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110 Good True or False Questions For Kids

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True or false questions for kids are a great way to engage children to learn more about the world and find out how much they already know.

These true or false kids questions bring together a variety of topics from geography, animals and science to sports, superheroes and more.

All of which is designed to help engage kids and ensure they enjoy the questions. You can use them as part of a quiz if you’re a teacher, or as a lead into a conversation if you’re a parent, which is why it’s a brilliant question game for children.

Using these questions for true or false games for kids is an excellent way to mix things up, keep conversations light and teach your kids something at the same time too!

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True or False Questions For Kids List

1. Is Brazil the largest country in the world?

Answer: False, it’s Russia

2. Do spiders have 6 legs?

Answer: True

3. Does Superman live in Gotham City?

Answer: False, he lives in Metropolis

4. Can you travel faster than the speed of light?

Answer: False

5. Is Australia a country and a continent?

Answer: True

6. Do herbivores eat meat?

Answer: False, they only eat vegetables

7. Do humans have 5 senses?

Answer: True

8. Does the national flag of America have 50 stars on it?

Answer: True

9. Is New York known as the ‘Big Apple’?

Answer: True

10. Is the Atlantic Ocean the largest ocean on the planet?

Answer: False, it’s the Pacific Ocean

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11. Do dogs have five legs?

Answer: False, they have four

12. Are there 28 letters in the English alphabet?

Answer: False, there are only 26

13. Is up to 60% of your body water?

Answer: True

14. Is Mt Everest the highest mountain in the world?

Answer: True

15. Is Neptune the largest planet in the Solar System?

Answer: False, it’s Jupiter

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16. Did Henry VIII have seven wives?

Answer: False, he had six

17. Is the Vatican City the smallest city in the world?

Answer: True

18. Is your kneecap also known as the patella?

Answer: True

19. Did the dinosaurs become extinct because of disease?

Answer: False, it was because of an asteroid

20. Is Darth Vader Luke Skywalker’s father?

Answer: True

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21. Does 9×7 = 63?

Answer: True

22. Are sharks mammals?

Answer: False, they’re fish

23. Does a centipede have one hundred legs?

Answer: True

24. Are elephants the biggest mammal in the world?

Answer: False, it’s the blue whale

25. Is Barcelona the capital of Spain?

Answer: False, it’s Madrid

26. Are there eleven players on a soccer team?

Answer: True

27. Is the Nile the longest river in Africa?

Answer: True

28. Can penguins fly?

Answer: False, they’re flightless birds

29. Do Polar bears live in Antarctica?

Answer: False, they live in the Arctic

30. Is the North Pole colder than the South Pole?

Answer: False

We hope you’re enjoying these true or false questions for kids. They’re one of our favorite Boredom Busters for Kids!

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31. Is Spanish the official language in Brazil?

Answer: False, it’s Portuguese

32. Are there five players on a Basketball team?

Answer: True

33. Did Spiderman get his powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider?

Answer: True

34. Does a locksmith fix shoes?

Answer: False, they fix locks

35. Do baby mammals feed on their mother’s milk?

Answer: True

36. Is Albania a country in Asia?

Answer: False, it’s in Europe

37. Are elephants the largest land animal in the world?

Answer: True

38. Were the first modern Olympic Games held in Greece?

Answer: True

39. Does the President of the United States reside in the Blue House?

Answer: False, it’s the White House

40. Are there eleven time zones in Russia?

Answer: True

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41. Is Superman’s weakness carbonite?

Answer: False, it’s kryptonite

42. Are there 18 holes on a standard golf course?

Answer: True

43. Is Pikachu yellow?

Answer: True

44. Is Canada the second-largest country in the world?

Answer: True

45. Can the Pyramids be found in South Africa?

Answer: False, they’re in Egypt

46. Is it possible to sneeze while you sleep?

Answer: False

47. Did the dinosaurs die out 65 million years ago?

Answer: True

48. Were there eight dwarves with Snow White?

Answer: False, there were seven

49. Is Mercury the warmest planet in the Solar System?

Answer: False, it’s Venus

50. Is the Sahara the biggest desert in the world?

Answer: True

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51. Does a century consist of two hundred years?

