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102 Fun Couples Challenge Questions For Instagram and TikTok

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These couples challenge questions are a fantastic way to have some fun when the pair of you have some downtime. The challenge became popular on Instagram and TikTok during the start of the COVID pandemic.

The premise of the challenge is simple. Each question asks which of the two did an action first or is the best at something. Such as, ‘who made the first move?’ and ‘who is the best dancer?’

This TikTok couple questions game is a lot of fun and easy to do. The two of you might disagree with the answers but they should lead to some interesting conversations as a result.

Share the footage of the two answering the couple challenge on Instagram and TikTok and let your friends and family share in the fun!

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Couples Challenge Questions List

couples challenge questions admitting your wrong

1. Who finds it harder to admit they’re wrong?

2. Who has the better date ideas?

3. Who out of us both fell in love first? 

4. Who would last longer in a zombie apocalypse?

5. Who’s the boss in the relationship?

6. Who is the messiest out of us both? 

7. Who has more patience? 

8. Who buys the better gifts? 

9. Who has the best jokes?

10. Who asked who out first on a date? 

11. Who has more friends? 

12. Who is grumpier? 

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13. Who takes longer to get ready for work? 

14. Who is more romantic?

15. Who is more of a wimp when it comes to being ill? 

16. Who has had the most ex-partners? 

17. Who gets angry when they’re hungry?

18. Who had the better dating profile? 

19. Who always apologizes first after a fight?

20. Who is the better driver? 

21. Who would everyone say is the funny one?

22. Who has the better dress sense? 

23. Who’s more patient with the kids? 

24. Who was the one that initiated the first kiss?

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couples challenge questions who initiated the first kiss

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25. Who thinks they’re always right? 

26. Who is the messier eater out of us both? 

27. Who has a better sense of direction? 

28. Who is the better singer? 

29. Who has the better dance moves? 

30. Who is most likely to injure themselves doing something stupid?

31. Who is the funniest?

32. Who made the first move?

33. Who is more spoiled by their parents? 

34. Who tells more lies? 

35. Who showers more? 

36. Who has the worst hygiene? 

couples challenge questions who has the worst hygiene

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37. Who contacts the other more during the day? 

38. Who is the richest?

39. Who says I love you more?

40. Who has the worst habits?  

41. Who is better with money?

42. Who is better at giving care when one of you is ill? 

43. Who is the earliest to go to sleep? 

44. Who is the most relaxed parent?

45. Who is the better cook?

46. Who is most likely to be dramatic? 

47. Who is the most likely to get a tattoo? 

48. Who is most likely to join a band? 

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49. Who is most likely to date a celebrity? 

50. Who buys the most amount of rubbish?

51. Who is most likely to live in a foreign country? 

52. Who is most likely to be an artist? 

53. Who is most likely to be arrested? 

54. Who is most likely to be a millionaire? 

55. Who is most likely to cry at a movie? 

56. Who is most likely to get mad at small things? 

57. Who is most likely to get in trouble with the law? 

58. Who is the most likely to be famous? 

59. Who is the most likely to be unemployed? 

60. Who is most likely to ready the most books? 

couples challenge questions who reads the most books

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61. Who is most likely to get drunk the quickest? 

62. Who is most likely to get plastic surgery of any kind? 

63. Who is most likely to be in the Olympics? 

64. Who is most likely to be on a commercial? 

65. Who is most likely to go a week without showering? 

66. Who is most likely to fake their death to escape the relationship? 

67. Who is most likely to be a teacher? 

68. Who is most likely to make a plane have an emergency landing? 

69. Who is more patient? 

70. Who is grumpier in the morning? 

71. Who is more stubborn? 

72. Who has the craziest family? 

couples challenge questions who has the craziest family

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73. Who is the messiest eater? 

74. Who is more of a home bird in the relationship? 

75. Who is the biggest talker? 

76. Who would be the better professional boxer? 

77. Who can’t wait for marriage? 

78. Who is excited more about having kids? 

79. Who is most likely to make the better pilot? 

80. Who is more likely to leave their job tomorrow? 

81. Who is most likely to tell their boss what they think of them? 

82. Who is more likely to research an illness obsessively? 

83. Who does the washing up more? 

84. Who is more competitive? 

couples challenge questions who is more competative

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85. Who shows more affection? 

86. Who is most likely to go out and buy a pet without telling the other person? 

87. Who has more siblings? 

88. Who eats more food? 

89. Who’s better in the morning?

90. Who is the worst at keeping secrets? 

91. Who is more likely to talk to a stranger? 

92. Who is likely to have a fight at work with their boss? 

93. Who is more likely to be a professional baseball player? 

94. Who is the heaviest? 

95. Who is the tallest? 

96. Who is the messiest eater? 

97. Who enjoys listening to classical music more? 

98. Who earns the most money? 

99. Who is more of an introvert?  

100. Who got the better grades in school? 

101. Who is more jealous?

102. Who has the best ideas for where to visit on holiday?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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