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171 Fun Newlywed Game Questions

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Our collection of the best newlywed game questions are perfect to ask if you want to have some fun with your spouse and friends during a wedding-related event.

We’ve broken down these couples game questions into categories to make it easier for you to browse and pick the questions you want. You could even use the categories as rounds if you wish.

If you’re looking to have some fun, the married couple questions game is a great activity you can play at an event or between the two of you at home.

The newlywed questions we’ve listed below will lead to some interesting conversations and potentially hours of fun too!

What Is The Newlywed Game?

The newlywed game is a fun party game that quizzes the newlywed or about-to-be married couple. It covers a range of topics from their first dates to their favorite things and much more.

How To Play The Newlywed Game?

There are a few ways you can play the newlywed game. You could select several questions and ask them to each spouse separately. This is a good approach if you’re playing informally but will require them to come up with answers on the spot if you’re playing the game at an event.

A better idea, if you’re at an event, is to get them to email their answers to you separately. Then you can ask each of them to guess what the other one answered, which will make a fun game at a wedding for instance.

To keep the score, you award a point for every answer guessed correctly and tally up the points at the end. The person with the most points wins. You can use this approach whether you’re playing the game informally or at an event.

Best Newlywed Game Questions

1. If you didn’t have to worry about money, where would the two of you live?

newlywed game question on where the two of you would live if money was no object

2. If you woke up and found out your partner had lost their memory, what would you do?

3. What do you think your partner’s greatest strength is?

4. If your spouse had the day off and an empty house, how do you think they would spend the day?

5. At what point did you realise you loved your partner?

6. Who was the one to say ‘I love you’ first?

7. What’s your partner’s signature dance move?

8. Who’s the funniest out of the two of you?

9. When you go out to eat, which one of you normally chooses the restaurant?

10. If your partner wanted to go on a double date, which of your friends would it be with?

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11. If you were given $1000 to spend on your partner, what would you get them?

12. If your spouse could be any superhero, who would they be?

13. What’s a household chore you do better than your spouse?

14. What do you think is your partner’s best feature?

15. Who’s more likely to look at their phone during date night?

16. What’s their favorite meal?

17. What’s one thing your partner does that drives you crazy?

18. Who’s your partner’s best friend?

19. Do you think your partner could live with you for a year on a desert island?

20. Is your partner a morning or an evening person?

The Newlywed Questions Game on Favorites

21. What’s your partner’s favorite sport?

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22. What’s your partner’s favorite dessert?

23. What’s their favorite band?

24. What’s your partner’s favorite color?

25. What’s your spouse’s favorite book?

26. What’s your partner’s favorite type of cuisine?

27. What’s your partner’s favorite TV show?

28. What’s your partner’s favorite thing to eat at Christmas?

29. What music genre is your partner’s favorite?

30. What’s their favorite movie?

31. What’s your favorite takeaway to eat together?

32. What’s your spouse’s favorite hobby?

33. What’s your least favorite chore?

34. What’s your partner’s favorite animal?

35. What’s your partner’s favorite season?

36. What’s your spouse’s favorite drink?

37. What’s your partner’s favorite song?

38. What’s your favorite activity to do together?

39. What’s your spouse’s favorite flavor of ice cream?

40. What’s your favorite place to go on vacation together?

Fun Newlywed Game Questions

41. What’s the first thing you’d buy together if you won the lottery?

married couple questions game on what you'd buy together if you won the lottery

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42. If your spouse was a Disney character, which one would they be?

43. Who would win an eating contest?

44. What was the worst date you had together?

45. Who’s most likely to go bungee jumping?

46. Is your partner an optimist or a pessimist?

47. Out of the two of you, who eats the fastest?

48. Who’s most likely to invent something revolutionary out of the two of you?

49. Who spends the longest in the shower?

50. Which of you is the bigger talker?

51. Who’s the most adventurous?

52. If your spouse was to go on a reality TV show, which one would it be?

53. What’s the worst thing your partner has ever worn?

54. What’s the swear word your spouse uses the most?

55. What’s something you’ll never agree on?

56. What’s your partner’s most annoying trait?

57. Who’s the best at fixing things around the house?

58. Who cooks the best food?

59. Which historical figures would your partner love to invite to dinner?

60. Who’s the bigger party animal?

Most Likely To… Newlywed Game Questions

61. Who’s most likely to get a tattoo?

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62. Who’s most likely to sleep in and be late for work?

