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130 Fun Truth Or Drink Questions To Use At A Party

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Our list of truth or drink questions are ideal to use at a party to liven the mood. You can also use these questions on a date if things are going well.

These juicy truth or drink questions are best used if you’re legally allowed to drink alcohol. This questions game is a twist on the popular truth or dare game.

Instead of doing a dare if you decline to answer a question, you take a drink instead. These say it or shot it questions make an ideal game to play at a party, or before a night out.

We have some naughty truth or drink questions as well as more random ones that will lead to some eye-opening and fun conversations.

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Best Truth or Drink Questions

1. Would you ever date an older person? If so, what’s the maximum age? 

truth or drink question about dating an older person

2. What’s the most embarrassing fact you know about someone in the room?

3. What’s the worst first date you’ve been on? 

4. What’s your go-to position while being intimate?

5. Have you ever been hit on by someone of the same sex?

6. If you could sleep with one person in the room, who would it be and why?

7. Have you ever done something illegal? 

8. Have you ever been in a physical fight with someone? 

9. Who in the room do you think would have or has had plastic surgery of some kind?

10. Who in the room would you feel most comfortable making out with for one minute?

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11. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done while being drunk?

12. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done for love?

13. Who in the room has the worst dress sense?

14. Have you ever been so drunk you’ve forgotten where you live?

15. Which celebrity could you never turn down no matter how happy you were in a relationship?

16. Have you ever lied about being ill to get out of work or school? 

truth or drink question about lying

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17. What’s the biggest secret still to this day you’ve kept from your parents? 

18. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever bought for yourself?

19. Have you ever lied about being busy to get out of a night out? 

20. Have you ever practised kissing someone on something other than a human?

21. Have you ever ended a relationship before a special occasion, to avoid buying them a present? 

22. What’s the worst wardrobe malfunction you’ve ever had?

23. If someone offered you $50 million would you break up with your current partner?

24. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought? 

25. What’s the naughtiest picture you’ve sent someone?

26. Have you ever danced on a table when drunk? 

27. Have you ever hooked up with someone a lot older than you?

28. What would immediately make you swipe left on someone?

29. What’s your go-to outfit when you’re out looking to get laid?

30. Have you ever tried to flirt with a cop to get out of getting a ticket? 

31. Who’s the best driver in the room? 

32. Who in the room do you think is most likely to be embarrassing in public? 

truth or drink question about embarrassment in public

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33. If you could change anything about how you look, what would it be and why? 

34. Who do you dislike most in your family?

35. What’s your favorite drink on a night out?

36. How many ex-partners have you had? 

37. Do you have a set morning routine?

38. Do you think for a relationship to be successful, both parties have to be 100% honest? 

39. What’s the funniest piece of life advice someone in your family has given you? 

40. Have you ever fallen for someone at first sight? 

41. What do you think a lot of people don’t like about me? 

42. What’s your go-to swear word? 

43. When was the last time you checked yourself out in a mirror? 

44. Have you ever helped someone you know cheat?

45. What’s your dream first date with someone?

46. Have you ever been dismissed from work?  

47. Are you still a virgin? 

48. If you could read your best friend’s messages, would you want to? 

truth or drink question about best friends messages

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49. Who in the room could get with more people in a night? 

50. What’s something you massively regret?

51. What’s your worst habit?

52. Have you ever contracted an STD? 

53. Do you think cheating on someone can ever be ok? 

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Light-Hearted Truth Or Drink Questions To Ask

54. What’s the last thing you searched on the internet? 

55. What’s the exact number you have in your bank account?

56. Have you ever thought about being with someone else while you’ve been with your current partner? 

57. Have you ever made out with someone at work? 

58. What type of underwear are you currently wearing?

59. What’s the last thing you searched on Google?

60. If you could boot out one person from your friend’s group chat, who would it be?

61. Have you ever picked your nose in public? 

62. Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

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63. Explain a fact or story about yourself that you’re glad your family doesn’t know about you?

