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90 Helpful Marriage Counseling Questions To Ask Your Spouse

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These marriage counseling questions are what you should ask each other if you feel you’re going through a bad patch.

Life is full of ups and downs and marriage is no different. What these couple therapy questions are designed to do is allow you to find out where you both stand and how you can make your relationship stronger.

Couples communication is important, and that can involve some uncomfortable conversations. But if they help you get your marriage back on track then it will be worth it.

Check out our list of questions and get your marriage back on track today!

Marriage Counseling Questions List

1. What things do you appreciate about me the most?

marriage counselling questions what do you appreciate most about me

2. Do you always believe me or are there times you feel I’m not being truthful?

3. Who else will be affected by the decisions we make about our marriage?

4. What would you be willing to do to become more intimate together?

5. What’s the biggest issue that’s led us to start marriage counselling?

6. What can I do better to improve this marriage?

7. Are you happy with the amount of intimacy we have?

8. Where do you see our marriage in five years?

9. Do you feel you can talk to me about anything?

10. Do you think getting a divorce is the only way for us?

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11. How do you really feel about me?

12. Do you think that I need to learn to back down when things get heated between us?

13. Do you think we hold each other back from achieving what we want in life?

14. Is this just a phase in our marriage that we can get over?

marriage counselling questions is this just a bad phase

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15. Would you be willing to compromise on some things in our relationship to make it work?

16. Is there any way I can win your trust back?

17. What problems in our marriage need to be addressed as a priority?

18. Have you ever been tempted to have an affair?

19. Do you believe we still have a connection?

20. What has been the most significant improvement in our relationship since we got married?

21. Are you curious about anything to do with me?

22. Is there anything that I’ve done that has affected your trust?

marriage counselling questions have i done anything to affect your trust

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23. Do you ever get the urge to check my phone when it’s left on the side?

24. How do you feel about our marriage?

25. Have I done anything in the past that made you question my loyalty to you?

26. If you could go back and change one thing about our marriage, what would it be and why?

27. What are the past conflicts we need to resolve to move forward?

28. Do you ever feel like I drag you down?

29. How can I show you that I care about your happiness?

30. Do you ever feel anxious or stressed when you’re with me?

31. When you have a stressful day at work, do you come home and feel supported?

32. What can I do to help you relax?

33. Is there anything from our past that still plays on repeat in your head?

marriage counselling questions our past

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34. How do you think our marriage compares to others?

35. What are the most significant stress factors in our marriage?

36. What makes you happy?

37. Has our marriage so far been primarily good or bad?

38. Do you think that we deal with disagreements well as a married couple?

39. Where do you see our marriage one year from now?

40. Would yearly targets help us as a married couple?

41. Do you think we have enough quality time together?

42. Would more vacations help us rekindle our love?

43. Do you feel comfortable explaining what our lives would be like in the future if we stayed together?

44. What have you always loved about me?

marriage counselling questions what have you always loved about me

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45. If we could just run away together right now, where would you go and why?

46. What are things that I do that always make you smile?

47. What memory of us will you cherish forever?

48. Are you still attracted to me?

49. How will our decisions affect our family?

50. What makes our marriage different to all others?

51. Are you currently happy with where our finances are?

52. What can we do to make our marriage a top priority?

53. Are you ready to change to make this work?

54. Do we need to find a qualified marriage counsellor to help us?

55. Do you speak to friends and your family about our marriage?

marriage counselling questions speaking to your friends about our marriage

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56. What do you see as the main issues in our marriage?

57. Are you at the point where you want to date new people?

58. When did the problems first begin for you?

59. When did you know that we couldn’t work this out together and needed professional help?

60. Do you think that we dodge conflict as a married couple?

61. Do we have any historical arguments or issues that we need to resolve?

62. Do you feel fulfilled physically with me?

63. Do I listen enough to you?

64. Do we, in general, communicate enough?

65. What was the best phase of our marriage? Why?

66. Has your self-esteem been affected by our marriage?

marriage counselling questions has your self esteem been affected by our marriage

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67. Do you think we are both stubborn when it comes to sorting issues in our relationship?

68. Do you trust me?

69. Do you love me? If you do, what type of love is it?

70. Are you willing to change as a person to make this marriage work?

71. When you imagined our marriage, is this what you expected it to be like?

72. How would you feel if we ended our marriage today?

73. Do you feel that we respect each other?

74. Do you ever feel like I harshly criticise you?

75. Can you imagine what single life would be like?

76. Have there been any situations that you wish you would have been single?

77. Do you think that I’m a responsible person?

marriage counselling questions do you think i'm a responsible person

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78. Are you dating anybody new currently?

79. What type of marriage do you want to create together?

80. How do you want to be as a husband/wife?

81. What do you need to stop doing to make this marriage work?

82. Is there anything holding us back from not making this marriage succeed?

83. What made us initially fall in love?

84. What do you feel are the keys to a successful marriage? Are we failing to meet them or not?

85. When I say something, do you always believe me?

86. Are our expectations of each other realistic?

87. How long would you be willing to work to make this marriage work?

88. Do we have the right marriage counsellor to help us through this challenging time?

89. What do you expect to achieve from having counselling?

90. Do you feel that I accept you for who you are?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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