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150 Flirty Questions To Ask Your Crush

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These flirty questions to ask your crush will help you to get sparks flying between you and the person you’re attracted to.

It can be hard to know what to ask someone you like, and even more so if you want to make the conversation a little flirty. That’s why we’ve curated this list of naughty questions to ask your crush.

They’re designed to be asked once you’ve got to know your crush and feel comfortable moving the topic towards a more sexual nature. Don’t ask these questions straight off the bat as they won’t go down well!

With many things to ask your crush relating to their desires, their past experiences and some of their naughty fantasies, if the guy/girl is into you, you could be in for some spicy conversations!

Best Flirty Questions To Ask Your Crush

1. Tell me something that you’ve never told anyone? 

flirty questions to ask your crush tell me something you've not told someone before

2. What impression did you get when you first met me? 

3. What’s the first thing you notice about a person’s physical look when you meet them?

4. Which part of a man/woman’s body do you like the most?

5. What’s the best chat-up line someone has used on you? 

6. What qualities do you look for when you are dating someone?  

7. Do you have a favorite color of lingerie? 

8. How would you let someone, you have a crush on, know you liked them? 

9. What do you wear when you get into bed at night? 

10. Describe your personality in three words? 

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11. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for a crush in the past? 

12. Is that bed big enough for one more?

13. Have you had an embarrassing bedroom moment? 

14. Would you rather be known as the sexy friend or the intelligent friend? 

15. What’s the one thing that turns you on the most? 

16. What’s the strangest naughty fantasy you’ve had?

17. Are you a big cuddler? 

18. What type of things help you feel comfortable around someone? 

flirty questions to ask your crush what makes you feel comfortable

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19. Are you ticklish? 

20. What’s something strange you find attractive? 

21. What do you think is my best feature? 

22. Which love language do you identify with the most? 

23. What’s the most romantic thing someone has anything done for you? 

24. If I called you for a late-night booty call, would you come? 

25. Do you prefer coffee dates or heading out to a few bars?

26. Do you feel turned on when you see or speak to me? 

27. Can I take you out on a date this weekend?

28. Where’s the strangest place you’ve passionately kissed someone?

29. If we were to watch a movie together, what would you like to watch?

30. Do you have any favorite bars in town? 

31. How come you’ve been single for all this time? 

32. Do you have any favorite coffee spots in town right now?

33. How likely are you to want to carry on dating me? 

34. You look gorgeous in that profile pic, where was that?

35. What are the top five most essential things in your life currently? 

36. Do you have fears when it comes to dating? If so, what are they? 

flirty questions to ask your crush do you have dating fears

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37. What’s one thing people who know you would say about your love life? 

38. Do you think you give people a positive first impression? 

39. Is it essential for you to feel appreciated in a relationship? 

40. How would you describe me to someone? 

41. Are you someone who’s materialistic and likes high-value gifts? 

42. Do you have a close relationship with your family? 

43. Any plans for the weekend?

44. How important is celebrating special occasions like birthdays and Christmas? 

45. Has there ever been a situation where your opinion on girls or guys changed? 

46. Do you think that each human has their perfect partner out there? 

47. What’s the worst location I could take you on a date? 

48. Are you naughty or nice when you’re in a relationship? 

Fun Questions To Ask Your Crush

49. If you could go anywhere in the world with me, where would you go? 

50. What do you usually wear to bed? 

51. What would you least like to do for $1 million? 

52. What’s something you’re bad at that you wish you were good t? 

53. What’s the strangest compliment you’ve received from someone? 

54. What celebrity would you love to have a date with? 

flirty questions to ask your crush what celebrity would you date

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55. What would your search history tell me about you? 

56. What color underwear am I wearing right now? 

57. What always makes you smile? 

58. What guilty pleasures do you have? 

59. What do you think is the best thing about being in a relationship? 

60. What can you tell me about your first crush? 

61. Do you have a cute side? 

62. What would an ideal date look like to you? 

63. What do you like to do to de-stress? 

64. What are you passionate about? 

65. What’s the sweetest thing you’ve done for an ex-partner? 

66. Are you someone that actively goes and speaks to other people on a night out? 

67. Where on your body would you like to get a tattoo? What would it be of?

68. What’s not an attractive habit to have? 

69. Do you like to have input on what your partner wears?

70. What have you always imagined doing in a relationship that you haven’t yet done? 

71. What are the most attractive qualities that someone can have? 

72. Do you enjoy cuddling? 

flirty questions to ask your crush do you enjoy cuddling

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73. Have you ever been mistaken for someone famous? 

