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Two Truths and a Lie: 50 Clever Lies To Win Comfortably

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Are you looking for some clever and funny Two Truths and a Lie examples to leave someone utterly bewildered? Read on to not only find out how to play this awesome game, but how to think of the best lies to trick someone!

We’ve got a huge list of funny and whacky Two Truths and a Lie examples to choose from as well as some tips and tricks for making your own ideas more believable.

It’s one of the best question games for couples and will lead to hours of fun for you both, as well as being one of the best question games to play with friends!

We’ve split up these 2 Truths and a Lie examples into different categories to help you choose your favorite.

How To Play Two Truths and a Lie

This awesome conversation game is easy to play. You make three statements about yourself to the person you’re playing with. Make up a lie about yourself and pair it with two true statements. The person you are playing with then has to guess which one of the three statements is a lie!

The examples below are not just great to use as your lies, they can be adapted into true statements for use in the game too! You can also use the examples as prompts to help you think of different types of truths/lies (experiences, likes/dislikes, family & friends, random/weird).

Two Truths and a Lie Tips

  • Adapt our examples below to make them relevant to you.
  • Make it funny and entertaining by choosing wacky and random examples.
  • Mix up the order in which you say the truths and lie to keep people guessing
  • Try to keep the statements equally believable. Sometimes you can through in a ridiculous-sounding truth to confuse everyone!
  • Say all the statements in quick succession so that the timing does not give anything away. Sometimes people quickly say two truths and then struggle to think of a believable lie quickly.
  • If you play multiple rounds, try to make statements about different topics and categories to leave everyone bewildered!

Two Truths and a Lie Ideas

two truths and a lie ideas

Pair these example lies with some funny and awesome truths to make the game more fun. Hint: Adapt these example lies to make similar truths and confuse others!

Funny/Weird Examples (Pair With Outrageous Truths!)

  • A dog once urinated on my leg while I was lying on the beach.
  • When I was a child my hair caught fire blowing out the candles on my b’day cake.
  • I can’t stand tomato ketchup on anything.
  • I literally love pineapple on my pizza.
  • My sister changed her surname to Kardashian.
  • When I was in school I became the regional champion in competitive cheese throwing.
  • I have a pet snake called Cuddles.
  • A bird once pooped on my chips and I ate them thinking it was mayonnaise.
  • My ex (GF/BF)’s name is tattooed on my body.
  • I’m genuinely allergic to McDonald’s cheeseburgers.
  • I have several large cacti next to my bedroom window to protect against an intruder climbing in.

Highly Believable

  • I’m a vegan.
  • I’ve visited 16 countries during my life.
  • I can play the guitar.
  • I hate the Kardashians so much it’s painful.
  • I passed my driving test on the first attempt.
  • I love tennis but hate football.
  • When I was growing up we had a cat and two dogs.
  • My favorite color is pink.
  • My favorite holiday destination is (insert location).
  • I’m awesome at cooking Indian food.
  • I’m petrified of jellyfish.

Reasonably Believable

  • I can do a standing backflip with a blindfold on.
  • My hair is going grey already so I have to dye it every few weeks.
  • I’m left-handed but right-footed.
  • I want at least 4 children when I’m older.
  • When I was a kid I went through a rock music phase and had a mohawk.
  • When I was young I wanted to be a (insert profession).
  • My parents didn’t let me talk to (boys/girls) until I was 16.
  • I’ve never eaten pizza in my life.
  • I’ve never been to the hospital emergency room
  • I’m a self-confessed chocoholic.
  • I love going to nude beaches on holiday.

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Funny Experiences (Pair With True Experiences!)

  • I once bumped into Matt Damon on the metro in New York
  • I went skydiving on my 18th birthday
  • I’m loosely related to (insert famous person)
  • I have a pen-pal from France called Annabelle
  • I once stuffed 14 Maltesers into my mouth at the same time!

Personal Achievements

  • I own my own condo.
  • I ran a marathon in under 4 hours.
  • I’ve taken over 200 flights.
  • I have a collection of over 500 books.
  • I was top of my class at spelling in school.
  • I can scuba dive down to 45m.
  • I have a Guinness World Record for (insert funny thing)

Family & Friends

  • I have 2 sisters.
  • My Mother has 22 cousins
  • My Dad has a twin brother.
  • My Mother can fly a helicopter.
  • I’m the second person in my family to go to college.

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A photo of Tom who is the Co-Founder of Questions About Everything

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