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135 Deep Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner

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These intimate questions to ask your partner are ideal if you’re looking to connect with them on a deeper level and create lasting bonds.

We believe these deep questions to ask your partner are important if you want to take your relationship to the next level. Whether you’re married or with your boyfriend/girlfriend, these questions will come in handy.

Communication is important in a relationship and asking questions to deepen intimacy will allow you to have open and fruitful discussions about the most important issues concerning the two of you.

If you’re looking to have a deep conversation with your partner, these intimate questions to ask your boyfriend will give you an idea of the topics the two of you should explore.

Sometimes a conversation is the perfect way to reconnect and get to know someone. So sit back, relax, and let’s jump right into these intimate questions for couples!

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Best Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner

Intimate questions to ask your partner about first impressions

1. What did you first notice about me? 

2. How important is physical attraction to you in a relationship? 

3. Is there anything about me you hope and wish never changes?

4. What do you find most attractive about my personality?

5. Would our relationship still work if we found out that one of us couldn’t have children?

6. Do you think we should travel more before we settle down?

7. Do you think I show you enough care and affection when we’re together?

8. Is there anything I could do for you that I don’t already? 

9. Are there any new things you want to try/experience together? 

10. How do you feel when you see me again after time apart? 

11. Do you think we give each other enough alone time?

12. To you, is it more important to have a solid physical attraction or have true companionship in a relationship?

13. Do you think we spend enough quality time together?

14. How would you react if I wholly and drastically changed my appearance? 

15. Are special occasions like Valentine’s Day important to you? 

16. At what moment did you realize that you loved me? 

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Intimate questions to ask your partner about love

17. Do you think it’s important to be vulnerable in a relationship? 

18. What qualities do I have that you love the most?

19. What activities do you enjoy doing most with me? 

20. What do you think about using candles for our next date night?

21. What’s something you miss that we used to do more of?

22. What costume would you like me to wear next time we are being intimate together? 

23. If you had to change one thing about yourself to better this relationship, what would it be and why?

24. What part of your body do you enjoy being kissed the most? 

25. What’s more important to you, physical intimacy or deep conversations?

26. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt while being with me? 

27. What’s your most cherished memory of our relationship so far? 

28. Would you prefer me to be loving and caring when you get upset or leave you to take some time? 

29. Do you see us growing old together? What would our life look like? 

30. What weaknesses in our relationship do we need to work on?

31. Do you feel like we handle conflict in the right way? 

32. What’s something you admire about me? 

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33. What personal accomplishment makes you most proud? 

34. Do you have any fantasies you want to explore with me? 

35. What three words would your parents use to describe you? 

36. Do you feel like I listen to you when you’re concerned about something? 

37. Do you see children in our future? What would they be like?

38. Have I ever done something that inspired you? 

39. What’s something you would never change about yourself? 

40. What memories of our time together do you cherish?

41. Are you someone that nurtures or protects people around them? 

42. Is there anything you wish you could do, but you’re embarrassed to try? 

43. Have your priorities changed over time, or have they always remained the same? 

44. Do you have any recurring dreams about me? 

45. Has being with me taught you anything you didn’t know about yourself? 

46. Are you someone that likes to receive gifts that have a purpose and cost less, or would you rather receive a gift with status which is extremely expensive? 

47. What is your favorite part of the house to be intimate with me? 

48. Do you think our relationship has helped you break down some of the emotional walls you had up before we met? 

49. What’s something you love about me that is utterly unique to me and no one else you know? 

50. What do you think about tying me up in the bedroom? 

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51. Have you ever considered using handcuffs? 

52. Tell me about the time when you last cried? 

53. What’s the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you? 

54. Is marriage something that’s important to you?

55. Do you think we have the right balance between going out and staying in? 

56. How would you like me to describe you to my friends and family?

57. Do I ever show up in your dreams at night?

58. What’s something romantic I could do for you? 

59. Does forgiving someone make you feel less guilty? 

60. What do you think your life would be like without me?

61. What makes our relationship so strong?

62. Make a list of what things we have in common 

63. If you were allowed to make three wishes, what would they be?

64. Do you have any concerns that you have no control over? 

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65. How does it make you feel when we’re cuddling together?

