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100 Best Sex Questions For Couples

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These sex questions for couples are sure to ignite some passion in the bedroom. Intimacy and openness between couples is important when it comes to questions about sex.

That’s what we aim to achieve with this post. You’ll find plenty of sexual questions to ask your partner that could lead to greater intimacy and some erotic encounters between the two of you.

One of the reasons you should ask some of these sexually intimate questions is to avoid fractures in your relationship. It’s easy to neglect to talk about it for fear of being judged.

But an open conversation between couples is the best way to ensure you’re both on the same page and you have the best sex life you possibly can. Let’s jump writ into these freaky questions!

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Best Sex Questions For Couples

What are the best sex questions couples should ask each other? That’s what we’ve tried to do in this post by bringing 100 of the best sex questions for couples.

Similar in nature to our sexy would you rather questions for couples, you’re sure to find things become a bit spicier and more intimate after you’ve asked some of these questions!

sex questions for couples sexual fantasy

1. What has always been your most extreme sexual fantasy?

2. Have you ever faked an orgasm with me?

3. What else would you like me to do during sex?

4. What public place would you most like to have sex in?

5. Do you prefer my boobs or my butt?

6. What do you think has been our naughtiest encounter so far?

7. Have you ever skinny-dipped with a group?

8. What tends to be on your mind when you’re doing it?

9. Do you like sex to be rough or more romantic?

10. What’s something that turns you off in the bedroom?

11. What position do you wish we could try?

12. What would make us closer?

13. How many people have you been with before me?

14. What’s the strangest place you’ve done something naughty?

15. Can we watch an adult movie together?

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sex questions for couples adult movie

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16. What’s your favorite part of my body?

17. If you could select an outfit for me in the bedroom, what would it be?

18. Where can I touch you that will instantly turn you on?

19. Would you like to try anal sex?

20. When was the last time you had a dirty dream about me?

21. How old were you when you lost your virginity?

22. Am I the best sex you’ve ever had?

sex questions for couples best sex

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23. What toys would you like to bring into the bedroom?

24. What are your thoughts on us filming in the bedroom?

25. What music would you like to listen to in the bedroom?

26. Have you ever been caught by your parents or children in the act?

27. How many times a week do you masturbate?

28. Have you ever been swimming nude?

29. Have you ever considered joining the mile-high club?

30. What are your thoughts on having group sex?

31. Who, if anyone, would you like to invite into the bedroom with us?

32. Which of my friends would you most like to see me make out with?

33. Have you ever sent naked pictures to someone over social media?

34. Can we start sexting each other at work?

35. If you had the chance to sleep with any celebrity, who would it be?

sex questions to ask couples social media nude

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36. Would you like me to be louder or quieter in the bedroom?

37. Would you be interested in being my slave in the bedroom?

38. What are your thoughts on us trying bondage?

39. What did you think the first time we got together?

40. Do you have any fetishes we can try?

41. Have you ever read an erotic book?

42. What are your thoughts on being spanked?

43. What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to you in the bedroom?

44. Do you enjoy kissing during sex?

sex questions for couples kiss during sex

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45. Do you always fall asleep after sex, or could you always go again?

46. Would you prefer me to be shaven or hairy?

47. What has been the longest you’ve ever been without sex?

48. Would you say that you have a high sex drive?

49. Do you like it when I talk dirty to you in the bedroom?

50. Would you rather have the lights on or off when we’re in bed together?

51. Have you ever tried doing it in the back of a car?

52. Have you ever thought about my sister/brother in a sexual way?

53. What time of day would be your favorite to have sex?

54. Do you always wake up aroused in the morning?

55. Would you rather we have sex every night or just once a week?

sex questions for couples often have sex

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56. What part of foreplay do you enjoy the most?

57. Would you dress up for me in the bedroom?

58. What do you enjoy most about our sex life?

59. Would you like to spend this whole weekend in bed together?

60. What things would you do to make me orgasm straight away?

61. Do you like me putting my finger up your butt while we’re being intimate?

62. Would you ever consider rimming me?

63. Would you come to an adult store with me?

64. Would you come to a strip club with me?

65. Would you be interested in inviting someone of the same sex into the bedroom?

66. What food would you most like to eat of my body?

sex questions for couples food on body

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67. Do you enjoy having quiet sex when someone is next door?

68. Would you look at going to a sex retreat and exploring each other’s desires?

69. Do you think I have enough stamina in the bedroom?

70. Will you show me what could make my oral better?

71. Do I last long enough for you?

72. What do you most like about my penis?

73. How does my vagina compare to other people you’ve been with?

74. What underwear turns you on the most?

75. Would you like to do it in the shower?

76. What are your thoughts on bringing lube into the bedroom to make things a little wet?

77. Do you prefer me to shower before or after sex?

sex questions for couples showering

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78. Would you like to talk more openly about our sex life?

79. What more can I do to spice up things in the bedroom?

80. Does size matter to girls?

81. What do you think of me using a condom?

82. What flavor of condoms do you want me to use the most?

83. Would you have sex on the beach, or would it be too sandy?

84. Have you ever been tempted to do it with me in the cinema?

85. Would you like to tie me up in the bedroom?

86. Do pain and sex go together?

87. Would you read a kama sutra book with me?

88. What do you think of cuddling after sex?

sex questions for couples cuddling

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89. Would you like to have sex in any other room in the house?

90. Do you enjoy talking after sex?

91. Do you think we can improve anything in our relationship to help our sex life?

92. Do you think having sex brings us closer together as a couple?

93. What would we do if one of us stopped enjoying the sex we were having?

94. How can we get more of a deep connection when we’re having sex?

95. Do you enjoy kissing with tongues or without?

96. Has my body image made it harder for you to get aroused?

97. What’s something random you find sexy about me?

98. Did you have a talk with your parents about sex?

99. Would you like to play a naughty game with me?

100. Do you think our sex life will change as we get older?

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