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100 Flirty Would You Rather Questions

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These flirty would you rather questions are ideal to ask someone your crush or someone you’re looking to get more intimate with.

The aim of these questions is to gauge whether you and the person you’re asking them to are a good match and have a little fun in the process.

Would you rather questions for your crush are a great way to build rapport between the two of you as you get to know each other. You can also ask these flirty would you rather questions to your partner too.

We hope these freaky would you rather questions lead to some fun and interesting conversations that up the intimacy between the two of you!

Best Flirty Would You Rather Questions

1. Would you rather have the lights on or lights off during intimacy?

flirty would you rather questions lights on lights off

2. Would you rather be able to read your crush’s mind or be able to read only the mind of others?

3. Would you rather show affection in public or in private? 

4. Would you rather be snowed in together or get lost together? 

5. Would you rather I was naughty or nice? 

6. Would you rather see me in black or red underwear?

7. Would you rather take me out for a drink or a night in with Netflix?

8. Would you rather I was smart or hot?

9. Would you rather I dressed as a hot nurse or a teacher? 

10. Would you rather have your dream job or your dream partner?

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11. Would you rather spend the night texting or chatting on the phone? 

12. Would you rather give up having sex for five months or not see your friends for a year? 

flirty would you rather questions give up sex or give up friends

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13. Would you rather enjoy strawberries and cream or chocolate fondue with me? 

14. Would you rather do it on an airplane or on a beach? 

15. Would you rather go on a holiday with all your friends or on holiday with me?  

16. Would you rather go on a date to the movies or hiking in the countryside?

17. Would you rather be with a partner that loves your friends or loves your family? 

18. Would you rather get married at the last minute or have a long-planned out wedding? 

19. Would you rather hold my hand or have an arm around you?

20. Would you rather exercise together in the morning or take relaxing walks in the evening?

21. Would you rather we went to a concert together or did a song together? 

22. Would you rather I went out in public with makeup on or without? 

23. Would you rather take a shower or bath with me? 

24. Would you rather have a snowball fight or a pillow fight? 

flirty would you rather questions snowball fight or pillow fight

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25. Would you rather get spanked on the butt or kissed on the cheek? 

26. Would you rather keep me a secret or tell everyone about me? 

27. Would you rather have our first dance to a slow romantic song or grind on me to a fast beat? 

28. Would you rather catch your parents french kissing or have your parents walk in on you french kissing? 

29. Would you rather see me with no clothes on or me see you with no clothes on? 

30. Would you rather argue with your partner and always be right or tell them they’re right all the time? 

31. Would you rather go back in time to your younger years and play the field or go back in time and meet the love of your life? 

32. Would you rather give or receive while being intimate?

33. Would you rather always search for love and keep getting heartbroken or give up after the first heartbreak? 

34.  Would you rather be unhappy but rich and famous or be a nobody but be happy?

35. Would you rather have a short- or long-term relationship with a person? 

36. Would you rather cheat on your current partner with your ex or a stranger? 

flirty would you rather questions sex with an ex or stranger

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37. Would you rather choose to stay with your partner if it meant you lost out on the chance to be extremely rich? 

38. Would you rather make sweet love for hours but only do it once a week or have short 3-minute sessions every day? 

39. Would you rather sit under a tree with your partner or be under the sun on the beach with them? 

40. Would you rather be someone that is feared by people or loved by people? 

41. Would you rather wrestle me in a pool of jello or a pool of chocolate?

Flirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask A Guy

42. Would you rather passionately kiss a girl or be the one who gets passionately kissed by a girl 

43. Would you rather date one girl at a time or date five at once? 

44. Would you rather be in a long-term relationship or have several one-night stands? 

45. Would you rather have a super-famous girlfriend or a super-intelligent girlfriend? 

46. Would you rather check out a girl’s body from the front or the back? 

47. Would you rather have an evening of Netflix and chill or an evening of partying with your girl? 

48. Would you rather find true love or win the lottery tomorrow? 

flirty would you rather questions find true love or win the lottery

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49. Would you rather kiss a girl on her lips or her neck while being intimate? 

50. Would you rather get into a relationship with someone older or younger than you? 

51. Would you rather see a girl in a bikini or tight sports leggings? 

52. Would you rather your girlfriend wore lots of makeup or minimal makeup when going out? 

53. Would you rather do it on a plane or train? 

54. Would you rather go to second base on the first date or wait? 

55. Would you rather get back into a relationship with your ex or date one of your friend’s exes? 

56. Would you rather be my best friend or be in a relationship with me? 

57. Would you rather a girl wear naughty lingerie or be completely naked? 

58. Would you rather cuddle or go to sleep after being intimate? 

59. Would you rather sleep completely naked or in PJs? 

60. Would you rather have kids or get married first? 

flirty would you rather questions have kids or get married first

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61. Would you rather cook for a girl you like or order food? 

62. Would you rather be purely physical or commit to a girl you like? 

63. Would you rather date a girl who’s shorter or taller than you? 

64. Would you rather go camping with your girlfriend or stay in an expensive hotel? 

65. Would you rather go on long road trips or long walks? 

66. Would you rather be known as a bad boy or a good boy? 

67. Would you rather date a good girl or a girl whose actions were questionable? 

68. Would you rather stay in and watch a film or go out on an adventure? 

69. Would you rather we chatted more on social media or over the phone? 

70. Would you rather be amazing in bed or fantastic at life-changing science? 

71. Would you rather end the relationship with someone or have them finish it with you? 

72. Would you rather give up your favorite hobby for the year or give up being intimate for a year? 

flirty would you rather question on whether you'd rather give up your favorite hobby for the year or give up sex for a year

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Flirty Would You Rather Questions To Ask A Girl

73. Would you rather be rich or rich and famous?  

74. Would you rather ask for help with something or try and do it yourself? 

75. Would you rather spend a day with your partner inside or outside? 

76. Would you rather go out for fine dining or grab a burger and a soda from a fast-food joint? 

77. Would you rather have professional photos of us both or take silly selfies ourselves? 

78. Would you rather go for a long walk on the beach or take a dip in the sea?  

79. Would you rather dance with me under a full moon or in a nightclub? 

80. Would you rather watch the sunrise or watch a movie with me? 

81. Would you rather sing me a song or play one on a guitar to me? 

82. Would you rather I kissed you on the forehead or gave you a french kiss? 

83. Would you rather I held your hand, or put my arm around your waist? 

84. Would you rather give flowers to someone or receive them? 

flirty would you rather questions give flowers or receive them

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85. Would you rather be romantic or kinky in a relationship? 

86. Would you rather lose your sense of taste or have no sensations while making love? 

87. Would you rather roleplay as a nurse or a police officer? 

88. Would you rather we watch an adult movie or make one ourselves? 

89. Would you rather have no hair anywhere on your body or hair everywhere?

90. Would you rather I liked whipped cream off you or you licked it off me? 

91. Would you rather have all your naughty wishes granted or grant everyone else’s dirty wishes? 

92. Would you rather be celibate for a whole year or have your jaw wired shut for a month? 

93. Would you rather spend a night in a haunted house or spend the night with one of your exes? 

94. Would you rather be a billionaire or a world-famous model?  

95. Would you rather be naked all the time or have your innermost thoughts publicly available to everyone? 

96. Would you rather spend the day wearing your clothes backwards or wear mine 

97. Would you rather let me visit a strip club or have me perform for you instead?  

98. Would you rather date someone who’s clingy or someone who needs zero attention? 

99. Would you rather date someone who’s overly sensitive or someone who has the emotions of a rock? 

100. Would you rather be in an open relationship or stay single? 

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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