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150 Fun All About Me Questions To Ask Friends and Family

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Want to know how well your friends, family, and co-workers know you? Then these all about me questions are what you should ask them to find out.

If you want to build strong relationships with others, then you need to know a lot about someone. These questions about me are designed to see just how much people know about the real you.

These questions to ask about me are a useful way to see how well people around you understand your character. If you’re surprised by the results, especially in a negative manner, you might not be sharing as much about yourself as you think you are.

If you’re curious to see how well those around you know you, check our list of questions below.

All About Me Game

If you want to turn this into a fun questions game, it’s really easy.

Everyone in the group takes turns asking a question. If you guess the correct answer you get a point. Once all the rounds are finished, the person with the most points wins.

You can use questions to get to know someone as well as the ones listed below during the game. This is a great game to play with kids, a group of friends, or during a team bonding session.

All About Me Questions List

all about me questions what would I do for a living

1. If money and time were no object, what would I do for a living?

2. Have I ever been in a life-or-death situation?

3. If I could interview any historical figure, who would it be and why?

4. What’s my favorite way to keep fit and healthy?

5. Would I rather have the ability to predict the future or the ability to change the past?

6. Am I more likely to walk away from trouble or walk towards it?

7. If I could learn any skill in an hour, what skill would it be and why?

8. Do I prefer to cook from scratch or make something that has been prepared?

9. If I could remove one of my weaknesses, which one would it be and why?

10. Am I a shy or an outgoing person?

11. What superhero would I like to be?

12. What weather do I enjoy the most?

13. Would I prefer to live in the mountains or by the coast?

14. Do I have a dream car? If so, what is it?

15. If I had to dye my hair, what color would I choose?

16. What are my favorite films?

all about me questions favourite film

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17. What TV series is my favorite?

18. Am I a clean freak or a messy person?

19. Who’s my celebrity crush?

20. What skills do I have that I’m most proud of?

21. Am I a wine or beer person?

22. Am I a home bird or someone who loves to explore the world?

23. Do (or did) I like college?

24. Do I take criticism well?

25. Do I get a lot of attention from the opposite sex?

26. What’s my idea of the perfect partner?

27. What nickname did I have in school?

28. Do I have any strange phobias?

29. What am I scared of?

30. Do I enjoy singing?

31. Do I enjoy playing video games?

32. Do I like Chinese or Indian food more?

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all about me questions Chinese or Indian

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33. What other languages do I know?

34. Have I ever traveled to Europe?

35. What was my favorite childhood holiday?

36. Do I enjoy special occasions?

37. Have I ever been obsessed with something?

38. When I was a child, what did I tell everyone I wanted to be?

39. Have I ever won the first place medal for a sport I took part in?

40. Am I close to my parents?

41. What’s my favorite late-night snack?

42. Have I ever had a severe injury?

43. How would I react if my girlfriend cheated on me?

44. Do I enjoy relaxing in the bath or taking a quick shower?

45. Do I prefer Android or iPhone?

46. Would I rather play Battlefield or Call Of Duty?

47. Would I like a pet? If so, what animal would I have?

48. What would I name my children?

all about me questions naming my child

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49. Do I have brothers or sisters?

50. Do I have any tattoos?

51. What does my typical weekend look like?

52. What do I do to de-stress?

53. What activity always gives me an instant high?

54. If money was no object, what part of the world would I like to live in?

55. What are my thoughts on lending money from banks?

56. Do I have any investments or shares?

57. Do I like to spend time with my family?

58. Do I collect anything? If so, what do I order?

59. What gift can you always get me and know I will be happy with it?

60. What would my superhero name be?

61. What diets have I been on, if any?

62. What’s on my bucket list?

63. What have I already done on my bucket list?

64. Who was the last person I messaged?

all about me questions last person i messaged

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65. What was the last film I watched?

