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200 How Well Do You Know Me Questions To Quiz Those Close To You

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These how well do you know me questions are perfect to ask your friends and family to find out how much they really know about you.

Do you know me questions are a great way to better understand your boyfriend or girlfriend. Even if you’ve been together for a while, you might be surprised by some of your partner’s answers. You can even use this list to turn it into a couple questions quiz if you wish.

As well as a section for discovering how well do you know your partner, we also have a section of questions you can ask your friends. You’re sure to discover some juicy facts and stories from your friends after playing this fun question game.

With a variety of topics covered, you’re bound to have hours of fun learning more about your friends, family and partner!

Best How Well Do You Know Me Questions

1. What has been a highlight of my life so far?

how well do you know me questions life highlight

2. What person has had the most significant impact on my life?

3. Am I a morning person or a night owl?

4. What three things could I not live without?

5. Have I ever done anything illegal?

6. What was my favorite sport to play when I was a child?

7. If I could meet one historical figure, who would it be?

8. Would I ever consider fostering a child?

9. What’s my biggest fear?

10. What’s my favorite country to visit?

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11. Do I enjoy making new friends and getting to know new people?

12. If I could move to any country in the world, where would I go?

13. What was my favorite TV show to watch when I was growing up?

14. Would I rather be a famous soccer player or a basketballer?

15. What was my childhood nickname?

16. If my life was a TV series, what actor/actress would I want to play me?

17. If I could transform into any animal, which animal would it be?

18. Do I enjoy speaking on the phone or texting more?

19. If I had a time machine, what year would I go back to?

20. What is one thing that always makes me happy no matter how bad my mood is?

21. Would I rather live by the sea or by the mountains?

22. What’s the last film I watched at the cinema?

how well do you know me questions cinema

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23. Do I speak any other foreign languages?

24. Would I ever consider getting a rescue dog?

25. What was the most eventful thing to happen to me when I’ve been drunk?

26. If I could live in a big mansion or live in an apartment in the city, which one would I choose?

27. Have I had any near-death experiences?

28. What’s my biggest pet peeve?

29. Do I prefer spicy food or sweet food?

30. What genre of music is my favorite?

31. What’s my favorite film genre?

32. What’s one thing I dislike?

33. What pets did I have growing up?

34. What was the first street I lived on?

35. What’s my phone number?

36. What’s my date of birth?

37. What’s my favorite flavour of ice cream?

38. Do I have any brothers or sisters?

39. What’s my star sign?

40. What’s my favorite book?

41. What do my parents do for a living?

42. What’s my spirit animal?

43. What’s my favorite podcast?

44. What’s my favorite alcoholic drink?

A how well do you know me qusetion asking what your favorite alcoholic drink is

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45. Where do they live now?

46. What do I think about current politics?

47. What are my parents’ names?

48. What name would I give to my first child?

49. If I invented something, what would it be?

50. What is my worst day?

51. What is my favorite food?

52. Where do my family originate from?

53. Would I ever join the army?

54. Would I ever go on a cruise?

55. What’s my favorite chocolate?

56. What size shoes do I wear?

57. What was my previous address?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions For Couples

This section covers questions you can ask your partner to find out how much they know about you. You can even turn this into a game if you want and use it as an activity on a date night.

If you want more like this, then check out our how well do you know me questions for couples article!

58. How do I feel about PDA?

59. What’s the most embarrassing thing to happen to me?

60. What was I wearing when you first met me?

61. What’s my star sign?

62. Who’s my celebrity crush?

63. What’s the most I’ve spent in a store on myself?

64. Would I rather eat a whole bag of cookies or a bag of chips all at once?

65. What was the funniest thing I’ve ever done?

66. What’s one of my biggest insecurities?

67. Am I more of a talker or a listener?

68. Which famous person do I wish I looked like?

69. Would I ever go on a double date?

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70. What’s my favorite activity to do on a date?

71. Have I set anything on fire while I was cooking?

72. What’s my favorite soda?

73. If I’m hungry late at night, what’s the snack I normally turn to?

74. What always makes me laugh?

75. What always makes me cry?

76. When did I learn to swim?

77. What’s my favorite word?

78. What music do I dislike?

79. If money was no object, what’s one thing I would love to buy?

80. Do I want to play any musical instruments?

81. What is one thing I couldn’t live without?

82. What city is my favorite to visit?

83. What’s my favorite vacation that we’ve been on together?

84. Would I be a superhero or a supervillain?

85. What’s my favorite video game?

86. If I could choose to eat any cuisine of food, what would I choose?

87. What’s one food I absolutely detest?

88. What fast food could I eat every day?

how well do you know me questions fast food

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89. Do I handle serious situations well?

