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161 Funny Questions to Ask Friends and Family

161 Funny Questions to Ask Friends and Family

These funny questions to ask friends and family are guaranteed to lead to some weird and random conversations.

Sometimes, you just want to hang out with your friends and have a laugh. We’ve all been there. These funny conversation starters are designed to give you a range of talking points.

We’ve got silly suggestions, ridiculous ones and some that will make you think too. But what all these funny questions will do is have you howling with laughter for hours on end!

Our selection of funny things to talk about are all you need to have a fantastic time with whoever you ask these questions to!

Funny Questions To Ask List

  1. If your pet could speak, what would be its first comment?

2. What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents have ever said or done in front of you and/or your friends?

3. What sport would be improved by adding ‘Mario Kart’-like items to it?

4. What would be the best animal to be Godzilla size and rampage around New York?

5. Would you prefer to go skinny-dipping in the winter or sunbathe in a boiler suit in the summer?

6. Would you rather have a live studio audience constantly reacting to your life as in a sitcom or be made of plasticine and live in a stop-motion animation world?

7. What’s the most ridiculous animal you actually think would make a good pet?

8. Would you rather have bums on your toes and eyes on your fingers, or bums on your fingers and eyes on your toes?

9. If you had to have a catchphrase, what would it be?

10. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard someone say in their sleep?

11. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in someone else’s home?

12. What sport would become much more fun if you had to drink alcohol while playing it?

13. When was the last time you cried laughing? What happened?

14. Who would be your partner in a double act and what would be your name as a duo?

15. What superhero would you really not want to turn up to rescue you?

16. If you could do a ‘Bruce Almighty‘ and take control of someone’s voice live on TV, who would you control?

17. If you were famous, what would be the name of your fanbase or fans?

18. If you were to put the main character of one movie in another, what would create the best or worst films?

19. The first thing you lay eyes on in this room is what you call your firstborn child – what’s their name?

20. Which fictional character would make the best roommate? Which would make the worst?

21. Who would be the most useless leader of your country? What would they do?

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22. If your shoes said one word every time you took a step, what would be the most hilarious thing they could say?

23. If you had to change the name of the person sitting next to you, what name would you give them?

24. Who would win in a wrestling match – the Prime Minister of the UK or the President of America?

25. What’s the weirdest animal you could create by combining two animals?

26. If your whole life was played on a cinema screen to the world, would you want to move to Mars to get away from the embarrassment or provide a running commentary to explain and rationalize your actions?

27. What would be the most inappropriate activity to have a theme tune, that would play every time you did it? What would be the theme?

28. What would be the worst thing to hear before being given an anaesthetic when having an operation?

29. Can you come up with a terrible tagline for a tampon company?

30. What’s the best name you’ve ever heard for a meal or dish?

31. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever bought?

32. Who can say the rudest thing right now?

33. If you had to miss a meal in your day, which would you miss?

34. If you were supreme ruler of the world, what law from the past would you bring back?

35. If you had to live in it, which piece of fiction has the best world but the worst characters?

36. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told? What happened and did people ever find out?

37. What would be the most ridiculous phone app?

38. What’s something amazing you can secretly do?

39. Can you describe the person to the left in three words?

40. How would our relationship with certain animals change if they changed drastically in size?

41. What’s the most embarrassing dream you’ve ever had?

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42. You can marry any celebrity – which do you choose?

43. Male chickens are called cockerels, which is already an unfortunate name. Can you think of a funnier one?

44. If you had to scream uncontrollably for five minutes each day without stopping, when would you schedule it for?

45. What was the worst date you’ve ever been on?

46. A genie gives you three wishes – what do you wish for?

47. You can no longer call a knee by its name, what do you call it?

48. We have first dances at weddings, but if you could do a final dance at your funeral, who would you dance with and what would you dance to?

49. Would you rather be dumb and beautiful or smart and ugly?

50. If you had to be eating something constantly for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

51. Potato chips or crisps require a new name – what do you call them?

52. What movie or TV show instantly sounds better if you add or take away a letter in the title?

53. When you’ve done a number 2 on the toilet, do you wipe sitting down or standing up?

54. What’s your go-to song to sing in the shower? Can you sing some of it now, please?

55. You have a pet ferret and you must name it after a politician; what do you call it?

56. What would be the most inappropriate love song ever written?

57. Is there something you’ve always been intrigued to try wearing, but have been too embarrassed to try?

58. What’s the best foreign accent you can do?

59. If you could have starred in any movie, which would you have chosen?

60. Which moments of your life would have been much better in slow-motion?

61. Can you rename all the fruits?

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62. What phrase or saying really annoys you?

63. What’s the most annoying song ever? Can somebody sing it, please?

64. Would you rather lose your sense of smell or taste?

65. Do you think tinsel should go on the Christmas tree?

66. What’s the worst sport? How would you make it better?

67. What are the funniest questions to ask on a first date? How do you think they go down with your date?

68. How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

69. Which person would you love to be in a buddy cop movie with? Which person would you hate to be in one with?

Funny Questions To Ask Your Best Friend

70. Which Disney princess would you either want to be or marry?

71. If animals became intelligent and started talking, how many people would still eat them?

72. What villain would make the best good guy?

73. What are some of the funniest activities you can do with your friends?

74. Do you sing or do something else unrelated to washing in the shower?

75. Why do Americans say that they ‘could care less’, when they are meaning they ‘couldn’t care less’? If they ‘could care less’, that means they ‘could care less’ than they care right now, meaning they care at least a small amount; where did this change of phrase come from?

