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70 Fun and Controversial Hot Takes Examples and Questions

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These hot takes are perfect if you’re looking for a way to spark lively conversation between your coworkers, friends or family.

We have a great range of hot take examples that you can use in a wide variety of situations. They’re guaranteed to lead some lively debates that will keep you all engaged for hours!

Some of them are controversial opinions while others are hot takes questions that people will not be able to resist responding to.

If you want some rigorous debates and a fun way to find out more about the people in your life, using a hot take or two from our list will help you do just that.

What Is a Hot Take?

two podiums set up for a debate and the headline, what is a hot take underneath

A hot take is a provocative statement that will lead to people weighing in with their opinion on the matter. Hot takes are often controversial in nature and are based on a statement that can’t necessarily be proven to be true or false. This means they’re ripe for discussion and will lead to lengthy debates as people try to claim their take is right.

The following are what makes hot takes interesting topics to talk about and great ways to strike up an interesting conversation:

  • They’re normally controversial enough to pique people’s interest
  • As there’s almost never a right or wrong answer, they’re open to debate
  • Most controversial opinions are on topics that most people will be familiar with
  • They make for fascinating conversations

A lot of hot takes focus on areas that are popular such as entertainment, food and sports. Just think of all the endless greatest of all time (GOAT) debates in the NFL, NBA and soccer etc, and you get a flavor of why they cause endless debate.

We’ve got seven different sections below that have a range of controversial statements that are sure to get people fired up and lead to some fascinating debates. If you want to start some interesting conversations between your coworkers or friends, they’re perfect to get the ball rolling. They might also give you some ideas for hot takes of your own!

Food Hot Takes

  • Pizza in America is better than pizza in Italy
  • Tea is better than coffee
  • Pineapple has no place on pizza
  • Sweet potato fries are way overrated
  • Mint is the best flavor of ice cream
  • Tuna makes everything better
  • Sushi isn’t really that nice
  • Cheese doesn’t add much to most dishes
  • Bananas are the best fruit
  • Donuts are overrated

Animal Hot Takes

  • Dogs are better pets than cats
  • Snakes aren’t as bad as they’re portrayed
  • Spiders aren’t as scary as people think they are
  • Kangaroos are more dangerous than people realise
  • Ostriches would make a great pet
  • Penguins are the coolest animal
  • Fish are underrated pets
  • Big dogs are the best around small children
  • Most people would secretly love to have a bear or tiger as a pet
  • Huskies are the best breed of dogs

Brand Hot Takes

  • iPhones are much better than Android phones
  • Adidas is the best sport brand
  • KFC is the most overrated fast-food chain
  • McDonald’s gets by on name recognition rather than quality fast food
  • Spotify is the best music streaming service
  • Only old people use Facebook
  • TikTok is a waste of time unless you like watching dance videos
  • Myspace was the best social media website
  • Beats headphones aren’t actually that good
  • Netflix’s original content is the only reason to subscribe

Travel Hot Takes

  • Everyone should travel solo at least once in their life
  • Florida is the most overrated holiday destination in America
  • Budapest is a more interesting city than Paris
  • A European road trip is better than an American one
  • Hostels are better places to stay than hotels
  • South America is an underrated continent to visit
  • Traveling is better with your friends
  • Camping under the stars is overrated
  • Slow travel is better than blasting through a couple of destinations in a few days
  • Traveling by train is the best method of travel

Fashion Hot Takes

  • Skinny jeans look horrible on men
  • Shirts with turtlenecks collars a crime to fashion
  • Louis Vuitton and similar brands sell what ordinary people think rich people buy/wear rather than what they actually do buy/wear
  • You should dye your hair a different color at least once in your life
  • The mullet is actually a good hairstyle
  • Denim on denim isn’t a fashion crime
  • Short shorts are always in fashion
  • You should never wear pyjamas in public
  • Fast fashion should be avoided at all costs
  • Crocs have a bad reputation and are actually very comfortable

Entertainment Hot Takes

  • Most podcasts are a waste of time
  • Since the first Avengers movie, the Marvel universe has become boring
  • No one pays much attention to the Oscars
  • Beyonce’s music is overrated
  • Nintendo makes the best video game consoles
  • Breaking Bad is the best TV series of all time
  • Star Trek is better than Star Wars
  • No band will ever be bigger than The Beatles
  • Musicians from Britain make the best music
  • Leonardo Di Caprio is the best actor of all time

Sport Hot Takes

  • Soccer is the best sport
  • People in Europe are more passionate about sport than Americans
  • Baseball is the most boring sport to watch
  • The NBA season would be better if it was shorter in length
  • LeBron James at his peak was better than Michael Jordan at his peak
  • Peyton Manning was a better quarterback than Tom Brady
  • Without Tiger Woods, no one will watch golf
  • Americans only like sports that Americans win
  • Track and Field is the only interesting part of the Olympics
  • Either Rafa Nadal or Novak Djokovic is the Tennis GOAT, not Roger Federer

Politics Hot Takes

  • Elections don’t actually change that much
  • Most people agree on way more than they disagree on
  • Most political adverts are a waste of money
  • Regulation is more important than most people realise
  • The Electoral College should be scrapped
  • Washington DC and Puerto Rico should be states
  • Politics is more civilized in most other countries than in America
  • A world government is inevitable at some point
  • Ronald Reagan is the most overrated US president in recent history
  • 24-hour news channels are a net negative for society

If you want to save some of these hot takes for later or you want to print them off so you can use them, check out our printable image below:

list of 20 hot take examples

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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