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100 Juicy Questions To Ask Your Friends And Family

100 Juicy Questions To Ask Your Friends And Family

If you’re looking to start some interesting conversations with those around you, this collection of juicy questions to ask your friends will do the trick.

It can be hard to know what to talk about at times, so this list of spicy questions to ask friends will ensure you don’t run out of stuff to talk about with those closest to you.

This list of juicy questions will lead to some intimate conversations and might reveal things you didn’t know about your friends and family beforehand.

Asking these juicy truth questions is bound to lead to some interesting conversations, as long as you have the courage to ask them!

Best Juicy Questions

1. What do you fear the most?

juicy questions what do you fear

2. What was the last lie you told?

3. What’s the weirdest nickname you’ve been given?

4. Who was your worst kiss ever?

5. Who’s the oldest person you’ve dated?

6. Have you ever cheated on a partner?

7. Have you ever been nude in public?

8. Have you ever lied about your age?

9. Have you ever stolen anything from work?

10. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done while you were drunk?

11. What’s the most scandalous photo on your phone?

12. Do you have a crush?

juicy questions do you have a crush

13. When was the last time you hooked up with someone?

14. Have you ever been in trouble with the police?

15. Has anyone ever walked in on you in the bathroom?

16. What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents have caught you doing?

17. Have you ever truly hated someone or something?

18. Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?

19. What’s the hardest drug you’ve ever tried?

20. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in a movie theater?

21. What’s your biggest insecurity?

22. Have you ever lied on your resume?

23. Would you marry someone rich even if you weren’t in love with them?

24. Have you ever been caught checking someone out?

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25. Is there an ex with whom you’d consider reconciling?

26. When’s the last time you wanted to hit somebody?

27. What’s the biggest prank you’ve ever played on someone?

28. Have you ever thrown up in public?

29. Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

30. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

31. What’s the most inappropriate time you’ve ever laughed?

32. Have you ever had a crush on a boss or teacher?

Juicy Questions To Ask Your Husband/Boyfriend

33. How often do guys get random boners?

34. Do you prefer I wear lingerie or be naked in the bedroom?

35. Do guys focus on a girl’s skin issues (stretch marks etc) when being intimate?

36. Do you think imperfections can make a woman look better?

juicy questions women's imperfections

37. Does it turn you off when I smell bad?

38. Do you prefer me to be clean-shaven or hairy?

39. What’s something I do that get’s you in the mood?

40. Do the different perfumes I wear turn you on?

41. What’s a big turn off for you?

42. Are you a butt or boobs guy?

43. Would you ask my parents permission before you proposed?

44. Why don’t guys tend to open up about their feelings?

45. Do you have a colour preference for the lingerie I wear?

46. Have you been hurt by an ex-partner?

47. What do guys really think about periods?

48. Why is it men ask for nude pictures so much?

juicy questions asking for nudes

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49. How do you keep intimacy alive?

50. Do you get nervous that my body might change if I have a baby?

51. Do guys check out other women even when they have a girlfriend?

Juicy Questions To Ask My Wife/Girlfriend

52. Do you have any sex toys?

53. How often do you really want to do it?

54. Have you ever farted while doing the no-pants dance?

55. Do you ever feel like you’re in the mood but don’t say anything?

56. How do girls generally feel about giving BJs?

57. What matters more to girls, the size or height of a guy?

58. What’s a girl’s biggest turn on?

59. Do you ever get naughty dreams?

60. If I’m sweaty, is it a turn on or a turn-off?

juicy questions being sweaty

61. What’s something I do that you wish I didn’t do?

62. Can the size of the penis scare girls?

63. Have you ever been in the mood and I haven’t? What did you do?

64. Do girls really notice and check out men’s butts?

65. Do women actually enjoy sex?

66. Do you like showering with me?

67. Have you ever been mad at me? How did you handle that at the time?

68. Do you ever shave your belly?

69. Do you prefer making the first move or for me to make the first move?

70. Do girls ever smell their underwear after they’ve worn it?

71. What are you most afraid of in a relationship?

72. Do girls stalk guys on social media? Did you stalk me?

juicy questions social media stalking

73. Are period cramps really that painful?

74. Do you like it when I get emotional?

75. Would you date someone who was smaller than you?

76. Looking back now on our first kiss, what tips would you give me?

77. Would you be intimate with me during that time of the month?

78. Do you prefer hair on a guy to be short or long?

79. What age did you lose your virginity?

80. What do you think about long-distance relationships?

81. If you had to make out with someone from the Harry Potter cast who would it be?

82. Would you still want to be in a relationship with me if I didn’t want children?

83. What’s the most random thing that has turned you on?

84. What is the most romantic thing I’ve ever done for you?

juicy questions most romantic thing ive done

85. If you had a threesome with me, who would you want the other person to be?

86. Am I the love of your life?

Fun Juicy Questions To Ask

87. What attracted you to me?

88. What’s your favorite sex position?

89. When did you first know I was the one?

90. What worries you about marriage?

91. Have you ever thought about breaking up with me?

92. What’s my most annoying habit?

93. Is our sex life different now we’re married?

94. Do girls really marry guys for their money?

95. What’s the strangest place you’ve had sex?

96. If I was ugly, would you still date me?

97. Would you watch an adult movie with me?

98. What did you think of me when we first met?

99. Was our first time good?

100. What has been our most awkward moment?

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