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101 Mind Blowing Questions To Ask Your Friends

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These funny mind blowing questions will have you scratching your head and thinking long into the night about the answers!

We might think we have all the answers, but with so many mind boggling questions out there, it’s obvious we don’t. We could have listed more than 101, but these are a few of the best we believe will wrack your brain.

Some of these mind-twisting questions pose deep philosophical points, while others are funny in nature but still pose truths we recognize in day-to-day life.

These mind-bending questions are great to ask your friends if you want to have a deep conversation. You can also ask people close to you if you want to know their opinion on matters of life and the universe.

Let’s jump right into these questions that will blow your mind!

Mind Blowing Questions List

A mind blowing question about the ultimate fate of the universe embedded on an image of a galaxy
  • What will be the ultimate fate of the universe?
  • How does free will work? If I choose something because it’s my favorite, is that really free will? Even if I then chose the other thing to have a change, isn’t that a part of my personality manifesting?
  • Could we ever know for certain if there’s life after death? Could we ever know for certain there isn’t?
  • If our experience is greatly affected by our perception, how can we know what we’re experiencing is truly what’s happening?
  • One day, someone will think of you for the last time, and then you’ll be forgotten, who will that person be?
  • If you could get all your organs and body parts replaced, at what point do you stop being yourself?
  • Will there always be religions? Or will there come a point where they become a historical relic?
  • If we had the ability to see into the future and pre-empt crimes, would arresting people for something they might do in the future be ethical or not?
  • If the punishment for a crime is paying your debt to society, but the punishment costs a lot of money, then who is being paid?
  • If you were teleported to the other side of the galaxy, would that person be you or just a copy of you?
  • If the perfect wife or husband robot was made for you, and you could have your mind wiped that it was a robot, would you marry it?
  • If anything is possible, is it possible for anything to be impossible?
  • Why is ‘abbreviated’ such a long word?
  • Why do you remember certain moments in life so vividly, while you forget about many others?
  • Why aren’t ‘eleven’ or ‘twelve’ called ‘first-teen’ and ‘two-teen’?

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  • What little decisions could have drastically changed your life, like not going to a specific party or deciding to go on a holiday?
  • Should we strive for perfection when we live in an imperfect world?
  • If we don’t come into contact with other lifeforms in the next 100 years or more, does that mean we truly are alone in the universe?
  • What does it mean to live the good life? Is there one definition or does it depend on the situation?
  • Is it easier to love, or is it easier to hate?
  • A lot of child actors are messed up when they reach adulthood – is acting for children actually a mild form of child abuse?
  • People say they are thankful for many things in life, but if there is no God, who are people being thankful to?
  • If humanity ends up becoming extinct in the near future, what animal would take our place as the pre-eminent species on Earth?
  • If a genetic mutation occurs and a white child is born to black parents, is the child still black or white? How is it different if those same parents adopted a white child?
  • Does an escalator only become one when it’s moving? What about when it stops?

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  • Are all living beings capable of love or is it a uniquely human trait?
  • How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?
  • If there are no absolute truths, is that not an absolute truth?
  • At what point does a chair stop being a chair? When you take the legs off, or what about the seat itself? How about a car or something else?
  • If humanity was put on trial to defend its existence, what would be the best argument in favor of humanity?
  • If a ‘nightmare’ is the term for a bad dream, what would be a term for a good dream?
  • If the Marxist idea that ‘private property is theft’ is true, then who are you stealing from?
  • We measure our age from time – days, months and years, but what’s another way we could measure it?
  • If you clean your hands with a bar of soap, are you not then putting dirt back onto yourself from previous washes?
  • Is suffering necessary to make life worthwhile?
  • People don’t like rules, but you need rules to play a game properly – if life is one great game, then surely we need rules to ‘play’ it?
  • Is the biggest threat to humanity, humanity itself?
  • If people now don’t hold down a steady job, get married, and have children until at their earliest, their thirties, in twenty-five years, what age will people be settling down?
  • Why do we waste so much time?

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  • If it was found that we originated on another planet, would that make all human beings aliens or not?
  • If we’re all going to die eventually, aren’t we just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic?
  • If you were the most powerful creator in existence, could you create a more powerful creator than you?
  • If holding people prisoner against their will is wrong, then why do we punish people by holding them against their will?
  • Why do we have different words for elbows, knees, and knuckles? Why not finger elbows instead of knuckles?
  • Why do we consider that a tiny bit of dirt on our bodies does not make us fully dirty, but a tiny bit of dirt in a drink makes it totally ruined?
  • When you go to the toilet, urinating is known as a ‘Number 1’, defecating a ‘Number 2’, so what would a ‘Number 3’ or ‘4’ be?
  • How is it that Goofy is a dog that stands upright and wears clothes, and Pluto is a dog that wears a leash and is owned by Mickey Mouse?
  • If only men from the USA have been to the Moon, does that make it the 51st state?
  • If a misspelling becomes commonly used until the original spelling is forgotten, does the original spelling then become a misspelling?
  • If a tree falls in the woods and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?
  • How is it that Star Wars: The Force Awakens failed to do its most important job – get Han, Luke and Leia back on screen together for one last time?
  • Why is a fever, bad, but ‘night fever’ is good?
  • Is violence an intrinsic part of being human or will there come a point where violence becomes an anachronism?
  • Why do we look after others more than we look after ourselves?