66. Would I ever travel around the country in an RV?

67. What’s on my mind right now?

68. What party of my body do I like the most?

69. What was the best book I read this year?

70. What household item could I not live without?

71. What’s my favorite dessert?

72. What’s my favorite flavor of milkshake?

73. What home-cooked food do I miss the most?

74. What’s my star sign? Does it accurately describe me?

75. Who’s my favorite movie producer?

76. Whose album could I listen to repeatedly?

77. Am I afraid of being alone?

78. What’s my favorite lunch when I’m on the go?

79. Do I get travel sickness?

80. Do I like to have a window or aisle seat on a plane?

all about me questions seat on a plane

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81. What vitamins do I currently take?

82. What movie snack do I take to the theatre?

83. Do I believe in God?

84. What’s something that always annoys me?

85. Do I have any secret hobbies?

86. Would I ever join the military?

87. Do you sleep naked or wear clothing?

88. Do I believe in ghosts?

89. Do I prefer luxury accommodation, or am I happy to slum it in a cheap motel?

90. What’s my favorite color?

91. What’s my lucky number?

92. What piece of clothing do I always wear?

93. What has been my longest relationship?

94. What state have I always wanted to travel to?

95. What’s my favorite restaurant to eat at?

96. What town or city do I live in now?

all about me questions where do i live

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97. Who am I thinking of right now?

98. Would I rather eat chocolate or candy?

99. What breakfast do I have most mornings?

100. What are my career ambitions?

101. What goal do I want to achieve this year?

102. What meal would I never order in a restaurant?

103. Would I rather own my own house or rent?

104. Do I see myself as someone who is organized?

105. What pet hates do I have?

106. What would be the first thing I would buy if I won the lottery?

107. Do I prefer to run, cycle or swim?

108. Would I rather have a chauffeur or a cleaner?

109. What ethnic cuisine would I most like to try?

110. What do I wish I was better at?

111. What’s my favorite Disney film?

112. What regrets do I have in my life?

all about me questions regrets

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113. What quote is my favorite?

114. What do I do to pass the time?

115. What aftershave do I wear?

116. What smell do I like the most?

117. Do I enjoy waking up early or sleeping in?

118. Do I take any daily medication?

119. What’s my favorite romantic film?

120. Am I allergic to anything?

121. Have I ever been arrested?

122. Do I believe in any conspiracy theories?

123. What do I think of my neighbors?

124. Am I hiding anything that I haven’t told anybody?

125. What app is my favorite?

126. What was the first book I ever read?

127. What did I last search for on the internet?

128. Do I always look out for myself before others?

all about me questions putting me first

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129. Do I enjoy watching true crime documentaries?

130. Would I ever buy an electric car?

131. Who’s my favorite writer in modern history?

132. Who has been my favorite president?

133. Who did I vote for in the last election?

134. How would I describe myself in 3 words?

135. Who’s my favorite online content creator?

136. Do I like Twitter or Facebook more?

137. Have I ever received a large sum of money?

138. Why did my parents break up?

139. What friends from school do I keep in contact with?

140. Do I have any guilt over a decision I’ve made in the past?

141. What has been the most beautiful moment of my life so far?

142. What hand do I write with?

143. Do I judge people when I first meet them?

144. What bad sleeping habits do I have?

145. What do most people get annoyed with me for?

146. What card game do I enjoy the most?

147. Have I ever lied to anyone?

148. How do I deal with road rage?

149. What do I think of global warming?

150. What has been the most spiritual moment in my life?

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

Tom is a travel writer and Co-Founder of Questions About Everything. He grew up in the UK and enjoys spending his time traveling to new places, supporting Liverpool FC, and blogging about his adventures. He spent two years teaching English in Barcelona and frequently utilized question games and conversation starters as part of his lesson plans. As an EFL teacher, he took full responsibility for planning and delivering lessons, frequently employing creative and diverse questions to engage the children in conversation. Learn more about Tom on our About page.