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100 Hard Would You Rather Questions To Ask Your Friends And Family

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This collection of hard would you rather questions will make you scratch your head and think deeply.

We’ve put together some of the most difficult and hardest would you rather questions you’ll find anywhere on the web.

They’re not impossible to answer, but these deep would you rather questions will have you considering some of the toughest hypothetical choices.

Be prepared for some difficult questions and some uncomfortable answers.

Hard Would You Rather Questions

1. Would you rather have a pause button or a rewind button for your life?

hard would you rather questions know about your death

2. Would you rather be trapped in a cave filling up with water or falling through the sky with a broken parachute?

3. Would you rather give up watching sports or having sex?

4. Would you rather your body never aged or never you never aged mentally?

5. Would you rather know the exact time and date of your death or know what causes it?

6. Would you rather live somewhere that rained every day or somewhere that was 56.7°C (134.1 °F) every day?

7. Would you rather wake up and find you’re 90 years old or wake up and find yourself buried alive?

8. Would you rather never be able to read or write again?

9. Would you rather sleep in a room full of mosquitos or sleep in a room full of snakes?

10. Would you rather be the smartest human in the world or the wealthiest?

11. Would you rather your mum or dad walk in on you having sex?

12. Would you rather be able to save 1 person you love or 100 people you don’t know?

13. Would you rather be able to shed your skin like a snake or grow back arms like a lizard?

14. Would you rather be able to read what someone is thinking or control their mind?

15. Would you rather brush your teeth with BBQ sauce or using hot sauce?

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hard would you rather questions hot sauce or BBQ sauce

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16. Would you rather wake yourself up every night thinking you’re falling or wake up thinking someone is in your room?

17. Would you rather give up ice cream or cookies for the rest of your life?

18. Would you rather kill your dog or go hungry if you were trapped on a desert island?

19. Would you rather always have wet dreams or always wet the bed?

20. Would you rather sweat constantly or smell bad every day?

21. Would you rather have 100 spots on your face or have a bad body odor?

22. Would you rather use lemon juice for eye drops or use poison ivy for toilet paper?

hard would you rather questions lemon juice or poison ivy

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23. Would you rather have a nose like an elephant trunk or a tongue like a snake?

24. Would you rather only be able to wash your hair twice a year or only be able to check your phone once a day?

25. Would you rather go around a bar and drink all of the half-finished drinks or go around McDonald’s and eat all the half-eaten food?

26. Would you rather bleach your hair neon yellow for the rest of your life or live with no hair at all?

27. Would you rather have an extremely well-paid job which means you had no time for the family, or have a low paid job with lots of time to spend with family?

28. Would you rather always get no signal on your phone or get stuck in traffic every day?

29. Would you rather spend all day cleaning someone’s house or let your ex come round and clean yours?

30. Would you rather become a millionaire by stripping or working as a porn star?

31. Would you rather be caught singing in the bathroom or singing in the car by your crush?

32. Would you rather spend a year as a hermit in the mountains or spend a year homeless in the city?

33. Would you rather be the last person alive on the earth or the first to die?

hard would you rather questions last person alive

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34. Would you rather be a baby and never grow up or be born an adult and never grow old?

35. Would you rather lose everything you’ve worked so hard for or lose all your memories?

36. Would you rather work in a job you’ve always wanted with horrible colleagues or work in a job you hate with amazing colleagues?

37. Would you rather have a one-night stand than accidentally get pregnant or find out the person you had the one-night stand with had herpes?

38. Would you rather always bang your funny bone every time you walk through a door or always get something in your eye every time you go outside?

39. Would you rather find your true love or have the chance to work at NASA?

40. Would you rather always be brutally honest or always lie to the people you love?

41. Would you rather watch bad movies for the rest of your life or never watch a film again?

42. Would you rather change history or delete it altogether?

43. Would you rather turn up to a party in fancy dress but everyone else is dressed normally or hold a meeting naked?

44. Would you rather become someone good with technology or someone good with people?

hard would you rather questions good with technology or good with people

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45. Would you rather your parents walk in on you naked, or you walk in on them making love?

