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200 Fun Yes or No Questions For Couples

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Yes or no questions for couples are a great way to have some fun and mix up things on a date night or when you’re spending time together at home.

These relationship yes or no questions are a great way to find out more about your partner. They’re also quick-paced enough that they should be fun and lead to some interesting conversations from the answers given.

We’ve got a variety of yes or no questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend. From funny variants to random ones, we’ve got you covered. They are also perfect for married couples!

If you’re looking for a fun date night activity, you won’t go wrong by asking these questions to your partner.

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Best Yes or No Questions For Couples

The premise behind these yes or no questions is simple:

You take turns to ask your partner a question, and they can only answer using one of two words: yes or no. It’s important to construct the questions so these are the only answers they can give.

To make things more exciting, you can set up a timer so your partner has to answer within five or ten seconds. This should make things more lively and ensure you have a lot of fun together!

The variety of ways you can play yes or no questions is what makes it a perfect couples question game for date night!

yes or no questions for couples walls

1. Do you have any walls still up around me?

2. Do you think I spend too much money?

3. Have you ever laughed so hard you wet yourself?

4. Could you forgive someone that cheated on you?

5. Have you ever fantasized about making love with me in a public place?

6. Do you like playing video games more than spending time with me?

7. Did you ever have a crush on one of your teachers?

8. Do you think you’re ever wrong in an argument?

9. Do you think I should always pay for a meal when we go out?

10. Do you think I would pass off as the opposite gender if I made myself up?

11. Would you go out in public dressed in his/her outfits?

12. Would you like to invite another person into the bedroom with us?

13. Do you think being intimate is essential in any relationship?

14. Have you ever kept a relationship a secret?

15. Would you ever consider sleeping with a friend’s ex?

16. Do you think love, at first sight, is a real thing?

17. Do you think people in a relationship should spend a lot of time together?

18. Have you ever been cheated on?

19. Do you think telling white lies to your partner is ok?

20. Would you like to be more experimental in the bedroom?

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21. Have you ever gotten together with someone on the first date?

22. Do you think you’re a good kisser?

23. Have you ever fantasized about doing it in a public place?

24. Would you ever date someone who is at least 10 years older than you?

25. Do I have a habit that annoys you?

yes or no question for couples on if I have a habit that annoys you

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26. Do you believe in love at first sight?

27. Would you ever tell someone you love them even if you don’t?

28. Do you like doing household chores?

29. Do you think it’s important you retain a level of independence in a relationship?

30. Do you like public displays of affection?

31. Do you like where you are now in life?

32. Am I someone you can see in your life forever?

33. Do you enjoy watching crime documentaries?

34. Do you think we would have made cute childhood sweethearts?

35. Do you want children?

36. If you had the chance to go into space, would you?

37. Would you live on another planet with me?

38. Would you spend the whole day in bed with me?

39. Do you think we could work together?

40. Do you think I could be your boss?

41. Would you try scuba diving?

42. Do you think I’m lazy?

43. Are you a hard worker?

44. Would you like to be a famous TV star?

45. Do you like spiders?

46. Am I a good listener?

47. Do you like it when I have my hair tied up?

48. Are you comfortable with me?

49. Do you relax when you go on vacation?

50. Would you like to own an RV?

yes or no questions for couples would you to own an RV

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Yes or No Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

51. Is breakfast essential to you?

52. Do you love me?

53. Do you like my dress sense?

54. Do you like my accent?

55. Would you take a bullet for me?

56. Are you romantic?

57. Do you like cuddling?

58. Do you get butterflies when you’re around me?

59. Do you trust me?

60. Have you slept with anyone on a first date?

61. Do you think you’re adventurous?

62. Do I listen enough to you?

63. Have you ever dumped someone over text?

64. Do I drive you crazy?

65. Do you like guys that ask a lot of questions?

66. Do you enjoy romantic date nights?

67. Do you like having eye contact with me?

68. Do you enjoy drinking cocktails?

69. Have you ever been in trouble with the law?

70. Do you think climate change is the biggest issue we face right now?

71. Do we exercise enough?

72. Would you like to exercise together more?

73. Do you like eating super spicy food?

74. Are you someone who is willing to give anything a try?

75. Would you ever dye your hair?

yes or no questions for couples would you dye your hair

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76. Do you enjoy listening to my problems?