Next: Critical thinking questions

  • If scientists could stop the aging process and make it so that unless you had an accident you could live forever, should that be given to everyone? What about overpopulation? Would governments have to stop people from having children? What about basic human rights to pro-create?
  • If we need more trees, why doesn’t everyone just plant one in their garden?
  • People say traditions are the answers to problems we’ve forgotten the questions to – what do you think?
  • If there’s no God, where did morality come from? Is it just our opinion, and if so, what right do we have to impose it upon others? If it’s not just ‘opinion’, where did it come from?
  • When do all the seasons start? Are there three months per one, or is it more complicated than that?
  • If people who are friends get on ‘like a house on fire’ and revenge is a dish best served cold, then which of your acquaintances are lukewarm?
  • Why do doctors never stop ‘practising’ medicine and just get on and do it?
  • Ten years away might feel like a long time, but do you remember ten years ago thinking about where you’d be in ten years? Doesn’t feel like a very long time, does it?
  • If you were being executed, what could your last meal be to really mess with people either whilst you’re dying or once you’re dead?
  • If a ‘manual’ car is one you have to change the gears yourself, and an ‘automatic’ car is one where you don’t, what would be the term for a self-driving car?
  • Meat from a cow is called beef, so what names could we give to chicken, lamb, and fish?
  • Why does dawn break, when it is the night that’s over? Shouldn’t it be ‘night breaking’?
  • If teachers teach teachers, is it a circular system or a long hierarchy stretching backward in time?
  • The horizon is the line between the land or sea and the sky, and it’s horizontal; if everything became vertical, what would the horizon be called?
  • Gloves are basically socks for your hands, so what would shoes for your hands be called?

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  • At what stage does putting the word ‘only’ before a price become ridiculous, as in it’s ‘only $5’?
  • If emotional love comes from the heart, and a decision to love comes from the brain, what kind of love could come from your foot?
  • If you just drink espresso martinis, which contains both a stimulant (caffeine) and a depressant (alcohol), will you remain normal?
  • Think about all the parts of a roast dinner – why are they all put together to create the ‘roast’? Why is it so strange to add something new or different to the meal?
  • If two eyes create an oval-shaped field of vision, what would many eyes in one space or eyes all around your head create?
  • If you are talking to someone on a video chat, and their video and audio have a lot of lag, are you actually talking to someone living in the past at that moment?
  • If you started to sing everything you would say, would your life suddenly become a musical?
  • How did someone come to think that blue cheese was good for food? Were they desperate or deranged?
  • At some point, you reach the middle of your earthly life, but you’ll never know – how does that make you feel?
  • Eating McDonald’s every day isn’t healthy, but if it was the only food you could get hold of, would it suddenly become healthy?
  • How much hair do you have to lose until you are called ‘bald’? Are women’s faces bald?
  • If snogging is French kissing, then what is German kissing, Italian kissing, or English kissing?
  • If you consciously try to fail at something and actually succeed, do you then fail or succeed?
  • If expectations are subverted, but you expect the subversion, then is that not meeting expectations instead?
  • What makes a death, an assassination, and what makes a death, a murder?

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  • How is it that the biggest movie companies in the world can still make terrible movies?
  • Why are we not shocked by every new face we encounter? Why it is so normal to see new people?
  • Cups and saucers are known as ‘fine China, but if they’re not made there, can they be called ‘China’? What if they’re made in Manchester?
  • Millenials’ grandparents told them about the war, so what will the next generation’s grandparents tell them about?
  • Why are languages so varied but numbers transcend culture?
  • Why is it that when Donald Duck gets out of the shower he wears a towel around his waist when he usually only wears a sailor shirt?
  • Do blind people dream with visuals or with sound?
  • What happens if you declare something to be true ‘at the end of the day’ when it’s in the morning?
  • What school of philosophy do you think is the best at describing the human condition?
  • Is it right to deny people from entering your country to protect your interests even if it means death for them?
  • If you eat a Chicken breast, are you actually being breastfed?
  • Who first decided that clapping was to celebrate something or someone doing something extraordinary? Did the first people to do this look really strange?
  • If you can have pub quiz team names, can you have exam group names? What would be a good one?
  • Why do we eat both bacon and sausage in a full English breakfast? What about black pudding which is literally blood?
  • If Adam and Eve were the first human beings created by God, then did they have belly buttons?

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  • Does a teacher have the right to give homework to a homeless child?
  • If you tell someone that they should make their own decisions and not follow after others, and they do that, are they not following you and listening to your decision?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

Tom Stevenson

Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

Tom is a travel writer and Co-Founder of Questions About Everything. He grew up in the UK and enjoys spending his time traveling to new places, supporting Liverpool FC, and blogging about his adventures. He spent two years teaching English in Barcelona and frequently utilized question games and conversation starters as part of his lesson plans. As an EFL teacher, he took full responsibility for planning and delivering lessons, frequently employing creative and diverse questions to engage the children in conversation. Learn more about Tom on our About page.