76. What memory would you love to steal from someone else to make your own?

77. What’s something most people can do by the time they’re adults, but you can’t?

78. What’s your most embarrassing moment?

79. Do you put your toilet roll on the roller with the paper hanging down on the inside or the outside?

80. If you opened a restaurant, what would you call it?

81. Would you rather have worms for shoelaces or beetles for buttons?

82. What food would instantly improve if it smelled, tasted, or looked better?

83. Is there any part of your body you’d love to remove at night for sleeping?

84. Do you think the world would be worst off with all men or all women?

85. Who’s the best billionaire playboy – Bruce Wayne A.K.A. Batman, or Tony Stark A.K.A. Iron Man?

86. If you had to give nicknames to your friends or family members, what would you call them?

87. What’s the worst thing to happen whilst you’ve been doing D.I.Y or crafting?

88. Of the people in your life, who would you upper-cut if you had to?

89. What two boring activities if joined together, would become the funniest activity?

90. If you were reincarnated, what would you want to be reincarnated as?

91. What’s the most ridiculous thing to be nostalgic about?

92. What do people think they look cool doing, but look silly?

93. If you had to start a club or society for a dumb thing or reason, what would it be?

94. If your bathroom items could talk, what would they say?

95. What would be the most inappropriate music to play when the coffin is being brought in at a funeral?

96. Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever gone to the toilet?

97. What’s the greatest prank you’ve ever pulled on someone?

98. Would you rather be a Jenga block, a game console controller, or a twister mat?

99. What’s the best April fools joke you’ve ever done?

100. Is a bowl of lettuce actually a salad or just a bowl of lettuce?

101. What would be the most inappropriate music to walk down the aisle to on a wedding day?

102. Who’s the strangest person you’ve ever met at a party?

103. What item, gadget, or vehicle would be more amazing if it had a soul?

104. What was the strangest dining experience you’ve ever had?

105. If you had to name your child after a food, what would you call them?

106. Do you have any friends that you have nicknames for, you only call them behind their back?

107. What film would become unwatchable for reasons of cringe, inappropriateness, or depressingness if it changed genres?

108. Which celebrity do I look like? Which celebrity do you (and others) look like?

109. What human being would you like to have as a pet cat or dog, and why?

110. What would be the most underserved awards show?

111. Why do people get on ‘like a house on fire’? Surely that’s not a good thing?

112. Which conversation in history would you love to have been there for?

113. Who would you choose to be president of your friendship group?

114. If you had to be an animal, which would you choose and why?

115. What would be the best name for a secret unknown aunt of yours?

116. Can you create a sport with what you can see around you?

117. What’s a gift you’ve given to someone you knew was terrible, but you gave it to them anyway?

118. What was going through the person’s head when they looked at a wolf and decided it would be a great pet for the kids to have?

119. What would you love to swap the smells around just for one day to freak everyone out?

120. Do you think Lionel Richie and Adele were actually trying to communicate across time to one another?

121. Because of your life experience or knowledge, what honorary degree do you think you deserve?

122. What’s your funniest eating story?

123. What’s your funniest drinking story?

124. Read your last message to me, but can you also act out the emojis?

125. What’s the last ridiculous-sounding home remedy you’ve heard of that actually works?

126. What’s the best conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard of?

127. If you could have an actor narrating your life, who would you choose and why?

128. What would be the worst title for your autobiography?

129. What’s the funniest real name you’ve heard?

Random Funny Questions

130. What’s the most ironic thing?

131. Who’s the most annoying person in the world? Would you rather have their face or their voice?

132. What fictional character would you love to live the life of?

133. What’s the most insane thing the government could make illegal that would cause everyone to look stupid?

134. Is a caravan a house? Why or why not?

135. Can you create a noise that’s associated with each alcoholic drink?

136. Can you create an imaginary friend for the person sitting next to you?

137. Why do people say they are going to ‘hold down the fort’ like the fort is going to run away if you don’t hold it down?

138. ‘Eleven’ and ‘twelve’ are unique in that they don’t follow the ‘teen’ ending of the rest of the ‘teen’ numbers – can you create new names for all the ‘teen’ numbers in line with ‘eleven’ and ‘twelve’?

139. What’s the silliest way you’ve prepared for something serious in your life such as an exam, wedding, or funeral?

140. Do you think Pluto was hard done by and should still be considered a planet?

141. What would be the most ridiculous breakfast?

142. You can’t call a nose by its name, so what do you call it?

143. What’s the most useless thing you can remember off by heart? Can you sing or recite it now (if not then you’re a liar)?

144. Is a tent a house? Why or why not?

145. Do you think the English names for Iceland and Greenland were accidentally swapped around when putting them on a map?

146. When flipping a coin, is ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ a fair way of making a decision?

147. If you had to paint a mural on the side of Big Ben in London, what would you put on it?

148. Who’s a hilarious real person or character on TV, who would be incredibly annoying in real life?

149. What would be the most embarrassing thing to hang from your Christmas tree?

150. What’s the funniest insult you’ve ever heard?

151. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard a parent say to their child?

152. What song would be the perfect theme tune for your life?

153. How different would you be if you were a member of the opposite sex?

154. Jesus Christ healed people and turned water into wine, what would you do if you were the Son of God?

155. How often do you agree that something tastes great when you secretly think it tastes awful?

156. If you could add something lavish onto the side of your house, what would you build?

157. Which musical instrument, if alive would have the best grounds for suing its player?

158. If Cheerios look like mini doughnut cereal, and Corn Flakes look like mini potato chip cereal, what other breakfasts are ‘mini’ versions of other things?

159. In hotels, you often get a small kettle for tea and coffee making, what other small thing could you get in your hotel room that would be useable but awkward?

160. What game did you play as a kid, and would love to play again?

161. Smile without lifting your eyes, lift your eyes, now stop smiling – this is your modeling face. Do you look beautiful?

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