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90 Interesting Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

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We all know there are plenty of questions girls are afraid to ask guys. The same applies the other way around too. One of the reasons for this is the fear of both genders expressing their true feelings.

Well, if you’re a woman, these questions to ask guys about girls will help.

This list of questions you’ve always wanted to ask a guy will come in handy if you want to understand what goes on inside a guy’s head.

They can even bolster your relationship if they lead to open and honest conversations. So put that feat to one side and start asking these questions today!

Best Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

Ladies, these are the questions you’ve always wanted to ask guys, but for whatever reason, have never felt comfortable doing so.

They may not be Deep Conversation Starters, but if you do ask these questions, they’ll lead to some interesting insights into the male psyche.

questions girls are afraid to ask guys sexually attractive

1. What makes a girl sexually attractive?

2. What are the biggest turn-offs for a guy?

3. Should a guy pay on the first date?

4. What’s your honest opinion of girls who post lots of selfies on social media?

5. How much does it take to get you in the mood for intimacy?

6. Why aren’t guys more in touch with their feelings?

7. Do guys talk about girls like girls talk about guys?

8. How can you tell when a guy is simply uninterested?

9. What do you think of girls making the first move?

10. Can you forgive someone for cheating?

11. What’s one question you really want to ask us (girls)?

12. In a guy’s opinion, what makes a girl “slutty”?

13. What’s something you’d like all women to realize about men?

14. Is it really that annoying when girls take too long to get ready?

15. What would be your idea of a perfect first date?

questions girls are afraid to ask guys uninterested

16. What do guys really want in the bedroom?

17. What’s the most attractive feature of a girl?

18. What do guys think about seriously dating strippers?

19. What’s the biggest turn-off for a guy?

20. How do you feel about being intimate when I’m on my period?

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questions girls are afraid to ask guys in the bedroom

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21. How would you feel if your girlfriend had a lot of “close” guy friends?

22. What do you think about girls that wear a lot of makeup?

23. Is it important to guys for a girl to be a virgin?

24. What do guys really think of showing public displays of affection?

questions girls are afraid to ask guys PDA

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25. How do you feel about periods?

26. Are you actually going to call me after our date?

27. What do guys actually want to do when they go out on a date?

28. How honest are you about your feelings for me?

29. Do my stretch marks change how you feel about me?

30. What’s so exciting about soccer?

31. How often are you actually thinking about doing it?

32. Do you think I’m someone you would consider marrying?

questions girls are afraid to ask guys marry

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33. In the future, do you want to get married?

34. Why can’t girls ever pay on a date?

35. Should your girlfriend share your passions?

36. Do you like giving gifts?

37. Do you believe in love at first sight?

38. What do you think about going to the strip club?

39. Do you care if she’s shaved or not?

40. What’s your favorite thing for a girl to wear?

41. What makes a good intimate encounter?

42. What types of affectionate behavior do you like the most?

43. Do you want to know what’s on my mind?

questions girls are afraid to ask guys on my mind

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44. What’s the perfect first date?

45. Should a girl be the one to ask a guy out?

46. How do guys cope with being upset?

47. Is it annoying to receive messages while out with friends?

48. Are you bothered about how much exercise a girl does?

49. What are the main signs that you’re into a girl?

50. Do you care about what clothes I wear?

51. What do guys really think about smooth legs?

52. What do your parents think about our marriage?

questions girls are afraid to ask guys marriage

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53. Why do guys ghost on social media?

54. Do guys ever have feelings of insecurity?

55. What do you want to do in bed?

56. When do you plan on getting married?

57. What do guys do if you’re uninterested in a girl?

58. Do you like staying in touch a lot when we’re apart?

59. Should I shave or wax my body?

60. What makes you angry most about dating/being in a relationship with women?

questions girls are afraid to ask guys angry

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61. Do guys, view girls differently when they go past first base on the first date?

62. What do you notice first about a girl?

63. What kind of wedding nerves do you guys get?

64. How often do guys think about being intimate?

65. What’s the best and worst thing about being a male?

66. How do you feel walking around with your girl when she’s looking extra good, and guys are staring?

67. Do you mind if your girlfriend has a lot of guy work colleagues?

68. Do you care if I earn more money than you?

69. Do you like staying in touch throughout the day?

70. Is it possible for girls to get out of a guy’s friend zone?

71. Why do guys always bro hug their friends?

72. Why is it so hard to buy gifts for guys? What gifts do you want on special occasions?

73. What are some things girls do that turn you on?

74. Why are guys obsessed with boobs and butts?

75. Would you take a girl back if she cheated on you with your best friend?

questions girls are afraid to ask guys cheating best friend

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76. How often do you really watch porn?

77. Why do men hate romantic movies?

78. What would you want to do on a first date?

79. How does it feel to get a boner, and how often do you get one per day?

80. If a girl told you she’s a virgin, would it freak you out?

81. What would you want a girl to do in the bedroom that you wouldn’t ask her?

82. Is having a penis fun, or is it annoying?

83. Have you ever tried on women’s clothing?

84. If your girlfriend got pregnant, would you stay?

85. Has there been a time when you’ve seriously thought about settling down and getting married?

86. When dating someone and they send you nudes, what happens with those?

87. Do guys discuss girls as much as girls discuss guys?

88. When guys get together, what do they talk about?

89. What’s so good about playing video games?

90. Do guys find other guys attractive?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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