66. Do you think there are any situations where it’s ok to lie to someone you love? 

67. Do you think it’s more important to follow your gut feelings or rational thought? 

68. What would you most like to lick off my body?

69. If someone gave our family $1 million, what would you want to spend it on? 

70. What to you is the definition of cheating on someone? 

71. For the next week, how can I improve as a partner? 

72. When was the last time you felt truly loved by me? 

73. Do you have a favorite photo of me?

74. Is there anything in your life currently you wish you could spend more time on? 

75. How would you feel about taking a 12-hour bus journey with me? 

76. What do you envy most about our friend’s relationships? 

77. What’s my most attractive feature? 

78. What ways do we work well together? 

79. What book has had the most significant impact on your life?

80. Do you feel insecure about anything in our relationship? 

Intimate questions to ask your partner about insecurities

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81. How do you feel when we wake up together every morning? 

82. Do you feel satisfied with our relationship? 

83. Would you rather spend your free time differently? 

84. What are your thoughts on us adding more quality time to our lives? 

85. Do I show support to you enough, or are there ways I can improve? 

86. Is there anything you wish we could do more of? 

87. What movie do you think best relates to our relationship? 

Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner About The Past

88. What are your favorite memories of our time together? 

89. What has been your favorite date so far? 

90. What’s something from your past you’re grateful never worked out? 

91. When did you first realize you’d developed strong feelings for me? 

92. What were you most afraid of as a child? 

93. What’s the most memorable life advice you’ve ever received? 

94. Was there anything that happened to you in childhood that affected you greatly in adulthood? 

95. Did you find yourself getting nervous when we first met? 

96. What was your biggest fear growing up? 

Intimate questions to ask your partner about fears growing up

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97. Have you ever had your heartbreak? 

98. If you could change a past decision, what would it be and why? 

99. How many partners have you been intimate with? 

100. Was there any doubt in your mind when you were thinking about me asking you out? 

101. What things were going on in your head when we were on our first date? 

102. Have you ever felt the same way for someone in the past as you feel about me now? 

103. Who in your life do you look up to the most? 

104. Can you remember a moment when you thought, yes, I’m in love with this person? 

105. Do you believe we were destined to meet one day?  

106. Did I give you everything you wanted from a relationship when we first met? 

107. In the past five years, how have your overlook on life changed? 

108. Would you feel comfortable telling me an embarrassing secret from your youth? 

109. What life advice would you now go back and give your younger self? 

110. What have you learned this week? 

111. What’s one word that describes our relationship up to now? 

112. Is there a memory or secret you’ve not told me about yet? 

113. What’s been your proudest moment of us as a couple? 

114. What’s one thing I could have never done without your love and support? 

Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner About The Future

Intimate questions to ask your partner about us in five years

115. Where do you see us in five years? 

116. What’s your earliest memory of us? 

117. Do you see us having children in the future? 

118. What’s your dream for both of us? 

119. How do you see our future together?

120. How do you describe me to your friends and family?

121. What excites you most about our future together? 

122. What can I do differently to make sure I’m more supportive and loving in the future? 

123. Where do you see us living long-term? 

124. Describe a day in our life with ourselves as parents? 

125. What would be the best thing about growing old with me? 

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126. What should we try and achieve as a couple going forward? 

127. What’s the most important lesson we could teach our children? 

128. What’s one word that describes our future relationship? 

129. Is there anything I can do to make you feel more confident about our future together? 

130. What adventure would you like to go on in the next few years? 

131. Do you have any traditions you would like to start this year? 

132. What mutual relationship goals would you like to achieve in the next ten years? 

133. If you could stay an age for the rest of time, what age would it be and why? 

134. What are going to be the most difficult challenges we face moving forward? 

135. What’s something spontaneous you would love to do in the future? 

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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