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180 Best Questions For Couples To Get To Know Your Partner

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If you’re a new couple or you’ve been together for a while, these questions for couples are ideal to ask each other to start some interesting conversations.

Sometimes, it can be hard to know what things to discuss as a couple. That’s why we created this list. You’ll find plenty of couples questions you can ask from a variety of topics.

Being able to communicate openly and freely is the hallmark of any great relationship. Our couple questions are designed to help you do just that.

With such a large choice, we’re sure you’ll find the ideal questions to ask your partner.

Couple Questions Game

If you want, you can turn these questions into a game between you and your partner.

The rules are simple. You take it in turn to ask questions and tally up the results. If you get the question right, you get a point and whoever has the most points at the end is the winner.

We have a variety of questions here, so choosing ones that have open-ended answers might not be the best idea. Instead, if you ask yes or no questions, or questions that have a clear answer, the game is likely to be a lot smoother!

Questions For Couples List

  1. What do you most want to pass on to your children?

2. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

3. What have you always wanted to do together but have never asked or felt you could ask?

4. What’s one skill you’d love to learn, but haven’t due to time?

5. If we got married, what marriage traditions would you like to uphold and what traditions would you like to forget about?

6. What’s the most naive idea presented by Hollywood about love and relationships?

7. What do you see others doing in their relationships that you don’t like? Putting one another down? Ignoring calls? Flirting with others?

8. If you ever cheated on me, would you expect me to forgive you? Would you forgive me if I cheated?

9. What’s something I do that annoys you that you’ve never mentioned?

10. What’s something I do unintentionally that you find really romantic?

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11. How does our relationship differ from what you thought it would be like?

12. If you had all the money you ever needed, how would it change your life?

13. Do you have any life goals that if I didn’t join in with, you’d have to consider ending our relationship?

14. Have you ever done something in secret, that you’ve never told me that you’re ashamed of?

15. What personality traits do I have that you never thought you’d want in an ‘other half’?

16. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from dating and/or marriage?

17. What are you most excited about, when thinking about our future together?

18. What do you feel is our greatest accomplishment as a couple?

19. In what ways does your life differ from how you imagined it would look like when you were a child?

20. Where do your morals and values come from? Have I affected any that you hold?

21. If you could look into the future and see that we aren’t together in five years, would you break up with me now to get it over with or continue our relationship anyway?

22. What are you most scared about when thinking about our future together?

23. How often do you compare yourself to me or others in either a negative or positive way?

24. In what ways have I changed since we got together? In what ways do you feel you have?

25. Does a ‘spark’ matter in a relationship? What if it dies?

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26. Do you think you can read my thoughts and emotions? Are you usually right or wrong?

27. Who’s the strangest person, real or fictional who you’re attracted to?

28. If you weren’t dating me, which celebrity would you marry if you could?

29. Is there an interest or hobby that you’ve hidden from me because it’s embarrassing?

30. Is there anything creative you’ve ever wanted me to make for you?

31. If science gave us the ability to stop aging, would you take that option? What would the downsides be?

32. If I was an animal, what would I be and why?

33. What are you most jealous of me?

34. What do you see as your greatest flaw? What’s mine?

35. Do you believe in love at first sight?

36. How do you deal with it when you become angry?

37. Do you enjoy taking risks or keeping things safe?

38. Have you ever worried about how I’ve thought about something you’ve said or done?

39. What holiday would you love to take, even if it seems unrealistic?

40. What would be your perfect house? Can you describe it?

41. Where would you like to live in the world? Does career come into the decision?

42. In what ways does our relationship surprise you?

43. If we could afford a housekeeper, would you want one?

44. What activity makes you feel the happiest or most fulfilled?

45. What’s the best way I can help you this week?

46. Is there anything about me that you know, but don’t know you know?

47. What were your early doubts about being in a relationship with me?

48. Have you ever met someone you think is really lucky? Why is their life so fortunate?

49. What’s your greatest attribute? What’s mine?

50. What makes me more attractive to you?

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51. Who was your most influential teacher at high school?

52. What was your greatest birthday party? What made it so great?

53. Is happiness really important to you? Is there a difference between happiness and joy?

54. What regular thing in your life makes you the most anxious?

55. Who was the first person you had a crush on?

56. What small thing makes you very emotional?

57. Is there something you don’t trust me with?

58. If you could give me a new personality trait, what would you give me?

59. What personality trait of yours would you like to get rid of?

60. What do I obsess over that annoys or worries you?

61. Do I buy or collect anything that worries you because you worry we won’t have the space for it now or someday?

62. Which parent or elder did you rely on most as a child?

63. When have you felt most safe with me?

64. What was your worst first date?

65. When you think of us in five years, where are we and what are we doing?

66. Is there something you worry about happening, and if it did, we wouldn’t make it through?

67. Is there anyone you’ve met who you feel is like a better version of yourself? Why do you feel this way?

68. What do you think about long-distance relationships?

69. Do you think we could work together, or would we be seeing one another too much?

70. If we had money to spend on something frivolous, what would you like to get?

71. Do you think mountains of money would help or hinder our relationship?

72. What makes me unique?

73. Have you ever suspected someone really liked or loved you, even in hindsight?

74. What’s the biggest problem in our relationship?

75. In what ways am I what you expected from a partner, and in what ways am I different?

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76. Have you ever been through heartbreak? What happened?

