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24 Best Question Games To Play With Friends

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These question games to play with friends are perfect if you’re looking to have some fun with your friends. They’re also a novel way to get to know new people.

We have a wide range of conversation games below that includes classics such as Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare, as well as lesser-known but fun games such as Hot Seat Questions and Paranoia Questions.

There are also question games for adults such as Truth or Drink and games that are perfect for kids such as This or That and Would You Rather.

Whatever fun question games you’re looking to play, we’ve got you covered below!

Question Games

In our list of question games, we’ve provided a brief description of the games and how to play them. So, if you’re unfamiliar with the game you can find a quick overview.

We’ve also provided some images that you can either save to a platform such as Pinterest for later or print out if you want to play the game right now!

Would You Rather Questions

list of 25 would you rather questions

Asking would you rather questions to friends and family is a great idea if you want something fun to do at the dinner table or an event. The premise of the game is easy with people asked to choose between two propositions. Sometimes they can be tough choices, such as in our list of hard would you rather questions or they can be more ridiculous.

What’s great about would you rather is that it can be played with people you know or don’t. It’s a great game to play with those you’re not familiar with so you can get to know them better!

Never Have I Ever Questions

list of 20 never have I ever questions

If you’re looking for a fun question game to play at a party, then our collection of never have I ever questions is perfect. It’s a classic party game that everyone knows and is easy to follow. You take turns stating something you haven’t done. Everyone else then has to say whether they have done it or not. You can play it like this, or use it as a drinking game too.

Truth or Dare Questions

list of 20 truth or dare questions

Another classic game that’s great to play at a party. Everyone takes turns to be asked truth or dare. If you answer truth, you have to answer a question, if you choose dare, then you have to do a forfeit. We have a great list of truth or dare questions that will bring you hours of fun. We also have a list of dirty truth or questions should you want to play this game with your crush or partner!

This or That Questions

list of 25 this or that questions

This or That Questions are similar to would you rather questions but the format is slimmed down. The questions are as simple as ‘coffee or tea?’ for example. This makes the game perfect for kids, as you don’t have to ask complicated questions and they can state their preference for what they prefer. Check out our list of this or that questions for kids to find out the perfect things to ask your little ones!

21 Questions Game

21 questions list pin

The 21 Questions Game is perfect if you’re looking for a game to be played with those who are unfamiliar with each other. The premise of the game is that each person has to answer 21 questions which range from questions about themselves to questions on various topics. You can also play it with friends but it’s perfect for icebreakers or social situations where you’re meeting new people!

20 Questions Game

20 questions game list pin

The 20 Questions Game might sound similar to the 21 Questions one but it differs a lot. One person thinks of an answer, which could be a person, place or thing. The group then has 20 questions to guess what the person is thinking. However, they have to ask questions that can only be answered with a yes or a no. If you’re on a long trip or looking for a fun conversation game to play at a gathering, it’s a good one that you’ll all enjoy!

Most Likely To Questions

list of 20 most likely to questions

If you want to find out how well your friends know you, then asking them most likely to questions is the perfect way to do so. This question game is perfect for friends and mainly teenagers, as it’s an ideal game you can play at school or a sleepover. It’s also a perfect game for families as you’ll find out who in the family knows the most about everyone else!

Truth or Drink Questions

list of 20 truth or drink questions

Asking truth or drink questions is similar to truth or dare but the main difference is that a drink, usually alcohol, is involved. Instead of performing a dare if you don’t want to answer a question, you have to take a drink instead. It’s a good alternative to truth or dare if you’re looking for a game to play while pre-drinking or if you don’t want to perform dares.

Paranoia Questions

Paranoia questions are perfect to use if you want a game that will ratchet up the tension and provide some laughs and thrills. To play the paranoia game, everyone sits together and the game starts with someone whispering a question to the person next to them. The person listening then has to choose the person they believe is the best answer to the question that was asked.

To make things more interesting, a coin is then flipped to see whether the question is revealed or not. Heads it is, tails it’s not!

Put a Finger Down Questions

list of 20 put a finger down questions

Put a finger down questions are similar in nature to never have I ever. Everyone takes turns to ask a question and if you match the statement then you put a finger down. It’s that simple. The game is perfect for teenagers and one you can play at a birthday party or sleepover.

Numbers Question Game

list of 50 of the numbers game questions

The Numbers Question Game is an ideal question game to play with friends if you want something to do at a party. The game is easy to play and requires one person to ask questions from a list, such as the one above. Everyone playing then takes turns to answer the questions, which can be as vanilla or racy as you want them to be!

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Questions

list of 20 are you smarter than a 5th grader questions

You may remember the gameshow, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Well, you can also play this as a question game too! Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Questions are perfect to use at home to see how much more you know than your children. You could also play the game with friends and see who has the best knowledge!