64. Do you have a favorite family member, who is it?

65. What’s your best physical feature?

66. Who out of your friends has the most embarrassing hairstyle?

67. What’s the biggest lie you’ve told?

68. Who has the worst sense of style in your friendship group?

69. Have you ever looked at your partner’s phone when they received a text from someone? 

70. Who’s the funniest person in the group?

71. If you could read your partner’s mind, would you want to? 

72. Out of your closest friends, who will be the next relationship to break up?

73. What color underwear are you wearing right now? 

74. Will you show the group the list of people you recently searched on Instagram?

75. Have you ever farted and blamed it on someone else? 

76. What was the last text message you sent somebody?

77. What’s your most embarrassing guilty pleasure?

78. What’s the best party game you’ve ever played? 

79. If you could trade places for a day with someone in the room, who would it be and why? 

80. What do most people think is true about you, but it’s a lie? 

Naughty Truth Or Drink Questions To Ask

81. What’s your most embarrassing story in the bedroom? 

truth or drink question on your most embarrassing story in the bedroom

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82. What’s your favorite category on an adult website? 

83. What’s one category of adult content you’re embarrassed you like? 

84. Have you ever gone to work with no underwear on?

85. Have you ever met someone in a strip club you later had a relationship with? 

86. Have you ever met someone on a dating site just for a one-night stand? 

87. Who was the last person you sent a flirty message to?

88. What type of roleplay is your biggest intimate fantasy?

89. Have you ever cried at a sad movie scene?

90. What’s the dirtiest dream you’ve ever had? 

91. Are you dominant or submissive in the bedroom? 

92. What’s something you want to try in the bedroom that most people would be put off by? 

93. What’s your go-to way of getting things started in the bedroom with your partner? 

94. Who in the room is the best looking?

95. What’s the best compliment you’ve received in the bedroom? 

96. What’s the naughtiest story you have? 

truth or drink question on the naughtiest story you have

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97. What type of personality clashes most with yours?

98. What’s the worst physical feature of the person sitting to your left?

99. Who out of us in the room would make the most as an adult worker? 

100. What sexual scandal would you like to recreate? 

101. Have you ever filmed yourself doing a dirty act? If so, did the other person know about it? 

102. What’s the dirtiest picture you’ve ever received? 

103. You’ve woken up as the opposite gender. What’s the first thing you would do?

104. What’s your most-used thought when masturbating? 

105. What’s the quickest you’ve done it with someone after you’ve just met them? 

106. What’s your biggest regret when it comes to relationships? 

107. What’s been your longest relationship?

108. How many people have you been intimate with? 

109. Who out of the group would you most like to kiss? 

110. What movie scene always turns you on? 

111. What’s your age limit when it comes to sleeping with someone? 

112. What’s your favorite body part on a girl/guy? 

truth or drink question on your favorite body part on a girl/guy

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113. Where’s the most embarrassing place you’ve got an erection? 

114. If you had a threesome with another friend and their partner, who would it be and why? 

115. Who do you have a crush on, who is off-limits? 

116. How would people rate you in bed? 

117. Have you ever been cheated on while in a relationship?

118. Have you ever been caught in the act? 

119. Have you ever done anything intimate with someone of the same gender? 

120. What’s the dirtiest text message you’ve ever sent to someone? 

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121. Did you ever want to sleep with a teacher? 

122. Where’s the strangest place you’ve pleasured yourself? 

123. What’s your biggest insecurity? 

124. Where’s the most extreme place you’ve slept with someone? 

125. What’s the longest time you’ve gone without an intimate encounter?

126. Have you ever walked in on your parents being intimate? 

127. What does the body of your perfect partner look like? 

128. Which of your body features are you most proud of?

129. Have you ever brought food into the bedroom? 

130. Has an ex-partner’s parent ever tried it on with you before? 

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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