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200 Fun How Well Do You Know Me Questions For Couples

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If you want to know how much your partner really knows you, then these how well do you know me questions for couples are what you should ask.

No matter how long you’ve been together or how well you think you know your partner, there are always things that surprise you.

These how well do you know your partner questions are designed to tease out the little things you don’t know about your significant other.

Find out how well you know your partner with this interesting and playful question game for couples. The conversations between the two of you are guaranteed to generate some fun talking points!

How Well Do You Know Me Questions For Couples

how well do you know me question couples sharing personality traits with mom or dad

1. Do I share more personality traits with my Mom or Dad?

2. What do you think has been my most challenging time in our relationship?

3. Have I ever missed a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary?

4. Where did we go on our first date?

5. If I could book a plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would I go to?

6. If I were the leader of the world, what rule would I impose first?

7. What was your first impression of me when we met?

8. Who’s the worst musician you could take me to see?

9. Have I ever been in trouble with the law?

10. What film could I watch repeatedly and not get bored?

11. What’s the most extravagant trip I’ve ever been on?

12. Who in my family do I struggle to get on with the most?

13. What was the first gift I bought you?

14. When I eat out, what’s my favorite type of food to eat?

15. What’s the drunkest state you’ve ever seen me in?

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16. Am I allergic to anything? If so, what am I allergic to?

17. Have I ever been involved in a fight? If so, what happened?

18. Can you name three places that are on my bucket list?

19. What’s one thing that will always cheer me up when I’m down?

20. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for me?

21. Would I rather explore the mountains or relax on the beach?

22. Would I do something spontaneous, or do I need to plan things before I do them?

23. If there’s one food I couldn’t live without, what would it be?

24. If you won $500,000, what would you do with the money?

25. What achievement in my life am I incredibly proud of?

how well do you know me questions for couples what am I proud of

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26. How is my relationship with my Mom and Dad?

27. What’s the worst thing to have happened to me?

28. If I could be any animal, what would I choose to be and why?

29. What would be my dream career if money and time were no issue?

30. Did your Mom and Dad like me when they first met me?

31. What one thing do I think should be legal that’s currently illegal?

32. What star sign am I?

33. Do I have any phobias? If so, what are they?

34. What’s my favourite color?

35. What vegetable/fruit do I not like?

36. If I was an alcoholic drink, which drink would I be and why?

37. What’s my favorite alcoholic drink?

38. What’s my favorite fast food restaurant?

39. What’s my favorite food?

40. What fears do I have?

41. What are my thoughts on life after death?

42. What do I spend the most money on?

43. If I was in a lifelong coma and had no chance of recovery, would I want to be kept alive?

44. What are my thoughts about global warming?

45. Where do I stand on veganism?

46. Am I someone who is organised or dis-organised?

47. What’s my worst household chore, and why?

48. What’s my favourite meal to cook?

49. What online store do I shop at most?

50. Have I ever been involved in a car accident?

how well do you know me question couples ever been in a car accident

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51. What do I like most about your personality?

52. What did I first notice when we met for the first time?

53. What are the names of my grandparents?

54. When’s my birthday?

55. What year did I finish college?

56. What qualifications did I get?

57. What’s my middle name?

58. What’s my favorite exercise?

59. Do I prefer to work out in a gym or out in nature?

60. What are the names of my brothers and sisters?

61. Which of my work colleagues do I get on with the best?

62. Which of my work colleagues do I dislike?

63. What was the name of my first-ever pet?

64. What’s my dream pet to own one day?

65. Who’s my favorite actor?

66. Who’s my favorite actress?

67. Who’s my favorite film director?

68. What genre of music is my favorite?

69. What song would I want to play at my funeral?

70. Where did I propose to you?

71. What was our first dance song at our wedding?

72. What soda do I enjoy the most?

73. What job was I doing when we met?

74. What did I get you for Christmas last year?

75. Am I someone that likes extreme sports?

how well do you know me questions for couples do I like extreme sports

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76. When did I know you were the one for me?

77. Do I get star-struck when I see someone famous?

78. Who is my celebrity crush?

79. What opinions do I hold that go against the usual way of thinking?

80. What has been my favourite job so far?

81. What did I have to drink/eat on the first date?

82. What’s the name of my best friend?

83. Who do I look up to most in my family?

84. What was my favourite childhood cartoon?

85. What’s my favourite book?

86. What quote do I use a lot in life?

87. Who’s my role model?

88. Which sport do I enjoy watching most?

89. Who’s my favourite sporting star?

90. What controversial ideas do I have?

91. What’s something I rarely talk about from my past?

92. What was the name of my ex-partner?

93. Do I have any stepbrothers/sisters?

94. Am I more of a starter or dessert type of person?

95. What sweet treat do I always crave?

96. What’s my favorite dance move?

97. What is my favorite karaoke song?

98. How many partners have I had before you?

99. What’s always been my favorite hobby?

100. Do I collect anything? If so, what is it?

how well do you know me questions for couples what do I collect

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101. What’s always guaranteed to get me angry or frustrated?