Two Truths and a Lie

list of 20 two truths and a lie questions

Two Truths and a Lie is a brilliant game to play with friends. The game is easy to pick up and a lot of fun. Each person has to present three examples to everyone else, two of which are the truth and one a lie. Then, they have to decide which of the three is a lie. It’s a fun conversation game that will have you all talking and laughing. The examples above highlight how easy or hard you can make the game!

Hot Seat Questions

list of 20 hot seat questions

If you’re looking for a quickfire game, then Hot Seat Questions are perfect. One person sits in the ‘hot seat’ while everyone else takes turns asking them questions. You set a timer of either a minute or two minutes and the person in the hot seat has to answer as many questions as possible in that time. You can make the game even more by seeing who can answer the most questions during that time!

Yes or No Questions

list of 20 yes or no questions

Yes or No Questions is a simple game that can be played with friends or people you’re getting to know. You take turns to ask questions to one another or to the group, questions which should be able to be answered with a yes or a no. It’s perfect if you want to get a feel for what people’s opinions are, or if you’re looking to get to know someone on a date.

Mr and Mrs Questions

list of 20 mr and mrs questions

If you’re looking for a fun game to play at a bachelorette party, then Mr and Mrs Questions is perfect. If you’re organizing the party, you jot down questions or save our image above, and ask the bachelorette the questions. If the questions are about the groom and she won’t know the answer, you can email him to get the answers. The great thing about this game is that you can make the questions as dirty as you want, all while seeing how much the bachelorette knows about her future husband!

Wedding Shoe Game Questions

list of 50 wedding shoe game questions

These Wedding Shoe Game Questions are a brilliant way to add a unique twist to your wedding. The game is simple to play and requires nothing more than two chairs and a pair of shoes each. After each question, the bride and groom have to raise their shoe if they think they or their partner is the answer. So, left shoe for the bride and right shoe for the groom for example. The aim is to make the questions as fun as possible, such as the ones above to add a lighthearted moment to your big day!

Best Friend Quiz Questions

list of 20 best friend quiz questions

Find out how well your BFF knows you with these Best Friend Quiz Questions. It’s a simple game that requires asking your best friend questions about you that they should know the answer to. Turn it into a game and see who gets the most questions right and knows the other the best!

All About Me Questions

list of 20 all about me questions

All About Me Questions are good to use if you’re looking for a fun game you can play with friends. You each devise a list of questions about yourself that your friends might or might not know the answer to. You then go through the lists and see who knows the most about everyone else. A fun game to play at parties if you’re looking for something different to do.

How Well Do You Know Me Questions

list of 20 how well do you know me questions

This is similar to the above but How Well Do You Know Me Questions are more focused on the individual. The game is simple with questions related to the person and the task of everyone else is to see how many they can get right. You don’t want to make the questions too difficult and they should be ones everyone has a fair shot at answering.

Family Feud Questions

If you’ve seen the TV show, Family Feud, then you’ll be familiar with this game. You can play this individually or in teams. Players are posed a question, such as name a nocturnal animal. The other team or players are then polled for their answers and if the answer the player provides matches one of the answers given in the poll, they are awarded points. This carries on until everyone has played and the player or team with the most points is the winner!

Word Association

Word Association is probably the easiest game on this list to play. It’s a quickfire game that involves shouting out the first word that comes to mind when someone else says a particular phrase or word. To play, one player says a word or phrase and the person next to them says the first thing that comes to mind. The game carries on like this for as long as you want it to. Its simple and funny nature makes it a brilliant question game to play with friends!

Friends, Soulmates, Enemies

If you’re looking for a fun game you can play with your family or at work, Friends, Soulmates, Enemies is perfect. It’s a safe-for-work version of the game, kiss, marry, kill. In each round, a player presents three people who everyone must label as friends, soulmates or enemies. For example, Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman. This can lead to a lot of interesting conversations as you debate each other’s answers. You can also use inanimate objects too if you wish, so, pasta, pizza, risotto.

Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction is a simple question game that you can play with your friends. The premise of the game is to work out whether statements are fact or fiction. For example, someone might say they write with their left hand and everyone has to decide whether that’s true or false. The key to this game is to use trick questions to get an edge on your friends. So you might say you won a swimming competition when you were ten but not nine.

You could also turn this into a trivia game with players having to determine whether a statement is true or false. This is great for a round in a quiz you’re hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Question Game?

A question game is an activity based on questions that reveal personal information about those playing the game. This is the case with games like Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever and Put a Finger Down. The purpose of the games is to get to know participants better, develop relationships, and most importantly, have fun!

What Are Good Question Games For Adults?

Some of the best question games for adults are Truth or Drink, Never Have I Ever and Would You Rather. They’re all fun, can be tweaked to be dirtier if you wish and allow players to share bits of personal information with others.

How Do You Play Question Games With Friends?

Playing question games with your friends is easy. For most of these games, all you need is your friends, the rules and a set of questions. That’s it! You can play in person or over the internet via Zoom or FaceTime.

A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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