked in on you doing anything naughty?

115. Would you be ok to take the lead next time we do it?

116. When you say Netflix and Chill, what do you mean?

117. Do you think I’m a butt or boob guy?

118. Would you be ok with me playing with your boobs more during foreplay?

119. Do you like cuddling after we’ve been intimate?

120. Tell me what your ex was like in bed?

121. Would you ever come to a swinger’s party with me?

122. Do girls talk about naughty topics as much as men?

123. What would you say to someone who asked you to describe your experiences in the bedroom?

124. Would you do it in a hot tub?

125. Have you ever owned or read any naughty books?

126. Would you prefer to have the lights on or off during intimacy?

dirty question to ask your girlfriend on whether they'd like the lights on or off during intimacy

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127. What do you think of people who work in the adult industry?

128. Do you masturbate more or less now we’re together?

129. Would you like to join the mile-high club?

130. Do you wish we sexted more?

131. Do you prefer to kiss with or without tongues?

132. Would you say we experiment enough in the bedroom?

133. Do you like to be teased?

134. Would you let me use a small secret toy to pleasure you while we’re out in public?

135. What do you think about us doing it in the movie theatre?

136. Do you think I’m romantic?

137. What’s the quickest I’ve made you orgasm?

138. Did your parents talk to you about the birds and bees when you were growing up?

139. Have you ever seen anyone naked by accident?

140. What do you find more attractive, super-fit men or larger, bigger built men?

141. Have you ever been with someone who had a sexually transmitted disease? What happened?

142. Will you show me where your G Spot is?

143. Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

144. Have you ever slept with someone who was in a relationship?

145. Were you ever attracted to your teachers?

146. What’s your opinion on using lube in the bedroom?

147. Have you ever felt nervous with me in the bedroom?

148. If time was no issue, how often would you like to have sex with me?

149. What would your porn star name be? (Remember it’s your middle name and the name of your first pet)

150. Do you like it when I pull your hair?

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