102. What’s my lucky number?

103. Did you think I was the one?

104. Have I ever been in the middle of a natural disaster?

105. What was my last illness?

106. What blood type am I?

107. What do I do on a typical day at work?

108. How often do I like to shower?

109. Do I prefer baths or showers?

110. Have I ever had food poisoning?

111. What’s the strangest food I’ve eaten?

112. Where was I born?

113. What town did I grow up in?

114. Have I ever ridden a motorbike?

115. Who’s my favorite author?

116. Have I ever won an award for anything? If so, what was it for?

117. What height and weight am I?

118. Have I ever been on TV? If so, what was I doing?

119. Do I play any musical instruments?

120. Have I ever taken part in a stage play?

121. Which of your friends do I like the most?

122. What are my opinions on ghosts? Have I ever seen one?

123. What other languages can I speak?

124. What language would I like to learn?

125. What’s my favourite pizza toppings?

how well do you know me questions for couples favourite pizza topping

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126. What flavor of ice cream do I most dislike?

127. Who did I vote for in the last election?

128. Have I ever volunteered?

129. What do you think of my driving?

130. What are the values I try to live my life by?

131. What sports do I enjoy playing?

132. Do, or would I donate to charity?

133. Would I take part in a marathon?

134. What do I enjoy more, swimming in the sea or a pool?

135. Would you say I’m a morning or night person?

136. What would I do first if I won the lottery?

137. What’s the worst vacation I’ve been on?

138. Have I ever been in trouble? If so, what happened?

139. Am I more of a dog or cat person?

140. What does my dream house look like?

141. Would I go camping?

142. What current world issue upsets me the most?

143. Where was I living when we first met?

144. Do I want children?

145. Would I be a strict or relaxed parent?

146. What for me is an instant turn off in any relationship?

147. Have I ever experienced something I couldn’t explain?

148. What’s my most annoying habit?

149. What’s the worst I’ve felt seen you’ve known me?

150. What food is always guaranteed to make me sick?

how well do you know me questions for couples what food makes me sick

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151. Would I wear the same clothes repeatedly?

152. What strange/cute quirks do I have?

153. Do I enjoy public displays of affection?

154. What’s my love language?

155. How many people are in my family?

156. Would you say I’m a risk-taker?

157. What regrets do I have about my life so far?

158. Do I think your diet is healthy or unhealthy?

159. Have I ever seen an unidentified flying object?

160. If I could live someone else’s life, who would it be and why?

161. If I got something wrong, would I admit it?

162. What’s the biggest lie I’ve told?

163. If I had three days to live, what would I do?

164. What’s something in my home I couldn’t live without?

165. Do I prefer drinking coffee or tea?

166. Would I be able to function without drinking a coffee or tea in the morning?

167. What nickname did I have as a child?

168. At what age did I first kiss someone?

169. If I could be reincarnated as anything, what would I be and why?

170. What do I think of Justin Bieber?

171. Who’s my same-gender crush?

172. What would my survival strategy be on a desert island?

173. What word or saying do I always use?

174. What word do I constantly mispronounce?

175. Where would I least like to go to in the world?

how well do you know me questions for couples where in the world do not want to go

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176. What fancy dress costume would I pick?

177. Have I ever been on a cruise? If not, would I like to?

178. What car have I always wanted to own?

179. Have I ever been arrested?

180. What breakfast do I eat most mornings?

181. How many people are in my friendship group?

182. What piece of clothing do I wear all the time?

183. What’s my favorite shop in the local mall?

184. What’s my least favorite colour?

185. Which season do I enjoy the most and why?

186. What’s my favorite sandwich filling?

187. What’s always the best part of my day?

188. How do I deal with physical pain?

189. What was the last film I cried at?

190. What are my political views?

191. Am I someone who is scared to speak my mind?

192. Have I ever done anything illegal in a different country?

193. What country do I think is the best to visit as a couple?

194. What are my thoughts on public transport?

195. What are my thoughts on flying?

196. Did I ever go to summer camp?

197. Am I religious? If so, what religion do I follow?

198. Is my family religious?

199. Have I ever been fishing?

200. Have I ever been hunting?

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