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100 Thoughtful Self-Reflection Questions For Personal Growth

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If you want to get to know yourself better and decide what you want to get out of life, self-reflection questions are one of the best ways to do this.

Questioning one’s self isn’t easy and it can be hard to know what to ask at times, so that’s why we’ve put together this list of reflective questions to help you.

These reflection questions will allow you to ask the right questions so you can turn your critical eye inwards and seek some valuable answers.

Our list of introspective questions will lead to some deep soul-searching and can also be used to ask questions of others should you wish.

What are self-reflection questions?

Self-reflection questions are questions that will help you reflect on life and figure out what it is you want to get out of it.

They’re similar to thought provoking questions, but they focus more on yourself than others.

If you want to know what you want out of life, identify your strengths and weaknesses and find out what you’re passionate about, you need to ask these questions to yourself.

Self-Reflection Questions List

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1. What am I enjoying most about my life right now?

2. What are some challenges you’ve had to overcome in life?

3. Are there any friends I should reach out to in order to keep in touch?

4. What 10 things am I wasting time on each day that I could improve on?

5. Do my values match my actions in day-to-day life?

6. Could I spend more time helping others around me that need support?

7. Am I happy with my career and if not what am I doing to improve the situation?

8. Could I be more goal-orientated and better organize myself?

9. Are there any elderly family members I should be spending more time with?

10. Am I prioritizing family enough in my life?

11. What mistakes have I made in life, and what did I learn from them?

12. What targets have I set, but not completed, that I could continue working on?

13. Do any childhood experiences still haunt me today?

14. Do I spend enough time focusing on my health and wellness?

15. What experiences and knowledge am I most grateful for?

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16. Do I always wake up with excitement and joy for the day ahead?

17. Is my purpose in life what I want it to be or what others want it to be?

18. Do I wake up with a negative mindset from time to time? What steps am I taking to get out of it?

19. How I can add more fun and spontaneity into my life?

20. If I had the ability to turn back time, what would I change?

21. What’s one thing I’ve really wanted to do but have been afraid to do?

22. What steps can I take to motivate myself to achieve my goals this year?

23. Do I set aside enough time in the day to reflect on my life?

24. What have I done to improve my self-confidence this year?

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25. Am I in the job or on the career path that is truly right for me? If not, why not?

26. Do I let things that are out of my control cause me anxiety and stress?

27. Did I reach the career milestones that I wanted to this year? If I didn’t reach my goals, why not?

28. What’s one thing from my past I need to let go of?

29. Am I thinking negative thoughts before I fall asleep?

30. Am I taking care of myself physically?

31. What are my most significant weaknesses?

32. How could I have dealt with a past difficult situation differently?

33. What does my bucket list look like? Am I serious about completing the list?

34. What could I of achieved in the past if I was more diligent?

35. What can I do to achieve more in the future?

36. What have I achieved in the last four days?

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37. Are my achievements matched closely to my ambitions?

38. What fears do I have about my future?

39. Do I cherish every single moment with the people I love?

40. What could I have achieved over the last month, that I didn’t?

41. What do I want to achieve today?

42. Who and what do I want to become?

43. What do I need to work on to achieve my goals and fulfill my ambitions?

44. Do I accept every little thing in life as a gift?

45. What did I daydream about yesterday?

46. What did I love most about my childhood home?

47. Why do I matter in this world?

48. Do I treat everyone I meet with respect and kindness?

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49. What about today am I looking forward to?

50. What priorities do I have currently?

51. When I wake up, how do I usually feel?

52. Do I genuinely enjoy my job?

53. What do I love about my life currently?

54. How honest am I with myself?

55. What’s on my mind most of the time?

56. Am I happy? What currently makes me happy?

57. Currently, is there anything in life that is bothering me? If so, what am I doing about it?

58. If I only had three days to live, what are three things I’d want to do now?

59. What does my perfect everyday routine look like?

60. Am I taking enough steps to live to my perfect daily routine?

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61. What three things did I love doing as a child? Do I still do any of these things today?

62. How do I want to be remembered when I die?

63. What takes up the majority of my time?

64. Who truly inspires me the most?

65. What financial habits do I want to adopt?

66. What three things are more important to me than anything else?

67. What are my biggest lessons from last year?

68. What keeps me grounded?

69. What’s something I would never be willing to try again?

70. When did I last step out of my comfort zone?

71. What do I wish others knew about me?

72. What adventure would excite me right now?

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73. What’s one thing I’ve always wanted to try but never done?

74. What does unconditional love look like to me?

75. Do I take enough care of my mental health?

76. What are my physical and mental health goals for the next year?

78. What does my dream house look like? How far away am I from achieving this?

79. If I continue on the same life path, what would my life look like in five years?

80. If I manage to save enough money and retire early, how would I fill my time?

81. Do I live my life in a constant hurry?

82. What makes me feel optimistic about the future?

83. In all situations in my life, do I always stay true to myself?

84. Do I really open my heart to loved ones?

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85. What do I take for granted in life?

86. Do I always put the same amount of effort into relationships as I do my work?

87. Am I ever lonely?

88. Do I hold onto anything that I should really let go of?

89. What am I most proud of in life?

90. Do I always employ a healthy perspective on life?

91. When did I last stop and look at how far I’ve come in life?

92. Do I spend my days living or existing at the moment?

93. Do I always voice my true opinions in public?

94. When did I last help someone who was truly helpless?

95. Do hold grudges against myself or others easily?

96. Do I get jealous of what others have in life? How do I overcome that jealousy?

97. Am I too quick sometimes to judge people?

98. How much of my day do I spend procrastinating?

99. Do I truly love myself?

100. What regrets do I have?

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