46. Would you rather get a paper cut every time you read a book or stub your toe every time you walked?

47. Would you rather find out that the afterlife is real or find a solution to world hunger?

48. Would you rather be reincarnated as a rat or never be reincarnated at all?

49. Would you rather be able to change your own future or the future of your parents?

50. Would you rather lose your arms and legs or lose your ability to see?

51. Would you rather live in poverty for the rest of your life but be happy or live in riches and never be happy?

52. Would you rather eat a pizza with lots of hair on it or a pizza with lots of toenails on it?

53. Would you rather have a quick sudden death or live longer with a painful disease?

54. Would you rather be in jail for something you didn’t do or live your life as a free person but be guilty of a crime?

55. Would you rather be color blind or not be able to taste food?

hard would rather questions blind or taste

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56. Would you rather have slow internet at home or always wake up tired?

57. Would you rather have your partner look at your search history or your parents?

58. Would you rather be the person who executes people or be the person that decides who to execute?

59. Would you rather lose your ability to recognize people or have your loved ones forget you?

60. Would you rather be married to someone who was terrible in bed but faithful or is someone who’s amazing in the bedroom but cheats on you all the time?

61. Would you rather always need to wee or always need to sneeze?

62. Would you rather have spiders crawl on you or eat a large worm?

63. Would you rather know lots of people you couldn’t trust or 1 person you could trust with your life?

64. Would you rather date the most attractive person in the world but never have sex with them or date the ugliest person in the world and be able to have sex when you want?

65. Would you rather work for free for the next 10 years or give all your money to charity?

66. Would you rather be able to speak to all sea creatures or speak every language in the world?

hard would you rather questions sea creatures

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67. Would you rather be born in the past or the future?

68. Would you rather swim at 100 miles an hour or fly at 10 miles an hour?

69. Would you rather join the infantry or join the marines?

70. Would you rather die before your parents or after them?

71. Would you rather be stranded at sea or in the desert?

72. Would you rather not ever be able to brush your teeth or never be able to shower again?

73. Would you rather win the lottery but only live a week, or live to 200 but be poor?

74. Would you rather fart out loud on a first date or have your trousers or skirt fall during a big work presentation?

75. Would you rather marry the girl of your dreams or invent the next big tech product?

76. Would you rather date your parent’s ex-partner or your best friends ex-partner?

77. Would you rather be vegan or only ever be able to eat meat?

hard would you rather questions vegan

Next: Hard Questions to Answer

78. Would you rather have a constantly itchy body or a have a high pitch ringing in your ears?

79. Would you rather have a luxury car that kept breaking down or have an extremely reliable rubbish car?

80. Would you rather create a great film and not get credit or get credit for a film you didn’t create?

81. Would you rather always have wet socks or always have stones in your shoe?

82. Would you rather sleep on a bed of nails or sleep on a bed of skunks?

83. Would you rather always have a full tank of fuel or always have a full battery on your phone?

84. Would you rather have the ability to control ice or the ability to control fire?

85. Would you rather be the greatest basketballer in the world but never win an NBA title or be the worst basketballer and win multiple NBA titles?

86. Would you rather be a war criminal or a dictator of a country opposed to the west?

87. Would you rather be born in North Korea or Russia?

88. Would you rather have casual sex every day or only have sex with someone you love once a year?

hard would you rather questions casual sex

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89. Would you rather your life be a TV show or find out aliens control us?

90. Would you rather zombies or advanced robots take over the world?

91. Would you rather be stuck on a balloon heading toward space or be stuck in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean?

92. Would you rather wee through your nose or poop through your mouth?

93. Would you rather sing every time you spoke or dance every time you moved?

94. Would you rather your best friend went missing forever or your parents?

95. Would you rather be a leading actor in a film that made no money or be an extra in a film that made lots?

96. Would you rather the world be taken over by intelligent monkeys or intelligent chickens?

97. Would you rather swim in water infested with crocodiles or camp in polar bear country?

98. Would you rather live in an igloo or a treehouse?

99. Would you rather stay in a haunted house for a night or stay in jail for a year?

100. Would you rather eat a small can of dog food or eat 6 cockroaches?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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