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142 Flirty and Dirty Truth or Dare Questions Over Text

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These dirty truth or dare questions over text are a good and guaranteed way to set the pulses racing between the two of you!

You can’t be together all the time, but you can still use your phones to text each other flirty and sexy messages that will get the pair of you in the mood.

Flirty truth or dare questions over text are a great way to keep the flame burning in a relationship, whether it’s new or old.

Our list of truth and dare questions over text is sure to provide you with hours of fun, and even more fun when you do get together in person.

How To Use These Dirty Truth or Dare Questions Over Text

The premise of this version of truth or dare is a little different than if you were in person.

Here, you can text the other person asking ‘truth or dare.’ Depending on their response, you can either them one of the questions below, or send them one of the dares.

Once the person has answered or performed the dare, they get to ask ‘truth or dare’ and the game continues.

This game is a great way to build tension between the two of you in anticipation of the next time you’re together.

Dirty Truth Questions Over Text

1. Have you ever touched yourself whilst staying in someone’s spare room?

2. Apart from the bedroom, where’s the kinkiest place you’d like to get intimate in the house?

3. Tell me what I could do that would make you have the best orgasm?

4. Which famous person do you wish you could be intimate with?

5. Do you prefer hot feisty intimacy or slow and romantic?

6. What color underwear are you wearing right now?

7. What’s the most unconventional thing you want to do with me next time become intimate?

8. What’s the strangest thing about me that turns you on?

9. What would we do in our own adult movie, and what would we call it?

10. Have you ever made out with more than one person in a day?

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11. Do you like to send me nudes or receive my nudes?

12. Do you masturbate when we’re not together? If you do, do you think of me while you’re getting off

13. How quickly would you come round my house if I told you I wanted to get it on?

14. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done in public?

15. If you woke up as the opposite gender, what would be the first thing you did?

16. What food would you love to introduce into the bedroom?

17. What part of my body turns you on the most?

18. If I asked you to wear a naughty outfit in the bedroom, what would you wear?

dirty truth or dare over text about what naughty outfit you'd wear if I asked you to wear one

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19. If you could be intimate anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

20. What’s the filthiest thing you’ve ever googled?

21. What’s the kinkiest fantasy you want to try out someday?

22. What time of the day do you think is the best time to be intimate? Early morning or late at night?

23. Which famous couple would you love a threesome with?

24. What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you in the bedroom?

25. What naughty toys would you love to use in the bedroom with me?

26. Have you ever fantasised about a boss or colleague?

27. Have you ever been turned on by something unexpected?

28. What position are you keen to try out next time we become intimate?

29. Who do you think is the hottest person at your work?

30. Who’s the hottest out of your best friends, and what makes them desirable?

31. Are you into the same-gender/ever thought about intimacy with the same gender?

32. Have you ever been attracted to a friend of your parents?

33. Do you have anything naughty in your Amazon purchase history?

34. How many people have you kissed?

35. Do you ever watch porn? If so, which site do you use?

36. What’s your wildest fantasy for us to do together?

dirty truth or dare question over text about your wildest fantasy for us to do together

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37. Have you ever been intimate at someone else’s house?

38. Who/what do you think of when you pleasure yourself?

39. When you know you’re getting laid, what do you make sure you do?

40. Have you ever worn a naughty outfit for someone?

41. Have you ever thought of somebody else during intimacy?

42. Do you like to wear naughty outfits just for yourself?

43. Do you like to spend time naked when you’re alone?

44. Have you ever come on to someone you shouldn’t?

45. Do you feel comfortable saying what you want in bed?

46. Would you fake an orgasm to make someone happy?

47. What’s the most times you’ve made out in one day?

48. Do you like having your neck kissed?

49. Have you ever thought about making out in the shower?

50. Have you ever played around with a household object?

51. Have you ever wanted to be tied up with handcuffs?

52. Do you like the idea of spanking and bondage?

53. Would you like to be blindfolded during intimacy?

54. Do you like giving oral pleasure, and what are you best at?

Truth or dare questions over text about oral sex

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55. What’s the best oral pleasure experience you’ve had, and who was it with?

56. Did you enjoy the first time you made out?

57. Have you ever not called someone back as they were a bad kisser?

58. Do you think you can tell what someone is like in bed by the way they kiss?

59. Do you like to receive nudes from me?

60. When was the last time you received nudes?

61. Who out of your friends has the nicest butt?

62. Have you ever given or received a naughty massage?

63. Would you ever play a sexy game such as naked twister with me?

64. Do I send you enough seductive messages?

65. Would you ever do it with a big group of people?

66. Have you ever made out with someone at work in secret?

67. What has been your worst intimate experience?

68. Do you like a lot of foreplay, and what’s your favorite?

69. What body part are you most conscious of?

70. Do you like it when someone tells you what they want?

71. Have you ever crushed on a friend’s parent?

72. Have you ever told someone you fancied them when you didn’t mean it?

Truth or dare questions over text about pretending to like someone

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73. Do you like a quicky and where do you like it?

