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100 Tough Unanswerable Questions To Ask Friends And Family

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Unanswerable questions are those that are almost impossible to answer. As humans, we love to ask questions, but there are some that are fiendishly difficult to answer.

Questions with no answers are more common than you might think. They involve profound questions on the state of the universe, while some deal with funnier topics.

The world is a weird and mysterious place. While we are able to answer more and more impossible questions every day, there are those that may never be answered.

Life is better with unanswered questions, even if we may never know the answer. Ask them today and start some fascinating conversations with friends and family!

Unanswerable Questions List

1. If rules are there to follow, why do we make exceptions for those same rules?

unaswerable question rules

2. If God created humans, who created God?

3. How many undiscovered animals are there in the world?

4. Does power or money cause more corruption around the world?

5. What happens after we die?

6. If nothing is impossible, is it possible that something could be impossible?

7. Does free will exist or is the course of our lives already predetermined?

8. What state will the human race be in one thousand years from now?

9. If the universe was created during the Big Bang, how did something emerge from nothing?

10. Will we ever be able to travel through time at some point in the future?

11. Is the Earth just molten rock, or is it a living and breathing organism?

12. Is it reasonable to expect a random and chaotic universe to be fair?

13. Will the singularity happen in your lifetime?

14. What makes you the person you are? Is it upbringing, or do you think it’s something more profound like a soul?

15. At what point in time did someone decide what was right and what was wrong?

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unanswerable questions right and wrong

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16. Will humans ever be able to understand everything in the universe?

17. Are we alone in the universe, or will we discover alien life at some point?

18. Would the world be a better place if ‘bad’ people weren’t here?

19. Is poverty an inevitable part of living in society, or can it be eradicated?

20. Do you think we have complete control over the direction of our life?

21. Is it morally right to terraform other planets if it could destroy microscopic life?

22. Will we be able to clone humans within the next one hundred years?

23. Will it become possible for humans to live to two hundred in the next century or so?

24. Do you think any human has total freedom?

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25. Can a society function without any laws?

26. If you enjoy wasting time are you actually wasting time?

27. Can you ever be in the wrong place at the right time?

28. Is our universe the only one, or is it one of many?

29. Will artificial intelligence ever exceed human intelligence?

30. Is there anywhere on Earth where a human hasn’t set foot?

31. What came first out of the chicken and the egg?

32. Do you think we have all lived multiple past lives?

33. How long is a piece of string?

34. Why do you get a light in a fridge but not get one in a freezer?

35. Should ketchup be classed as a smoothie as it’s blended up tomatoes, a fruit?

36. How do you know that life isn’t one big hallucination?

unanswerable questions is life an hallucination

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37. Are eyebrows classed as facial hair?

38. If the sky is the limit, then is space over the limit?

39. Is it possible for animals to commit suicide?

40. Can you still get dandruff if you have a bald head?

41. Does a dentist do their dental work or do they go to another dentist?

42. Do stairs go up, or do they go down?

43. Can someone who was born blind see in their dreams?

44. Can you still daydream at night?

45. When you sleep, do you still yawn?

46. Do you think there are any birds afraid of heights?

47. Is it possible that sea creatures can get seasick?

48. How far east can you travel before you start heading west?

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49. Why does a pizza come in a square box?

50. What’s another word for thesaurus?

51. How long will it be before artificial intelligence takes over the world?

52. When does it stop being partly cloudy and become partly sunny?

53. Why do we track how old we are?

54. Can you always get a bigger number than the last?

55. When does something become impossible?

56. Was math always around, or did we invent it?

57. What was the first breed of dog to exist?

58. Do you think flying cars will be used on a global scale in the future?

59. Why does the Easter bunny carry eggs when rabbits don’t lay eggs?

60. Would it be possible to learn everything?

unanswerable questions learning everything

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61. Is it possible to be allergic to water?

62. Were there civilizations identical to ours on other planets?

63. Why do we show love in the way we do?

64. Why do tears form when we’re sad?

65. Why don’t the hairs on your arms get split ends?

66. Do human emotions come from the brain or the heart?

67. How many stars are there in the sky?

68. Are we living, or are we slowly dying?

69. Where does the passing time go to after it’s gone?

70. Did plants or seeds come first?

71. What colour is a mirror?

72. Can you measure the speed of darkness?

unanswerable questions measure the speed of darkness

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73. Is money real, or is it just pieces of paper we place a value on?

74. If brain transplants become a reality, will the patient inherit the thoughts and memories of the previous person?

75. What would happen if you dug a hole and didn’t stop digging? Would you come out to the other side of the earth?

76. Do fish ever get seasick?

77. What’s the difference between the magnetic north and the true north?

78. Why is it that the higher we go toward the sun, the colder it becomes?

79. Do you think days would still exist if nights didn’t?

80. If you eat your lunch at breakfast, is it still classed as lunch?

81. Why do we make cars and motorbikes that can do well over any global speed limit?

82. At what point does the future begin?

83. Do you think people can communicate with the dead?

84. Do you get a lifetime guarantee with a coffin?

unanswerable questions lifetime guarantee on a coffin

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85. Do you get emergency exits in prison?

86. Can you still cry underwater?

87. Why did the chicken really cross the road?

88. Do you think animals reminisce about past generations as humans do?

89. Is a question with no answer still classed as a question?

90. Who is all the debt in the world owed to?

91. Are ghosts real? If so, how do you know?

92. Why do we show our appreciation through clapping?

93. What’s french kissing called in France?

94. If everyone on the planet jumped into the ocean at once, what would happen?

95. Is telling a lie better than telling a harsh truth?

96. How do you grow fruit without seeds in?

97. How much money is there in the world?

98. When someone created the calendar, how did they know what day it was?

99. Is the letter s or c silent in the word scent?

100. Why do Germans live in Deutschland, but the Dutch live in the Netherlands?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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