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100 Flirty Truth Or Dare Questions Over Text

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These flirty truth or dare questions over text are a great way to create some tension between you and your crush, boyfriend/girlfriend or partner.

Asking truth or dare questions over text means you can continue the flirting even when the two of you aren’t together. It’s a great way to create a dynamic between the two of you.

We have naughty truth or dare questions over text to ask, as well as some funny and dirty ones too. Which ones you use will depend on how well you know the other person and how much you want to escalate the conversation.

Whatever your relationship status, you’re bound to have a lot of fun when the texts start flying!

How To Use These Flirty Truth or Dare Questions Over Text

Most people know how to play truth or dare. But if you don’t, here’s a quick overview of the rules.

Whoever initiates the conversation starts by asking, ‘truth or dare.’ The other person must choose either to answer a question truthfully or perform a dare.

As you’re asking these questions over text, the game is a little different than if you were playing in person. You need to respond by text with the answer to a question and provide video evidence the dare has been completed.

The game is a great way to build tension between the two of you and have some fun before you next see each other!

Flirty Truth Questions To Ask Over Text

1. What’s a romantic fantasy you’ve always had but never been able to live out as of yet? 

flirty truth or dare questions to ask over text do you have a romantic fantasy

2. Do you have an ex you think got away and you still think about now? 

3. What’s something you’ve always wanted to say to me, but you’ve been too scared to?

4. How many partners have you had? 

5. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done to attract someone you liked?

6. How would you rate me on a scale of 1 to 10? 

7. Have you ever cheated on someone?  

8. Have you ever been cheated on? 

9. Have you got any fantasies you would love to act out with me?

10. Have you ever cried over something I’ve done? 

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11. What’s something you find attractive that most people would find strange?

12. Do you like to be dominated in the bedroom, or do you prefer to take charge? 

flirty truth or dare questions to ask over text do you like to be dominated in the bedroom

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13. Who’s one person you regret being intimate with? 

14. Have you ever imagined what I look like naked? 

15. Have you ever had a rude dream involving me? 

16. What do you wear to sleep in?

17. What were your first impressions of me?

18. What’s the furthest you’ve gone on a first date?

19. What could I do to turn you on even more while we make out? 

20. If you showed me your internet search history, what would I see? 

21. What’s a big turn off for you? 

22. Do you have a famous intimate scene you would like to act out with me?

23. What’s something I did last time we met you didn’t expect? 

24. Did you ever have a crush on any of your parent’s friends? 

flirty truth or dare questions to ask over text did you have a crush on a parent's friend

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25. What color underwear do you tend to wear the most?

26. What’s always guaranteed to get you hot and bothered every time you think of it? 

27. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone? 

28. What’s the most shocking thing someone has tried to do with you in the bedroom? 

29. Have you ever been on a date with me while wearing no underwear?

30. How many women/men have you kissed? 

31. What do you get drawn to most about me? 

32. Who out of your friend’s relationships are you most jealous of?

33. What part of your body do you like the most?

34. Do you think you love me? How do you know?

35. What always makes you feel happy and warm inside? 

36. If the next time we met, I kissed you, would you kiss me back? 

flirty truth or dare questions to ask over text would you kiss me back

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37. Have you ever been to a nudist beach? 

38. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done? 

39. Has anyone ever seen you naked by accident? What was their reaction?  

40. Have you been in love before? 

41. What’s the most exciting dream you’ve had involving me?

42. What do you think of people that have hickies on them? 

43. Do you like when people talk about their private life in public? 

44. What part of my body do you like the most?

45. Have you ever flashed someone? 

46. Do you keep yourself shaven all over?

47.  Do you enjoy it when I kiss your neck?

48. What’s the most embarrassing gift that you’ve ever received from someone? 

flirty truth or dare questions to ask over text what's the most embarrassing gift

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49. Have you ever tried on the underwear of the opposite gender? 

50. Do you still have your ex on social media accounts? 

51. Did you stalk me on social media before we met? 

52. What’s something your Mom can never know about? 

53. Have you ever shared a toothbrush with an ex-partner? 

54. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

55. How often do you leave the house without wearing underwear? 

56. Would you take a hot bath with me?

57. Have you ever played strip poker before?

Flirty Dare Questions To Ask Over Text

58. Next time you’re out you must wear a t-shirt saying “kiss me, it’s my birthday” all night 

59. Tell me your naughtiest story

60. Suck your finger in a seductive way for 10 minutes 

flirty truth or dare questions to ask over text suck your finger

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61. Tell one of your deepest and darkest fantasies 

62. Buy an adult toy for under $20 and convince me to buy it from you when we next see each other 

63. You must draw a picture of your body naked and send me the diagram 

64. Text your best friend’s ex asking “how they are”  

65. Do 20 press-ups and shout my name after each one 

66. Tell me what you would do if I were there with you now 

67. Sing me a romantic song and send it to me in a voice note 

68. Take a selfie in a naughty pose and send it to me 

69. Write me a poem and send it to me when you’re done

70. Text me every celebrity you’ve had a crush on 

71. Pretend you were approaching me in a bar, what’s the chat up line you’d use on me?

72. Make a video of you dancing seductively and send it over to me 

flirty truth or dare questions to ask over text take a video of you dancing seductively

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73. Describe the dirtiest outfit you have 

74. Change your relationship status on Facebook to ‘it’s complicated’ for the whole day  

75. Sing a song on a voice note you’ve previously been intimate to 

76. Text me two words that will immediately get me turned on 

77. Give me 5 minutes of the best standup comedy you have 

78. Send me the most unflattering picture of yourself  

79. Get a henna tattoo of my name on your arm and post a picture on social media  

80. Send an Instagram DM to your celebrity crush  

81. Video yourself dancing with an imaginary pole 

82. Perform a rap song and send it to me  

83. Send me a picture of your favorite non-private body part 

84. Send me a video showing me how you like to be kissed using your hand 

flirty truth or dare questions to ask over text kiss your hand

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85. Jump in the shower fully clothed over facetime  

86. Shave your chest and send me a picture  

87. We both must go out and buy each other the worst outfit we can find for the next night out 

88. Send a romantic message to someone of the same gender as you. We have to let each other know the results 

89. List in a message all your ex-girlfriends alphabetically  

90. Write something on your body, which is embarrassing, but it can be hidden with clothing 

91. Send a video to me of you spinning an imaginary hula hoop around your waist for one minute 

92. Do a dirty dance while standing on one leg and send me the video  

93. Each of us must log into a dating app of our choice, and the first one to get a date is the winner  

94. Put on every pair of underwear you have and send me a picture  

95. Both of us can’t shave for a month, and we must show each other the results at the end of it  

96. Buy me the worst gift you can think of and get it delivered to my house  

97. Prank call your ex-partner 

98. Text the most random message you can think of to your best friends’ parents 

99. I dare you to text me the naughtiest thing that comes into your head right now 

100. Search on the internet for the naughtiest thing you can think of and send me the results 

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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