77. How did you find going through puberty?

78. Who was your biggest crush when you were a teenager?

79. Who did you first kiss and was it awful?

80. What do you feel you now can’t do now because we’re together?

81. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

82. What’s my best, hidden talent?

83. If you had siblings, what effect did they have on you?

84. In what ways I am introverted and in what ways am I extroverted?

85. How am I similar to your past exes? How am I different?

86. What has surprised you most about our relationship?

87. To you, what is the most romantic thing?

88. Do you think there’s really such a thing as positive discrimination?

89. Do you find yourself more drawn to optimism or pessimism, and have you changed over the course of your life in this?

90. If you can’t sleep at night, what usually runs around in your head?

91. Do you believe in ‘the one’?

92. When have you had to accept the reality of a situation even when you were convinced it was different?

93. What secrets did you keep from your parents when you were growing up?

94. Who are you closest to in your family? Why do you think that is?

95. What’s the best date we’ve been on?

96. Are you an external or internal processor?

97. What first attracted you to me?

98. If we were in a plane crash on a mountain and you died, would you be OK with me eating your body?

99. Who out of us would survive in the wild?

100. What drew you to me, before we started dating?

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101. When did you stop believing in Santa Claus (if you did stop)?

102. Do you believe in God or some form of deity?

103. What historical event would you most like to live through? Which would you not want to have lived through?

104. What’s your favorite thing about our wider culture? What’s your least favorite?

105. How have we lasted so long or up till now in our relationship?

106. Are there any activities you want to do as a couple? Board games? Dancing? Workouts?

107. Who out of us gets lost most easily?

108. What traditions from your childhood would you have to pass on to them if you had children?

109. What embarrasses you most about your family that you fear will turn me away from you?

110. Do you believe in some sort of plan, fate, or destiny over our lives?

111. What do you consider to be our song?

112. What are your biggest Christmas (or other holidays) traditions as a family?

113. If we got a(nother) pet, what would you want to get?

114. Do you ever dream about me? Is there an embarrassing dream you’ve never told me about?

115. What are some of the most attractive traits a person can have?

116. What book has had the most effect on your life?

117. What’s the biggest way I’ve changed your life?

118. When was the last time we were apart and you suddenly wanted me there beside you?

119. What TV commercial can you remember by heart?

120. If you had to get married to someone right now, but not me, who would you choose?

121. How do you explain seemingly unexplainable, perhaps supernatural happenings?

122. What movie do you love because we watched it together?

123. Do you like the idea of a surprise party, or does it sound awful to you?

124. Do you think opposites attract or is that a load of rubbish?

125. Have you been in love before? How many times and what happened?

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126. What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

127. Have you had any near-death experiences? Does it still play on your mind?

128. Is there a personal goal you’ve had since you were young that you’re still trying to achieve?

129. Do you think I spend enough money on you, or too much? How about me with you?

130. Have you ever lied to me? In your mind was it for my own good?

131. What’s something you really want to share with me, but feel I won’t take seriously or appreciate?

132. If you could fix everyone’s flaws, would you? Or do you think peoples’ flaws make them unique?

133. Do you find it easy to make decisions or do you flip back and forth from one decision to another?

134. What movie has had the most effect on your life?

135. If you could move anywhere, where would you choose?

136. What memory do you often go back to in your mind?

137. At school, what subject was the best? Did the teacher have anything to do with this?

138. What’s been the best day in our relationship?

139. What’s the thing you love most about yourself?

140. What’s the thing you love most about me?

141. What’s the most beautiful place in the whole world?

142. How would you rate our first kiss out of ten?

143. What’s a date you’d love us to go on?

144. Have you ever secretly considered breaking up with me?

145. Did you ever wish for a(nother) brother or sister?

146. Do you feel like you are comfortable and connected well with my family?

147. Do you feel comfortable and included in all our groups of friends?

148. If we got married, would you want children? How long would you wait till you had them?

149. Do you think children ideally need both a mother and a father?

150. What can I do today to love you more?

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151. What kind of grandparent do you think you’d be? Anything like your own?

152. Was there a particular song, book, or movie that helped to get you through a difficult breakup?

153. Have you ever written a novel, poem, or other pieces of creative writing?

154. What movie epitomizes your childhood for you? Why does it?

155. When you think of retiring, does that sound amazing or awful that you’d have nothing to do anymore? What would you do with your time?

156. When thinking about jobs, do you ever think ‘I could have been “x”‘, but it’s too late now? Why is it too late?

157. What are you most proud of?

158. Who did you most look up to when you were a child?

159. What’s your favorite family memory?

160. What event has most impacted your life?

161. Who have you had the most impact on?

162. What’s your go-to TV show, that always cheers you up?

163. What’s the craziest experience you’ve been through?

164. Which did you prefer, elementary school or high school?

165. Have you ever gone traveling? Do you see us going traveling someday?

166. How often do you think about the ‘roads’ you didn’t travel, the other decisions you could have made in life that would have deeply affected where you are now?

167. If you had to sing a song in karaoke, which would you choose? Have you ever sung karaoke?

168. Do you find you rely on body language or words more?

169. What do you think about the idea of keeping sex for marriage? Outdated or is there wisdom here?

170. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

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171. Do you ever miss the honeymoon period of our relationship?

172. When did you first feel a spark between us? Do you feel a spark still or ever feel one?

173. What do you most like about ‘us’?

174. Are there any situations where you ‘hide’ in our relationship, like at parties or other social settings?

175. What is your love language, as in the way you feel most loved?

176. Do you prefer hot or cold weather?

177. Which do you prefer, kissing or hugging?

178. What makes you think of me?

179. What is a small way that I show you love that you really appreciate?

180. What have you broken or sprained? Do you have any big scars?

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