Answer: False, it’s one hundred years

52. Is origami the art of folding paper?

Answer: True

53. Are there seven colors in a rainbow?

Answer: True

54. Is a group of crows called a murder?

Answer: True

55. Are Kangaroos found in Asia?

Answer: False, they’re only found in Australia

56. Do you go to school on Saturdays?

Answer: False

57. Are the letters, A, E, I, O, U are known as vowels?

Answer: True

58. Can chameleons change the color of their skin?

Answer: True

59. Are there six sides to a triangle?

Answer: False, there are only three

60. Is London the capital of the United Kingdom?

Answer: True

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61. Is the skin the largest organ in the human body?

Answer: True

62. Are red, blue and yellow primary colors?

Answer: True

63. Are there 50 states in the United States of America?

Answer: True

64. Is the Statue of Liberty located in Florida?

Answer: False, it’s in New York

65. Are parrots able to mimic human speech?

Answer: True

66. Do your ears and nose stop growing once you become an adult?

Answer: False, they keep growing as you age

67. Do you use your nose to listen?

Answer: False, you use your ears to listen

68. Is there 1000 grams in a kilogram?

Answer: True

69. Did World War I finish in 1945?

Answer: False, it finished in 1918. World War II finished in 1945

70. Is the Andes a mountain range in South America?

Answer: True

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71. Is sheep wool blue?

Answer: False, it’s white

72. Did the Titanic sink in 1912?

Answer: True

73. Is the Iguana the largest lizard in the world?

Answer: False, it’s the Komodo Dragon

74. Does the Roman numeral C stand for 10?

Answer: False, it stands for 100. The numeral for ten is X

75. Is a buzzard a species of bird?

Answer: True

76. Do you need oxygen to breathe?

Answer: True

77. Is Buzz Lightyear a cowboy?

Answer: False, he’s an astronaut

78. Is Cinco Spanish for five?

Answer: True

79. Are there five rings on the Olympic flag?

Answer: True

80. Is the Wimbledon tennis tournament held in America?

Answer: False, it’s held in England

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81. Is the large intestine longer than the small intestine?

Answer: True

82. Is Mars the closest planet to Earth?

Answer: False it’s Venus

83. Is New York the capital of America?

Answer: False it’s Washington DC

84. Does Rudolph the reindeer have a red nose?

Answer: True

85. Do cows have best friends?

Answer: True

86. Is Kelvin a measure of temperature?

Answer: True

87. Does Elsa star in Sleeping Beauty?

Answer: False, Elsa in Frozen

88. Is the study of stars called astronomy?

Answer: True

89. Were Gladiators a feature of Ancient Egypt?

Answer: False, they were a feature of Ancient Rome

90. Does the Amazon flow through Brazil?

Answer: True

91. Is an apple a fruit?

Answer: True

92. Is the femur a bone found in the arm?

Answer: False, it’s a bone in the leg

93. Is the smallest unit of matter known as a molecule?

Answer: False, it’s an atom

94. Is arachnophobia the fear of spiders?

Answer: True

95. Is Australia known as the Land Down Under?

Answer: True

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96. Are the Maori people native to New Zealand?

Answer: True

97. Is the Tour de France a famous golf tournament?

Answer: False, it’s a cycling competition

98. Was Zeus a god in Ancient Rome?

Answer: False, he was a god in Ancient Greece

99. Do birds make nests to house their offspring?

Answer: True

100. Is the Eiffel Tower in Berlin?

Answer: False, it’s in Paris

101. Do you get five points for a try in rugby?

Answer: True

102. Is the United Kingdom made up of four countries?

Answer: True

103. Are potatoes grown in the ground?

Answer: True

104. Can horses sleep while standing?

Answer: True

105. Is Africa the most populous continent?

Answer: False, it’s Asia

106. Can we only see one side of the moon from Earth?

Answer: True

107. Is Chlorophyll responsible for the green color in leaves?

Answer: True

108. Is the capital of New Zealand, Auckland?

Answer: False, it’s Wellington

109. Do omnivores only eat meat?

Answer: False, they eat meat and plants

110. Is the Soccer World Cup held every three years?

Answer: False, it’s held every four years

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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