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154 Dirty Truth Or Dare Questions

154 Dirty Truth Or Dare Questions

Dirty truth or dare questions are a great way to spice things up with your partner or to have some fun with your friends.

These dirty dares questions are naughtier than the standard ones you might normally find. So it’s best to either use them with your partner, someone you’re dating, or among a group of friends you know well.

Truth or dare is a classic party game but it can also be adapted to create a fun game that’s sexy in nature. These juicy truth questions will certainly do that.

Below, we’ve outlined how to use these questions and a list of naughty truth or dare questions to have a lot of freaky fun!

How To Use These Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

Playing truth or dare is simple:

You take it in turn asking each other ‘truth or dare‘. If you pick truth, you’re asked a question that you have to answer truthfully.

If you pick dare, you’re dared to perform a task that’s ridiculous, or in this case, sexual in nature.

That’s more or less all you need to know. You keep playing for as long as you like, until you get bored, or until you get it on with your partner!

Dirty Truth Questions

1. Have you ever been tempted to cheat on me with anybody?

dirty truth or dare question about whether you've ever been tempted to cheat on your partner

2. If you had to have sex in one position for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

3. Where in the house would be the weirdest place we could have sex, and shall we do it?

4. Which friend’s boy/girlfriend have you ever secretly had a crush on?

5. If you have to have a threesome with people in this room, who would you do it with and why?

6. Have you ever been attracted to somebody of the same sex?

7. Do you have any dirty secrets you’ve never told anyone?

8. What’s the best sexual experience you have ever had, and what happened?

9. Have you ever ended a relationship with someone because they were terrible in bed?

10. What’s your biggest unfulfilled sexual fantasy you want to do someday?

11. Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s parent and been more excited to see their parent when you went to their house?

12. Do you know the names of everybody you’ve ever had sex with?

13. Have you ever kissed somebody in your office whilst at work?

14. Which celebrity would you sleep with no matter if you were in a relationship or not, and what do you like about them?

15. How often do you play with yourself, and do you ever prefer to play with someone else?

16. Would you ever go to a swingers party, or have you ever been to one?

17. Have you ever had break-up sex with someone, and how long was it before you stopped and left one another alone?

18. Do you prefer normal sex or sex after an argument?

Dirty truth or dare questions about sex after an argument

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19. If you were the opposite sex, what’s the dirtiest thing you would do?

20. Did you expect me to be what I am like in bed, or were you surprised?

21. Which celebrity would you bring into the bedroom for a threesome with us?

22. What sex toys would you like to try out with me?

23. Have you ever noticed that any of your friends have a nice butt?

24. Which one of my friends would you sleep with if you weren’t with me?

25. Who’s the last person you were with before me, and do you ever think of them?

26. Which celebrity couple would you love to have a threesome with?

27. Describe the first sexual encounter we had together in total honesty?

28. If we made a home sex movie, what would we do, and what would we call it?

29. How many people have you kissed, and have you ever regretted any?

30. Who’s the hottest person at your job?

31. What’s the hottest thing about us that you think others would love to have?

32. What was your first kiss experience like, where were you, and who was it with?

33. What’s been our best sexual experience?

34. When was the first time you came and was it with someone or on your own?

35. Have you ever looked at any of my friends and secretly found them attractive?

36. What have we not done that you would like to do in bed?

dirty truth or dare question asking what we haven't done in bed that you would like to do

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37. Have you ever fantasized about a boss or colleague?

38. Do you have any weird turn-ons that aren’t sexual?

39. Who’s body do you find the hottest, and you would trade with?

40. Have you ever woken up in a stranger’s bed after a one-night stand?

41. Would you ever have sex blindfolded?

42. Do you think we clicked in bed straight away, or did it take you some time to get in a rhythm?

43. What’s your most memorable oral sex experience, and why is it so unique?

44. Have you ever told anyone it was great sex when really it wasn’t that enjoyable?

45. What body part are you most conscious of?

46. Have you ever kissed someone and instantly wanted to sleep with them based on the kiss?

47. Do you like it when I send you nude pictures?

48. Would you ever have a sexual orgy, and who would you trust to be in it?

49. Do you like to send me nudes or receive my nudes?

50. Tell me what I could improve in the bedroom to make you more turned on?

51. What was your worst sexual encounter?

52. What’s your favorite thing about foreplay?

53. Have you ever made out with more than one person in a day?

54. Do you like it when someone tells you what they like in the bedroom?

Dirty truth or dare questions about dominance

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55. What’s your craziest sexual experience story?

56. When was the last time you received nudes from someone before me?

57. Have you ever given or received a sexy massage using oil and candles?

58. Would you ever play naked twister together?

59. Would you prefer me to send you more or less dirty talk?

60. Have you ever told someone you fancied them when you didn’t?

61. Do you enjoy a quicky, and what was the most random one you have ever had?

62. Do you like to drag sex out for a long time?

63. What do you think you are best at in bed?

64. What’s your favorite thing to do in the bedroom that always turns you on no matter what?

65. What’s a complete turn off in bed?

66. Have you ever used lubricant?

67. Have you ever had anal sex, and how did you find it?

68. What’s the sexiest thing about you?

69. Who was the last person you fancied before we started dating?

70. Who’s the hottest out of your friendship group, and what makes them desirable?

71. What are your biggest turn on’s in the bedroom?

72. Have you ever been attracted to any of your parent’s friends?

Dirty truth or dare questions about crush on friends parents

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73. Do you have anything naughty in your Amazon purchase history?