63. Who’s most likely to forget a birthday or anniversary?

64. Who’s most likely to get into trouble with the police?

65. Who’s most likely to surprise the other with dinner when they come home from work?

66. Who’s most likely to lock the keys in the car

67. Who’s most likely to get angry?

68. Who’s most likely to spill the beans about an important secret?

69. Who’s most likely to fall asleep first?

70. Who’s most likely to electrocute themselves?

71. Who’s the most likely to suggest doing something spontaneous?

72. Who’s most likely to wear the same clothes for three days in a row?

73. Who’s most likely to persuade the other to see the doctor?

74. Who’s most likely to be the hardest on themselves?

75. Who’s most likely to take up a bizarre new hobby?

76. Who’s most likely to eat a whole tub of ice cream in one go?

77. Who’s most likely to tell off a coworker?

78. Who’s most likely to be generous with their money?

79. Who’s most likely to binge-watch a series on Netflix?

80. Who’s most likely to come back from the grocery store without the items they went to get in the first place?

Deep Couples Game Questions

81. Do you feel having kids would change your lives significantly or not?

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82. What’s one thing you and your partner are complete opposites on?

83. What did your partner want to be when they were a kid?

84. If your spouse had an extra three hours in their day, what would they do with it?

85. Which of you is the calmest?

86. What’s the worst habit your spouse has?

87. If you were expecting a baby, who would your partner want to tell first?

88. Which of you is the most politically active?

89. Who’s the most competitive?

90. Is your partner more like their mom or their dad?

91. Who’s the one that’s best with money?

92. How does your partner let you know they’re in the mood?

93. Who’s the more disciplined out of the two of you?

94. What’s your partner’s biggest fear?

95. How much do you and your partner have in common?

96. Is your partner introverted or extroverted?

97. Who misses the other the most when you’re not together?

98. What’s one thing about your partner you’d change if you could?

99. What adjective would your spouse use to describe themselves?

100. If your partner could do any other job, what would they do?

‘Firsts’ Newlywed Game Questions

101. What did your spouse wear on your first date?

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102. What did you do on your first date?

103. What’s the first car your spouse owned?

104. What was your first fight about?

105. What was your partner’s first job?

106. What was your first impression of your spouse?

107. Which one of you is the first to fall asleep?

108. Where did you first meet?

109. What did your spouse get you for your first birthday together?

110. Who was the first to fart in front of the other?

111. What’s the first trip you took together?

112. When was the first time you thought your spouse was the one?

113. Who’s usually the first to apologize after a fight?

114. What’s the first meal your spouse cooked for you?

115. What did you do for the first Christmas you spent together?

116. Who made the first move?

117. What’s the first thing your spouse said after you proposed?

118. When and where was your first kiss?

119. What’s the first movie you watched together in a theater?

120. Who was the first to bring up the topic of marriage?

Wedding and Engagement Newlywed Questions

121. What adjective would you use to describe your spouse on your wedding day?

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122. How long had you been dating before you got engaged?

123. Who decided what song you should play for your first dance?

124. What’s the worst thing that happened on your wedding day?

125. What was on the menu at your wedding?

126. How many guests were at your wedding?

127. Who’s more emotional?

128. Who reads the most books?

129. How many guests did you invite to the wedding?

130. How long after you were engaged did you get married?

131. Who caught the bridal bouquet?

132. What’s your favorite memory from your wedding day?

133. Who decided on the song when you walked down the aisle?

134. How did your family react when you announced you were engaged?

135. How many tiers was your wedding cake?

How Well Do You Know Your Partner Newlywed Game Questions

136. What’s your partner’s star sign?

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137. If your partner could swap lives with any celebrity, who would it be?

138. What’s your partner’s hidden talent?

139. What’s something that’s guaranteed to make your partner cry?

140. What’s their biggest pet peeve?

141. What does your partner eat for breakfast?

142. Does your partner have any superstitions?

143. Is your partner a side, back, or stomach sleeper?

144. Who’s your partner’s celebrity crush?

145. Would your spouse rather be a singer or a pilot?

146. If your spouse could visit one place in the world right now, where would it be?

147. If your spouse could have any superpower, which one would they choose?

148. What would your partner’s perfect weekend look like?

149. What would your spouse request for their last meal?

Random Newlywed Game Questions

150. Who’s more romantic?

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151. Who suffers the most when they’re ill?

152. What’s the weirdest gift your partner ever bought for you?

153. Who turns off the lights at night?

154. What’s the best place you’ve visited together?

155. As a couple, what’s your song?

156. How many dates did it take before you kissed?

157. What’s your partner’s pet name for you?

158. What’s the best gift you’ve received from your spouse?

159. What does your partner wear to bed?

160. Who’s better with kids?

161. Who makes the first move when it comes to being intimate?

162. What turns you on the most about your spouse?

163. How many kids do you want?

164. Who’s the most decisive out of the two of you?

165. What’s the last thing you argued about?

166. Who tells the best jokes?

167. Who controls the radio when you’re both in the car together?

168. What’s your spouse’s favorite time of day for making love?

169. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in front of your spouse?

170. Who takes longer to get dressed?

171. Who usually gets their way?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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