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150 Fun Wedding Shoe Game Questions

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These wedding shoe game questions are perfect to use during your ceremony if you’re looking for a fun game to get everyone involved.

The premise is essentially a bride and groom question game where the married couple answers various talking points about their relationship, personality and hypotheticals.

You can use these shoe game questions, called so because you have to raise either your shoe or that of your partner to answer a question, to have a memorable moment that will have everyone at your wedding roaring with laughter.

Our list of shoe game wedding questions will provide you with lots of different topics that will lead to lots of laughter and discussion between the married couple on their big day!

How To Play The Wedding Shoe Game

The shoe game is easy to play and requires nothing more than the bride and groom’s footwear and two chairs. Here’s how to play:

  • Place two chairs so the bride and groom are back-to-back facing away from each other.
  • Once the bride and groom sit down, they have to answer some of the questions listed below. These questions are structured so the answer is either the bride or the groom.
  • So if the groom thinks the answer to ‘Who’s more romantic?’ is him, he’ll raise his shoe, if he thinks it’s his wife he’ll raise her shoe.
  • The game carries on in this format until all the questions are asked. How many you ask is up to you and is dependent on how long you want the game to run. We’ve broken down our list of wedding shoe game questions into separate headings to make things easier.
  • You can take scores if you want, although as some of the questions are open-ended with no clear answer this might be tricky. Just playing the game for fun might be the best option.

Best Wedding Shoe Game Questions

1. Who was the first to say ‘I love you’?

2. Who tends to get their own way?

3. Who’s the better kisser?

4. Who got the best grades at school?

5. Who was more nervous about today?

6. Who was the brains behind the wedding planning?

7. Who would last the longest on a desert island?

8. Who paid on the first date?

9. Who made the first move?

10. Who’s the better dresser?

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11. Who’s in control of the TV remote?

12. Who has the last word when you get in an argument?

13. Who takes the longest to get ready?

14. Who was the first one to have a crush on the other?

15. Who spends more time in front of the mirror?

16. Who’s more romantic?

17. Who spends more time on their phone?

18. Who has the better in-laws?

19. Who does the most household chores?

20. Who was the first to mention marriage?

Most Likely To Wedding Shoe Game Questions

21. Who’s most likely to cry during a sad movie?

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22. Who’s most likely to start an argument?

23. Who’s most likely to lose their wallet and/or keys?

24. Who’s most likely to fall asleep in front of the TV?

25. Who’s most likely to replace the roll of toilet paper?

26. Who’s most likely to say something embarrassing in their sleep?

27. Who’s most likely to want to order takeaway instead of cooking?

28. Who’s most likely to decide on the restaurant when you go out for a meal?

29. Who’s most likely to ruin clothing while doing the laundry?

30. Who’s most likely to wake up grumpy?

31. Who’s most likely to come home late from a night out?

32. Who’s most likely to get into trouble with the law?

33. Who’s most likely to wash the dishes?

34. Who’s most likely to forget an anniversary?

35. Who’s most likely to take the entire blanket while sleeping?

36. Who’s most likely to bring home a stray animal?

37. Who’s most likely to call their parents every week?

38. Who’s most likely to get a tattoo?

39. Who’s most likely to surprise the other with a gift?

40. Who’s most likely to say ‘we can walk’?

Relationship Shoe Game Questions

41. Who plans the best date nights?

wedding shoe game question on who plans the best date nights

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42. Who was the first to make the relationship official?

43. Who’s the first to apologize after an argument?

44. Who does the most household chores?

45. Who will be the more responsible parent?

46. Who organized your first date?

47. Who’s looking forward to the honeymoon the most?

48. Who wears the pants in the relationship?

49. Who’s the better lover?

50. Who wants kids the most?

51. Who flirts more?

52. Who’s the most emotional?

53. Who looks better today?

54. Who has the best ideas for places to visit on vacation?

55. Who does the grocery shopping?

56. Who fixes things in the house when they break?

57. Who controls the budget in the household?

58. Who prefers Netflix and chill to going out?

59. Who takes the longest in the bathroom?

60. Who’s usually the first to initiate things in the bedroom?

Personality Wedding Shoe Game Questions

61. Who’s more adventurous?

wedding shoe game question on who's the more adventurous

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62. Who’s the fussier eater?

63. Who gets angry the quickest?

64. Who’s the bigger party animal?

65. Who’s more of a morning person?

66. Who’s more of a dog person?

67. Who’s the most stubborn?

68. Who’s the loudest out of the two of you?

69. Who’s the most organized?

70. Who eats the most junk food?

71. Who’s the bigger sports fan?

72. Who’s afraid of spiders?

73. Who has the best singing in the shower voice?

74. Who wakes up first?

75. Who’s the funniest?

76. Who’s more outgoing?

77. Who’s more dramatic?

78. Who has the best style?

79. Who talks the most?

80. Who’s the clumsiest?

Everyday Life Shoe Game Questions

81. Who makes the better breakfast?

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82. Who’s the bigger baby when they’re sick?

83. Who believes in aliens?

84. Who’s the bigger clean freak?

85. Who’s more interested in politics?

86. Who likes being in the great outdoors the most?

87. Who has the crazier family?

88. Who snores the loudest?

89. Who has the better hair?

90. Who spends more time on social media?

91. Who’s the better tipper?

92. Who’s the better driver?

93. Who’s better when it comes to directions?

94. Who’s the messiest out of the two of you?

95. Who gives the best gifts?

96. Who gives the better massage?

97. Who’s the better dancer?

98. Who has more speeding tickets?

99. Who has the worst hearing?

100. Who farts the most?

Fun Wedding Shoe Game Questions

101. Who would buy a Ferrari if they won the lottery?

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102. Who swears the most?

103. Who would win an eating contest?

104. Who can drink the most?

105. Who’d rather spend a day at the beach than go hiking?

106. Who tells the best jokes?

107. Who has the best taste in music?

108. Who makes the final decisions on decorating the house?

109. Who loves Disney films the most?

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110. Who’s the most competitive?

111. Who misses the other the most when you spend time away from each other?

112. Who’s better with children?

113. Who’s the most decisive?

114. Who does the best impressions?

115. Who controls the radio when you’re on a long drive together?

116. Who embarrasses the other the most?

117. Who’s more likely to look at their phone during date night?

118. Who had the most say in planning the honeymoon?

119. Who’s the crazier out of the two of you?

120. Who reads the most?

Random Shoe Game Questions

121. Who makes the other laugh the most?

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122. Who has the most extravagant style when it comes to clothes?

123. Who surprises the other the most?

124. Who likes to stay at home during the holidays?

125. Who says ‘I love you’ the most?

126. Who’s better at keeping secrets?

127. Who jumps the most while watching horror movies?

128. Who believes in astrological readings the most?

129. Who’s the worst at time management?

130. Who’s more religious?

131. Who whines the most?

132. Who’s more athletic?

133. Who’s more carefree?

134. Who needs more pampering?

135. Who says sorry first?

136. Who’s the best at speaking different languages?

137. Who gets more compliments?

138. Who’s more sarcastic?

139. Who has the darkest humor?

140. Whose shoes smell the worst?

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141. Who’s always right?

142. Who’s always late no matter the situation?

143. Who’s the bigger cry baby?

144. Who’s more health-conscious?

145. Who’s a shopaholic?

146. Who gets irritated the quickest?

147. Who’s the quietest out of the two of you?

148. Who walks faster?

149. Who’s friendlier?

150. Who eats the most chocolate?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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