74. What’s the filthiest thing you’ve ever googled?

75. Do you ever watch porn? If so, which site do you use?

76. Have you ever had sex in a spare room whilst staying over?

77. Who/what do you think of when you pleasure yourself?

78. When you know you’re getting laid, what do you make sure you do?

79. Have you ever worn a sexy outfit for someone, and what was it?

80. Have you ever thought of somebody else during sex?

81. Do you like to wear sexy outfits when you’re alone?

82. Do you like to spend time naked when you’re alone, and what do you get up to?

83. Have you ever come on to someone you shouldn’t?

84. Do you feel comfortable saying exactly what you want in bed?

85. Would you fake an orgasm to make someone happy?

86. What are the most times you’ve made out in one day?

87. Do you like having your neck kissed during sex?

88. Do you like to look at someone during sex or have your eyes closed?

89. Have you ever thought about making out in the shower?

90. Have you ever played around with a household object?

Dirty truth or dare questions about household object masturbation

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91. Have you ever wanted to be tied up with handcuffs to the bed?

92. Do you like the idea of spanking and bondage, and have you ever tried it?

93. Is there anybody in your life who you always had a crush on but never managed to connect with?

94. Describe me in the filthiest way you can, in the most detail you can?

95. Do you prefer hot feisty, sweaty sex or slow, gushy and romantic?

Dirty Dare Questions

96. Get down to your underwear and perform the sexiest dance you can

97. Pick three sex toys, and I will order one of them right now for us

98. Change your Facebook status to ‘feeling so sexual right now’ for 30 minutes

99. Do something ordinary and unsexy, in the sexiest way you can, like hoovering or folding laundry

100. Undress yourself with one hand whilst staring at me straight in the eyes

101. Say your biggest sexual fantasy in a formal way as if it was a work presentation

102. Find a sex position online you would like to try together next time we have sex

103. Dirty dance to your all-time favorite song, even if it isn’t a sexy song

104. Take off your underwear during dinner and pass it to me under the table

105. Choose a sexy song for us to make out to right now

106. Choose a sexy outfit under $20 for me to buy for you now

107. Twerk for me in your underwear

108. Drop a pin at the place you want us to make out next

Dirty truth or dare questions about public sex

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109. Go to the last ex on your phone and leave them a dirty message

110. Let’s do a naked photoshoot for us both to keep

111. Show me your best orgasm face

112. Put whipped cream on your nipples and let me lick it off

113. Lap dance for me to the sexiest song you have in your playlist

114. Show me the face you make when you’re pretending to like sex

115. Read me a passage of the closest book to you in the sexiest voice you have

116. Eat a sandwich in the most seductive way possible

117. Go and find your latest fancy dress costume and wear it for me now

118. Find a photo of the picture of me where you fancy me the most

119. Demonstrate oral sex on the nearest household object

120. Book a hotel right now for a dirty weekend away for us in the next month

121. Let me pick a song for you, and I want you to pole dance with an imaginary pole for the entire song

122. Shave one of your legs sexually for me

123. Describe your ideal butt in detail

124. Find some ice cubes, and let’s play with them down below

125. Make out with yourself in the mirror in front of me

126. Take off your underwear and address it to me in an envelope; go and post it now

Dirty truth or dare questions about underwear

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127. Pretend you don’t know me, and chat me up like you would if you saw me in a bar

128. Put on your sexiest outfit and catwalk around the room; send me the video

129. Send the last person you’ve messaged on your phone (not me) a message about how much you fancy me

130. Spend 30 minutes learning the WAP dance and perform it

131. Text the third person on your phone and ask them if they think you’re hot

132. Sexually dance to the last song in your playlist and send it to your best mate

133. Ask your best mate if they’d have a threesome with us – we don’t have to do it, but see what their response is

134. Find a porn video you’d like us to recreate one day

135. Update your Instagram Bio to ‘feelin’ lonely, DM me for cuddles’ and see if anybody notices

135. Voice record your best sexual moan and send it to me

137. Tell me something sexy about me without opening your mouth

138. Try and say something dirty to me using only emojis

139. Text your best friend asking them for their five best sex tips and see what they come back with

140. Demonstrate your favorite sex position with a pillow and send me a photo

141. Text your ex and ask them how you could improve in the bedroom from their experience

142. Spank your butt hard and send me a picture of the red mark

143. Find a hotel online that you’d like us to have a dirty weekend together in

144. Re-enact the opposite sex using a pillow and send me a video

145. If there’s a pool, go skinny dipping and send me a photo

146. Find your celebrity crush’s social media and comment on their last photo, telling them how much you think of them

147. Put an ice cube down your pants and play with yourself in front of me

148. Sexually pour a glass of your favorite drink into your mouth

149. Let’s take a shower and pee on each other

150. Take a slow-mo video of you whipping your hair in a sexual way

151. Text a random person on your phone who you can’t even remember who they are and ask them if you’re hot

152. Let’s create a sex playlist together and put it on when we make out

153. Explain to me in as much detail as possible your biggest turn on

154. Describe yourself and your hobbies in the most seductive way possible

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