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100 Fun Long Distance Relationship Questions To Ask Your Partner

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When you and your partner live in different countries or even different continents, it can be difficult to know what to talk about after a while.

One thing that helps is having a list of long-distance relationship questions to ask your partner when you talk to each other.

Finding different things to talk about can be difficult, especially if you talk a lot and if you’ve exhausted the usual topics.

These questions to ask in a long-distance relationship will help keep the conversation between you and your boyfriend or girlfriend flowing for a long time!

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Long Distance Relationship Questions List

questions to ask in a long distance relationship about missing being together

1. What do you miss most about us being close together?

2. When we next see one another, how would you like to spend the day?

3. Do you think we see each other enough to keep a healthy relationship?

4. Could we improve communication in our relationship?

5. Are you happy with how close we are even though we’re apart?

6. What was the best thing about the last time we spent together?

7. Do you think the distance between us brings us closer together?

8. Are you happy with our current level of emotional intimacy?

9. Do you think we spend enough time together as a couple with our friends?

10. How do you see the future of this relationship playing out?

11. What ten things should we add to our bucket list this year?

12. What’s the most positive thing about us being long-distance?

13. What kind of date nights do you enjoy the most?

14. Do you think we are prioritizing our careers too much over our relationship?

15. Would life be better If I took a different job in order to live closer together?

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questions to ask in a long distance relationship long distance relationship

16. Where would you consider living together if we stay together long-term?

17. Do you have any anxieties about our relationship being long-distance?

18. What is your favorite memory of our time together?

19. Do you think you’ve grown more mature by being in a long-distance relationship?

20. What’s the most exciting thing on your bucket list?

21. Is there anything specific you think would improve our relationship?

22. Can you tell me about a situation when you were completely out of your comfort zone?

23. Do you think being long-distance makes things in your life awkward?

24. What could I do to make this experience easier for us?

25. Do you enjoy talking on the phone once a week, or would you prefer to talk every night?

26. How Important is time for yourself within our relationship?

27. What’s one thing you want to do together in person?

28. What did you think of long-distance relationships before you were in one with me?

29. What are some things we can do in order to create a future together? 

30. What’s your biggest regret from relationships in the past?

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questions to ask in a long distance relationship make this experience easier

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31. What music do you listen to on the journey away from seeing me?

32. What’s the dream holiday you would plan for us if money were no object?

33. Would you rather give up the ability to text me or talk to me on the phone?

34. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

35. Would you change anything about yourself?

36. How long could you do long distance for?

37. What times in your day or week do you think of me most?

38. What’s your favorite meal for one to cook for yourself?

39. How much time do you think we should aim to spend on vacation together?

40. Do you think it would be strange when there is no distance between us?

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questions to ask in a long distance relationship how long can you do this

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41. Do you like tattoos, and would you get any?

42. Would you ever get a matching tattoo?

43. How much would you have to be paid to get a tattoo of your best friend’s name on your bum?

44. What’s your opinion on social media? Do you think it does more damage than good?

45. Do you think pineapple belongs on pizza?

46. Do you have any childhood teddy bears or toys that you don’t want to get rid of?

47. If we lived together, who do you think would be the tidiest?

48. What is the last emoji you used?

49. Tell me your three favorite flavors of ice cream?

50. What’s your favorite comedy program to watch?

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questions to ask in a long distance relationship emoji

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51. Who is your favorite Friends character?

52. Out of the characters in Friends, who do you think I’m most like?

53. Do you like where you live?

54. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

55. Have you ever built something with your bare hands?

56. How long do you think you could survive in the wild?

57. Have you ever seen a whale or a dolphin? If so, where?

58. What’s your perfect date night?

59. Which app on your phone do you use the most?

60. When you get paid or get some money, what will you buy to treat yourself?

61. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

62. Who is your best friend and why?

63. Do you talk openly to your friends about personal things?

64. What’s your favorite thing to do to relax after a hard day?

65. Describe me in one sentence?

66. Who would you choose to have dinner with if it could be anyone dead or alive?

67. Do you enjoy vacationing with your family?

68. Where’s the best place you have ever traveled to?

69. Where in the world have you been and hated and would never go back to?

70. Have you ever stayed awake for more than 24 hours, and why?

71. If you could study anything in the world, what would it be?

72. What candies are your favorite?

questions to ask in a long distance relationship favourite candy

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73. What’s the best name you can think of for a pet?

74. If you disagree with someone, would you keep quiet to avoid upsetting them?

75. What drink would you choose if it was the only one you could have for the rest of your life?

76. Are you good with money? What saving tips have you got?

77. How do you see your life five years from now?

78. Describe your perfect day to me if money was no option?

79. What did you used to feel strongly about but now you’re not that bothered?

80. Do you feel like you get a good first impression of a person, or does it take you a while to figure someone out?

81. Would you consider yourself to be introverted or extroverted?

82. Do you ever get FOMO (fear of missing out)?

83. If you were a superhero, what name would you choose?

84. When we next see one another, choose a meal that I could cook for you?

questions to ask in a long distance relationship what meal to cook

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85. Do you ever think of me, and then I message you right after?

86. If I was to get arrested, what would it be for?

87. Who out of all your friends and family do you trust the most?

88. Would you be confident speaking on a stage in front of a big crowd?

89. Do you prefer a shower or a bath in the tub?

90. Do you want children, and if so, how many?

91. What’s your opinion on pets? Would you have some when we live together?

92. Have you got any hidden phobias?

93. What movie do you know is rubbish but you love watching?

94. Do you prefer Netflix or regular TV?

95. What’s the last thing you watched on YouTube?

96. What’s your favorite social media app? 

97. Do you prefer desserts or starters?

98. Do you think tipping a server 10% is enough or too much?

99. What do you always agree to but really resent?

100. What’s your favorite outdoor activity to do?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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