90. What’s my favorite film to watch when I’m bored?

91. Do I believe in any conspiracy theories?

92. How many children do I want?

93. What did I want to be when I was growing up?

94. Am I an artsy type of person?

95. What’s my favorite meal of the day?

96. How long would I survive if there was an alien invasion?

97. What’s my favorite part of my job?

98. Where do I see myself in five years?

99. What celebrity do I have a crush on?

100. What song do I know all the words to?

101. Do I prefer exercising outside or in the gym?

102. Do I like classical music?

103. Would I ever get a massage?

104. What’s my favorite ice cream flavor?

105. What strange quirks do I have?

106. What was the strangest thing I did as a child?

107. What’s my favorite sex position?

108. Which animated character would I love to marry?

109. Would I rather date someone taller or smaller than me?

110. What’s the most annoying thing I do daily?

how well do you know me questions annoying

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111. What activities turn me into a big kid?

112. What has been our most embarrassing relationship moment?

113. Where did we go on our first date?

114. What cute names did/do we have for each other?

115. What turns me off?

116. How old was I when I lost my virginity?

117. What was our first dance song?

118. What country was our honeymoon in?

119. What’s the date of our anniversary?

120. Is my personality more like my mother’s or father?

121. When did my parents separate?

122. What song did I walk down the aisle to?

123. What thing I do always makes you smile?

124. What sport is my least favorite?

125. What’s my Mom’s name?

126. Which music always cheers me up?

127. What place have I always wanted to visit?

128. What’s my Mom’s maiden name?

129. What’s my family’s pet called?

130. Am I a jealous person?

131. Where did I tell you that I love you?

132. What career have I always wanted to try?

how well do you know me question asking what career I've always wanted to try

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133. How do you think I deal with emotional situations?

134. What’s my preferred way of expressing my love?

135. What do I think about your body?

136. Would I move in with you?

137. Was I popular in school?

138. What are my thoughts on friends with benefits?

139. Would I want to go into a residential home when I’m older?

140. What’s a secret only you know?

141. Who’s the fussier eater, you or me?

142. What smell reminds me of you?

143. Would I want our kids to be religious?

144. What’s the worst trouble I’ve gotten into?

145. What’s my funniest sex story?

146. What do I think you like to live with?

147. If I could change one thing from my past, what would it be?

148. What’s my favorite board game to play as a couple?

149. Do I believe that love is eternal?

150. What was my mother’s maiden name?

151. Who paid on the first date?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions For Friends

152. What’s my secret talent?

153. What would be my dream life?

154. What’s something that always makes me excited?

How well do you know me qusetion about something that always gets me excited

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155. Who was my first crush?

156. What’s my pet hate?

157. What should I be grateful for?

158. At a fancy-dress party, who would I dress as?

159. What activity makes me feel most alive?

160. When did I tell you I was gay?

161. What story always reminds you of me?

162. Who’s my celebrity hero?

163. How do I usually spend my weekends?

164. Who is my favorite film director?

165. Which of our friends do I secretly dislike?

166. How old was I when I first kissed someone?

167. What’s my favorite drinking game?

168. Have I ever gotten into a physical fight while playing sports?

169. Would I rather live in the rainforest or the desert?

170. If I could have any animal as a pet, what animal would it be?

171. Where do I see myself in 10 years?

172. Have I ever changed the colour of my hair?

173. What do I think of current world affairs?

174. Would I rather be larger or smaller than I am now?

175. Would I like to learn how to fly?

176. What superpower would I want to have?

how well do you know me questions superpowers

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177. What was the last thing we watched together?

178. What’s my favorite thing to do when I have some downtime?

179. What hand do I write with?

180. What has been my longest relationship?

181. What made me angry as a child?

182. Do I see myself in my current job in the next ten years?

183. Who was my best friend growing up?

184. What was my favorite subject at school?

185. Did I have any imaginary friends when I was a child?

186. Would I date someone famous?

187. Where did I live when I was growing up?

188. Who was my least favorite teacher at school?

189. What do I enjoy the most about my favorite hobby?

190. Am I more of a dog or cat person?

191. What’s my favorite movie?

192. How many siblings do I have?

193. Do I easily get travel sick?

194. Do I enjoy eating leftover takeaways?

195. What year was I born?

196. Do I like taking selfies?

how well do you know me questions selfie

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197. What book did I last read?

198. Do I like to get off the beaten track when I go traveling?

199. Have I ever been in trouble with the authorities when I’ve been traveling?

200. What toy did I love as a child?

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