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120 Funny Mr and Mrs Questions To Use At a Hen Party

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These Mr and Mrs Questions are perfect to use if you’re at a hen party and you’re looking for a fun game to play.

A Mr and Mrs quiz involves asking the bride questions about her future husband. Some of them are basic, others are rude in nature, while some focus on their favorite things.

The point of these hen do questions is to have some fun and create some slightly embarrassing moments for the bride, which it’s a such fun questions game to play!

Whatever Mr and Mrs game questions you use below, you and your friends are guaranteed to have a hilarious time wherever you use them!

How To Play The Mrs and Mrs Game

The Mr and Mrs game is usually played at a hen party and is easy to set up. You can use it as a drinking game if you want or just a fun game to play.

Here’s how to set it up:

  • Choose some of the questions from this list, ideally a few from each section and write them down.
  • For the ones the bride will not know the exact answer to, such as ‘what’s the groom’s favorite meal?’, email the groom beforehand and get him to give you his answers.
  • If the bride’s answers do not match the groom’s then she has to take a forfeit if you’re playing it as a drinking game, or she loses points if not.
  • The aim of the game is to see how well the bride knows her future husband. There’s no winner per se, although if she answers more questions wrong than right, you could present her with a fun booby prize, such as a blow-up doll with his face on it.
  • Remember to choose questions to suit the mood and the audience present. Questions that are too serious aren’t right for a hen party, while it’s best not to ask questions that are too risque if her mum and mum-in-law are attending as you don’t want to make the bride feel uncomfortable.

Best Mr and Mrs Questions

best mr and mrs question on what your reaction was when your partner proposed

1. What were your exact words when your partner proposed?

2. If your partner could have any superpower, which one would they choose?

3. What’s their secret talent?

4. What’s the most romantic thing they’ve done for you?

5. If your partner could have dinner with any famous figure from the past or present, who would it be?

6. What’s your partner’s guilty pleasure?

7. What’s the best gift they’ve ever given you?

8. What three words would you use to describe them?

9. What three words would they use to describe you?

10. What’s the best date they ever took you on?

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11. What’s the silliest thing they’ve done?

12. At what point did you know they were ‘the one’?

13. Who’s their celebrity crush?

14. What’s more important to your partner: You, their job, their favorite sports team or their friends?

15. What’s their pet name for you?

16. Who will be the most hungover after the wedding?

17. Who’s more likely to embarrass the other during the wedding?

18. What are you most likely to argue about?

19. What does your partner think is the scariest thing about marrying you?

20. What chore around the house does your partner hate the most?

Mr and Mrs Game Questions on Firsts

mr and mrs game question on who was the first to say I love you

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21. Who was the first to say I love you?

22. Who made the first move?

23. What was your partner wearing when you first met?

24. Where did you go for your first date?

25. Where and when did you first kiss?

26. What was the first film you saw together?

27. What’s the first thing they do in the morning?

28. What was your first impression of them?

29. What was their first job?

30. What was the first gift they ever gave you?

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31. What was the first meal your partner cooked for you?

32. Who was the first to introduce the other to their parents?

33. Who was the first to fart in front of the other?

34. Who’s normally the first to make the other laugh?

35. What was the first trip you took together?

36. When did you have your first argument? What was it about?

37. When did you first talk about getting married?

38. Where did you first meet?

39. What was the first thing you noticed about your partner?

40. Where’s the first place you were intimate together?

Funny Mr and Mrs Questions

funny mr and mrs question on your partner's biggest fear

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41. What’s your partner’s biggest fear?

42. What’s your partner’s most annoying habit?

43. What’s their most embarrassing skill?

44. What item of clothing of theirs do you dislike the most?

45. What’s their biggest claim to fame?

46. Who do you think would play your partner in a movie?

47. What’s the last movie they cried at?

48. What celebrity do you think your partner most looks like?

49. Which one of you do you think would fetch the most money in an auction?

50. Who wears the trousers in the relationship?

mr and mrs question on who wears the trousers in the relationship

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51. What’s the weirdest thing your partner has ever eaten?

52. What’s the worst joke they’ve ever said?

53. What’s the biggest prank your partner has played on you?

54. What’s the worst haircut your partner’s ever had?

55. Who’s the weirdest out of the two of you?

56. Who’s more likely to go skinny dipping out of the two of you?

57. Which one of you would make the worst politician?

58. Who’s made the worst meal for the other?

59. Who’s the cleaner out of the two of you?

60. If your partner could only eat one thing for the rest of their life, what would it be?

Rude Mr and Mrs Questions

rude mr and mrs question on who's the better kisser

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61. Who’s the better kisser out of the two of you?

62. What’s your partner’s biggest fetish?

63. What’s your partner’s favorite position?

64. What about your partner turns you on the most?

65. Who has the strangest climax face?

66. Who normally makes the first move when it comes to being intimate?

67. What room does your partner most like to do it in?

68. What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever done it?

69. Is your partner a boob or a bum person?

70. How many dates did you go on before you hooked up?

mr and mrs question on how many dates you went on before you hooked up

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71. Who gets horny the most?

72. What’s your partner’s favorite part of your body?

73. If your partner was going to lick food off your body, what food would he choose?

74. What costume would your partner most like you to dress up in when you’re in the bedroom?

75. What’s the riskiest place you’ve done it?

76. What’s your partner’s best attribute?

77. How would you describe your partner’s kissing technique?

78. Where would your partner most like to make love to you?

79. Would you or your partner ever invite another person into the bedroom?

80. Have you ever watched an adult movie together before doing it?

Mr and Mrs Questions on Favorites

mr and mrs question on what your favorite moment is with your partner

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81. What’s your favorite moment with your partner?

82. What’s their favorite meal?

83. What’s their favorite thing about you?

84. What’s their favorite restaurant?

85. What’s their favorite movie?

86. What’s your partner’s favorite book?

87. What’s their favorite flavor of ice cream?

88. What was your partner’s favorite subject at school?

89. What’s their favorite song?

90. What’s your partner’s favorite sport?

91. What’s their favorite pizza topping?

92. What’s their favorite cuisine?

93. What’s their favorite dessert?

94. What’s their favorite alcoholic drink?

95. What’s their favorite piece of clothing?

96. What’s their favorite way to relax?

97. What piece of your clothing is your partner’s favorite?

98. What’s your favorite thing about your partner?

99. What’s your partner’s favorite hobby?

100. What’s your favorite activity to do with your partner?

Random Mr and Mrs Questions

mr and mrs question on what your partner would spend $10,000 on if they won it

101. If they won $10,000, what would they spend it on?

102. Would your partner rather be a sports star or a politician?

103. What’s the best impression your partner can do?

104. What’s their idea of a perfect day out?

105. What’s your go-to takeaway when either of you doesn’t want to cook?

106. What do you think was your partner’s first impression of you?

107. Who’s usually the first to say sorry after an argument?

108. Would your partner rather go shopping with you or watch a chick flick?

109. Is your partner allowed to choose the paint colors for the house or do you decide?

110. Have you ever eaten something he cooked that you didn’t like just to be polite?

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111. Has your partner ever gotten annoyed at how long you take to get ready?

112. What’s your nickname for them?

113. What’s your partner’s dream car?

114. What color are your partner’s eyes?

115. What do you love the most about them?

116. What’s their best personality trait?

117. How many children do they want?

118. Would your partner rather have a wild night out or a quiet night in?

119. What’s their star sign?

120. What Disney character does your partner think you’re most like?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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