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About Us

Welcome to Questions About Everything!

The primary purpose of our website is entertainment. Our articles can be used to discover and enjoy conversation games and engage in interesting discussions using our question prompts.

Our aim is to empower our readers to have better conversations every day through the use of our articles. We produce articles outlining conversation starters and question games that can be used for many situations to inspire and enable meaningful conversations and enjoyable social interactions.

We help spark meaningful conversations!

  • Discover enjoyable conversation games that can be enjoyed by friends, families, couples, or new acquaintances.
  • Enjoy diverse conversations about life by using our range of conversation-starter-style articles to discover new topics easily.
  • Get to know each other on a deeper level through conversation by asking questions that encourage the discussion of experiences, opinions, preferences, and principles.

You may ask why? Why bother compiling an entire website full of question games and conversation starters that can be used in a variety of scenarios? Well, the answer comes from personal experience.

Who We Are

A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of the website Questions About Everything
Tom, Co-Founder
A photo of Iain who is the Co-Founder of the website Questions About Everything
Iain, Co-Founder

This website was co-founded by two friends, Iain and Tom, who grew up together in the United Kingdom and both developed a passion for travel blogging.

Tom (Founder of The Travelling Tom Travel Blog) spent two years teaching English in Barcelona as part of one of his many stints abroad. During that time, a lot of his lessons were centered around getting his students to interact with one another in English. Naturally, the easiest way to do this was via questions.

He used question games and conversation starters for a variety of situations as a way to engage students and encourage the use and practice of a wide range of vocabulary.

But when it came to looking on the web for a resource to assist with this he struggled to find one. Everything was fragmented and he had to rely on random websites and his own imagination to conjure up questions he could use in his classes.

As a language learner and teacher, he realized the value of such questions during his lessons and his own efforts to improve his Spanish. A resource such as this exists to offer you a compendium to choose from if you’re a teacher or just looking to improve your social interactions and enjoy better conversations every day.

In his personal time, Tom loves to read. Passionate about language and learning, he enjoys reading a range of literature and helping others discover awesome literature on his blog Alone With Books.

Iain (Founder of The Road Trip Expert Travel Blog and QuoteFlick) spent numerous months with Tom on an extensive road trip around Europe. They used question games and conversation starters as a way to fill the time and provide entertainment during long hours on the road. This is where the concept of Questions About Everything was born.

Iain’s primary focus is ensuring that this site is as useful as possible. He aims to ensure the site runs fast globally and provides a good user experience.

What This Site Can Do For You

We forget how important questions are in getting to know one another. I’ve been there, and I’m sure many of you reading this have to when you’re struggling to think of something to ask somebody when looking to strike up a relationship.

With our list of questions to ask on a first date or even questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend, this need is satisfied. Questions are the engine that drives connections between human beings. That’s why we believe they’re so important and we’ve compiled a range of articles for you to read.

We hope you enjoy reading them and get value from them as you go about your daily lives. whether you’re a teacher, or you’re just looking for interesting questions to ask your friends, you’ll find that and more on Questions About Everything.

Use the list of categories below to browse our comprehensive collection of follow-along blog posts including question prompts for conversations and useful advice articles. Because building strong relationships through conversation leads to more happiness in the world.

Please read our Editorial Policy to understand more about how we create the content on this website.

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