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75 Good Paranoia Questions For A Fun and Dirty Game

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This collection of the best paranoia questions is perfect to use if you’re looking to play this fun party game! We’ve created multiple lists of juicy paranoia game questions so that you can choose your favorite… or play them all!

If you don’t know how to play the paranoia game, we’ve got a section below that details the rules. Once you’ve read them, use the contents to pick a list and get started.

There are also some juicy and dirty paranoia questions rated R if you really want to turn the heat up and play a drinking game!

Paranoia is one of the best question games to play with friends and will lead to hours of fun with whoever you play it with!

How To Play The Paranoia Game

  • Everyone sits down together in a circle.
  • The game starts with someone quietly whispering the first question on the list to the person next to them.
  • It’s crucial that nobody else hears the question!
  • The person listening then chooses a person from the group they believe is the best answer to the question asked.
  • A coin is flipped… heads the question is revealed… tails it remains a secret!
  • The phone is then passed to the person on the right and the next round begins.

Drinking Game Version: If the coin lands on heads and your name has been called, choose between doing a shot or allowing the question to be revealed!

Best Paranoia Questions

best paranoia questions

This first list of paranoia game questions covers a wide range of topics but it excludes the dirty ones. It’s perfect if you’re planning on playing a question game with family and want to keep it clean (but still entertaining).

Scroll down to the next section for a juicer list to take things to the next level!

  • Most likely to become really rich?
  • Who’s most likely to lose their cell phone in a nightclub?
  • Most likely to be a stand-up comedian?
  • Most likely to have the largest family in the future?
  • Who here could run the furthest distance without stopping?
  • Which person would last the longest during a zombie apocalypse?
  • Which person is the smartest in the room?
  • Who’s most likely to cry uncontrollably during a romantic movie?
  • Which person is most likely to walk into a lamppost due to being distracted?
  • Which person has probably visited the most countries?
  • Which person has the worst dress sense?
  • Who’s awful at responding to text messages?
  • Who would be great at flirting their way out of trouble?
  • Most likely to become famous for something totally random?
  • Which person is most likely to love pineapple on pizza?
good paranoia question on who has the most selfies on their phone

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  • Who’s most likely to have the most selfies on their phone?
  • Which person is the worst at cooking?
  • Who’s the most likely to throw an incredible party?
  • Who would be the last one standing after a big night out on the town?
  • Who would try to flirt their way to a promotion?
  • Which person would be the easiest to convince to go skinny dipping?
  • Which person would be the easiest to convince to climb a mountain tomorrow?
  • Who’s most likely to pee themselves from laughing so hard at something?
  • Which person could eat the most at an all-you-can-eat buffet?
  • Who would be the best company on a 14-hour flight?
  • Who would you least like to face in a gladiator battle?
  • Who’s most likely to roleplay in the bedroom?
  • Who would try to lie their way out of trouble with a police officer?
  • Who’s most likely to become a social media superstar in the future?
  • Who’s the craziest/most unpredictable driver?
paranoia game questions

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Dirty Paranoia Game Questions For Adults

dirty paranoia game questions

This collection of dirty paranoia questions for adults includes many that are juicy and rated R!

  • Who’s most likely to text the same message to 10 people on Tinder?
  • Who’s most likely to drunk text their ex at 3 am?
  • Who could do the best striptease?
  • Who would love to rip the clothes off the person to their left?
  • Who’s most likely to have a 3sum?
  • Who has the most secret sex toys?
  • Who would love to do a Roman warrior sexual roleplay?
  • Who’s had s*x in the highest number of different countries?
  • Who’s had the most casual hookups?
  • Which person would love to have Nutella licked off their naked body?
  • Who’s most likely to have s*x with two different people in one night?
  • Who’s most likely to come up with new and creative s*x positions in the bedroom?
  • Who has had sex in the weirdest locations?
  • Who’s most likely to sleep with an ex this week?
  • Who’s most likely to be the freakiest in the bedroom?
juicy paranoia question on who's most likely to kiss someone in the circle tonight

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  • Who’s most likely to kiss someone in the circle tonight?
  • Who’s the most likely person to streak naked across the field in a football game?
  • Who would love to record a sex tape?
  • Who in the group would give the best oral s*x?
  • Who’s most likely to join the mile-high club
  • Which person is probably wearing the sexiest underwear right now?
  • Who’s most likely to make an OnlyFans for extra cash?
  • Which person is most likely to get in trouble for having sex in a public place?
  • Most likely to get hit on in a bar?
  • Who would love to have s*x with the person on their left?
  • Who would love to have a s*x party with multiple members of the circle?
  • Who has the highest body count?
  • Who’s most likely to choose to play a video game instead of having s*x?
  • Who would hit on every girl/guy in the bar until they get lucky?
  • Which person would happily have s*x with everyone in the game?
paranoia questions rated r on who likes to have their hair grabbed in the bedroom

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  • Who loves to have their hair grabbed in the bedroom?
  • Who’s most likely to have nudes on their phone?
  • Who would be the best at flirting their way out of a traffic ticket from the cops?
  • Which person would happily flash her boobs to everyone in the bar for a round of free shots?
  • Who probably has the highest sex drive in the room?
  • Who’s probably horny right now while sitting here?
  • Who’s most likely to receive nude photos from someone else in the room?
  • Which person in the room has faked the most orgasms?
  • Who always talks about sex at random moments throughout the day?
  • Who’s most likely to have an enormous schlong?
  • Which person has the longest sexual stamina?
  • Who prefers morning s*x?
  • Most likely to try to get laid at a wedding?
  • Who would be the most likely person to fall asleep immediately after s*x?
  • Most likely to sleep with their friend’s ex to get revenge?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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