77. Do you get anxious?

78. Do you enjoy special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Birthday’s?

79. Would you have changed your career if you could go back?

80. Do you enjoy food shopping?

81. Are you good at buying gifts for someone?

Yes Or No Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

82. Do you enjoy watching daytime TV?

83. Should people who cheat be forgiven?

84. Have you ever been friend-zoned?

85. Have you ever kissed a stranger?

86. Would you sacrifice your job to go traveling?

87. Do you have any phobias?

88. Are you a sensitive person?

89. Have you ever been stalked by an ex-partner?

90. Have you ever had feelings for a friend’s ex?

91. Have you heard from your ex since you split?

92. Would you ever make out in an elevator?

93. Would you like to come with me when I go lingerie shopping?

94. Would you let me wax all the hair off you?

95. Do you find it easy to get over a relationship?

96. Would you ever ask a girl to marry you at a sports game?

97. Do you like listening to me when I talk about my friend’s issues?

98. Do you enjoy Vietnamese food?

99. Do you think America is a safe country to live in?

100. Do you enjoy your own company?

yes or no questions for couples do you enjoy your own company

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101. Do I tell you enough how much I love you?

102. Have you ever worn makeup?

103. Do you like your dress style?

104. Do you like my dress style?

105. Have you ever been to a tanning store?

106. Do you think you spend enough time with the kids?

107. Would you like to run your own company?

108. Would you like to be self-employed?

109. Do you enjoy working from home?

110. Do you think you’d be a good father?

111. Do you like gadgets?

112. Did you enjoy your childhood?

113. Do you keep in contact with your school buddies?

114. Do you want to do more to help people in need?

Random Yes Or No Questions For Couples

115. Do you like coffee?

116. Do you like tea?

117. Do you eat junk food?

118. Have you ever broken a bone?

119. Are you bored right now?

120. Could you watch a horror film alone?

121. Have you ever been to a zoo?

122. Do you believe animals have a sixth sense?

123. Do you have any nicknames I don’t know about?

124. Do you ever really relax when you’re around me?

125. Have you ever written someone a song?

yes or no question for couples on whether you ever written a song

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126. Did you enjoy going to school?

127. Would you like to move abroad?

128. Do you always wash your hands after the bathroom?

129. Do you like going to theme parks?

130. Have you been to Disneyland?

131. Do you think time travel is possible?

132. Do you enjoy reading?

133. Would you like to visit Area 51?

134. Would you travel to North Korea?

135. Would you like to own a monster truck?

136. Do you think soccer is better than football?

137. Can you function without having caffeine in the morning?

Funny Yes Or No Questions For Couples

138. Have you ever bought something off the shopping channel?

139. Do you play any instruments?

140. Do you ever get embarrassed by me?

141. Have you ever farted when you’ve been near me and blamed it on the dog?

142. Have you got any secret talents?

143. Have you ever cried at a children’s movie?

144. Do you pay attention to every little detail?

145. When we have a deep conversation, do you listen?

146. Do you ever get nightmares?

147. Do you think of me when you’re at work?

148. Would you like to go open water swimming with me?

149. Would you like to be married in a church?

150. Do you like sleeping next to me?

yes or no questions for couples do you like sleeping together

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151. You know that you’re amazing, don’t you?

152. Do you think you could fly a plane with limited training?

153. Do you like cats?

154. Do you think you follow the crowd?

155. Would you like the ability to talk to animals?

156. Have you ever laughed at an inappropriate time?

157. Do you think you’re better than me?

158. Would you like to own a Tesla?

159. Would you name your child after someone famous?

160. Do you think alcohol is overrated?

161. Could you live in a world without soda?

162. Do you like my feet?

163. Do you enjoy kissing me after I’ve eaten garlic?

164. Do you think you’re spoilt?

165. Do you think I look good with no clothes on?

Naughty Yes Or No Questions For Couples

166. Do you enjoy being intimate with me?

167. Do we fit together nicely?

168. Do you like it when I speak dirty to you?

169. Do you enjoy getting frisky in the morning?

170. Would you like me to roleplay in the bedroom?

171. Do you think toys would be a good addition to the bedroom?

172. Would you like to do it in a public place?

173. Have you ever fallen asleep during foreplay?

174. Do you enjoy me giving me oral?

175. Do you think we’re active enough in the bedroom?

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176. Would you tell me your ultimate fantasy?

177. Do you think it’s ok to sleep around when you’re single or not?

178. Can I lick Nutella off your body?

179. Do you enjoy using condoms?

180. Would you like to video us doing it?

181. Do you think we have the most intimate relationship out of our friends?

182. Do you think our parents are still active in the bedroom?

183. Do you like taking charge in the bedroom?

184. Do you want to join the mile-high club?

185. Would like to make things kinkier in the bedroom?

186. Do you get turned on when you think about me?

187. Have you ever had a crush on a friend of your parents?

188. Would you like to involve food in the bedroom?

189. Would you like to experiment with different positions?

190. Shall we buy a new toy for the bedroom?

191. Should we be more creative in the bedroom?

192. Would you do it in the shower?

193. Do you like things to be rough in the bedroom?

194. Would you let me tie you up?

195. Do you think we should invest in a waterbed?

196. Do you talk about our private life to your friends?

197. Have you ever regretted sleeping with someone in the past?

198. Have any of your family heard us doing it before?

199. Do you still pleasure yourself even though you’re with me now?

200. Would you like to do anything naughty in the car?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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