74. How long do you like it last?

75. What do you think you do best in bed?

76. Have you ever been intimate on a one-night stand? What was it like?

77. What’s a turn off in bed?

78. What body part do you find the hottest about yourself?

79. Who was the last person you fancied?

80. Is there anybody in your life who you always had a crush on but never managed to connect with?

81. Describe me in the filthiest way you can

82. Do you know the name of everybody you’ve been intimate with?

Dirty Dare Questions Over Text

83. Go to the last ex on your phone and leave them a dirty message

84. Pick three naughty toys and send them to me; I will order one right now

85. Send me an upper body nude

86. Change your Facebook status to ‘feeling naughty’ for 30 minutes

87. Send me a screenshot of the next position you’d like to do together

88. Send me a video of a naughty dance to your favorite hot song

89. Next time we meet, wear no underwear

90. Send me a Spotify link to the next song you’d like to make out to

91. Send me a link to a naughty outfit you’d like me to buy for you

92. Send me a naughty text in a very posh and formal way

93. Send me a naughty picture of your feet

94. Twerk for me on video

95. Drop a pin of where you’d want to meet me in public to do it.

96. Send me a video of you cleaning your house seductively

97. Take a selfie of your best orgasm face and send it to me

98. Put whipped cream on your nipples over facetime for me

99. Lap dance as if I was sat on the chair, and send me video evidence

100. Send me a nude video of you doing something seductive

101. Send me a nude video of you doing something ordinary and not seductive

102. Read me a passage of the closest book to you in the naughtiest voice you have

103. Take a video of yourself eating a sandwich in the most seductive way possible

104. Go and find your latest fancy dress costume and send me a picture of you in it

105. Send me a photo of the picture of me where you fancy me the most

106. Go to Amazon and buy a cheap naughty toy

107. Demonstrate oral pleasure on the nearest household object and send it to me on a video

108. Book a hotel right now for a naughty weekend away for us

Truth or dare questions over text about weekend away

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109. Let me pick a song for you, and I want you to pole dance with an imaginary pole for the entire song

110. Shave one of your legs naughtily over a video to me

111. Tell me what you would want me to do with an ice cube to you next time we see one another

112. Make out with yourself in the mirror and send me a picture

113. Take off your underwear and address it to me in an envelope; go and post it now

114. Pretend you don’t know me, send me your best chat up line that you’d use on me

115. Put on your naughtiest outfit and catwalk around the room; send me the video

116. Send the last person you’ve messaged on your phone (not me) a message about how much you fancy me

117. Spend 30 minutes learning the WAP dance and send it to me

118. Text the 10th person on your phone and ask them if they think you’re hot

119. Find your celebrity crush’s social media and comment on their last photo, telling them how much you think of them

120. Put an ice cube down your pants

121. Pour a glass of juice into your mouth in a naughty way.

122. Dance to the last song in your playlist and send it to your best mate

123. Ask your best mate if they’d have a threesome with us

124. Find a porn video that you’d like us to recreate one day

125. Update your Instagram Bio to ‘feelin’ lonely, DM me for cuddles’ and see if anybody notices

126. Voice record your best naughty noise and send it to me

Truth or dare questions over text about moaning

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127. Tell me something attractive about me without opening your mouth

128. Try and say something naughty to me using only emojis

129. Text your best friend asking them for their five best naughty tips and let me know what they say

130. Demonstrate your favorite intimate position with a pillow and send me a photo

131. Text your ex and ask them how you could improve in the bedroom based on your experience together

132. Spank your butt hard and send me a picture of the red mark

133. Find a hotel online you’d like us to have a naughty weekend together in

134. Re-enact the opposite gender using a pillow and send me a video

135. If there’s a pool, go skinny dipping and send me a photo

136. Take a slow-mo video of you whipping your hair in a naughty way

137. Text a random person on your phone who you can’t even remember who they are and ask them if they think you’re hot

138. Create a naughty playlist and send me the link to it

139. Explain to me in as much detail as possible your biggest turn on

140. Describe yourself in the most seductive way possible

141. Send me the song that gets you the most turned on

142. Send a text to a friend of mine you have a crush on?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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