74. What do you like about me? 

75. Have you ever tried online dating? 

76. Which language do you think is the most romantic?

Deep Questions To Ask Your Crush

77. What’s something about me that always sticks in your mind? 

78. What’s something your parents don’t know about you? 

79. Are you someone that people go to in a crisis? 

80. When was the last time you were in awe at something you saw?  

81. How have you dealt with heartbreak in the past? 

82. Is there anything that most people dislike that you don’t mind? 

83. If I was to take you for dinner this evening, what outfit would you wear? 

84. What’s your definition of a true gentleman?  

85. What’s your definition of a true lady? 

86. What’s your opinion on being intimate before marriage? 

87. What are your weaknesses and positives?  

88. What book, TV series or film had the most significant impact on your life? 

89. What does true beauty look like to you?  

Dirty Questions To Ask Your Crush

90. Do you feel comfortable when someone talks dirty to you? 

flirty questions to ask your crush do you feel comfortable when someone speaks dirty

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91. Do you get your looks from your Mom or Dad?

92. Have you ever thought about sexting me? 

93. Have you ever considered calling me over for a booty call? 

94. Have you ever made out in the cinema? 

95. What are your opinions on threesomes? 

96. Lights on or lights off during intimacy? 

97. What do you think of having a quickie with someone? 

98. How likely are you to be intimate on the first date? 

99. On what date do you think it’s acceptable to be intimate? 

100. Are you confident about your body? 

101. What do you think is my best body feature? 

102. What body part have you been most complimented on in the past? 

103. Do you think it’s essential that intimacy is key to that process for a relationship to succeed and grow? 

104. Have you ever had a fantasy involving someone of the same gender? 

105. What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve done with a previous partner? 

106. What color underwear do you think I’m wearing right now? 

107. Do you mind me being a little bit naughty? 

108. Do you own any toys?  

flirty questions to ask your crush do you own any toys

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Freaky Questions To Ask Your Crush

109. How do you stay so attractive? 

110. Are there times when you find you’re attracted to the wrong/bad people?  

111. How can I get to know you on a deeper level? 

112. How are you so good at just being you? 

113. Do you enjoy dates in the evening or daytime dates doing an activity? 

114. What physical features do you look for in someone before dating them? 

115. What have you enjoyed most about the time we have spent together? 

116. What would your reaction be right now if I told you I had deep feelings for you? 

117. Would you go skinny dipping with me? 

118. Do you work out every day to look that beautiful? 

119. If I told you how I really feel about you, how would you react?  

120. Take me on your ideal date?  

121. How long do you take to get ready before a night out? 

122. If you woke up next to me one morning, what breakfast would you make me? 

123. Would you rather relax on the beach or hike and explore?  

124. Do you like guys who are forward and tell you exactly what they’re feeling? 

125. All couples have cute names for each other; what would you call me? 

126. How much do you enjoy massages?

127. Have you felt like this before about someone you’ve just met? 

128. Do you think you’re the most attractive and best catch out of all of your friends? 

129. What opinions do you think people would have on the age gap between us? 

130. Making out or cuddling, what do you prefer? 

131. What’s the best and worst first message you’ve received on a dating app?

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132. Have you ever done something so silly for someone you liked, you find it embarrassing to talk about now? 

133. Can you remember your first ever date? How was it? 

134. Do you think it’s ever ok to lie to your partner? 

135. If you could add anything to your life right now, what would it be? 

136. Do you think the universe wanted us to meet? 

137. What’s your star sign? 

138. What’s the most romantic movie scene, in your opinion? 

139. What’s something you’re desperate to ask me but you’re apprehensive about doing so? 

140. What’s your go-to flirting emoji? 

141. Are you a stubborn person? 

142. Do you think piercings on people look good?

143. Are you someone that’s sentimental?

144. What’s the best thing about sharing a bed with someone? 

145. How do you feel about having children one day? 

146. How about I take you out this weekend? 

147. What’s your survival guide for any relationship? 

148. Who was your first love? 

149. Have you always been single? 

150. What has failure in past relationships taught you? 

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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